Tide, Red Raiders atop BCS

AP: The unbeaten Nittany Lions still need help in the form of an Alabama or Texas Tech loss to reach the title game….Alabama had a BCS average of .9747. Texas Tech was at .9372 and Penn State .9286.


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    Bama Fan In NYC

    Penn State has no business belonging in the top ten. If you were to trade Penn State’s schedule with even the worst SEC team’s schedule, they’d be undefeated as well!

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian.

    I respectfully disagree. I think Penn State is pretty good. . But your right. Its hard to plead a case with that week schedule.

  3. 5
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando…I swear your stalking me arent you ? Get a life. Quit living through The Indian. Its really quite pathetic.

    And Bamaman , if Brandy is stalking me, then your definately stalking him.

  4. 6

    Looking foward to this week end and really looking foward to playing the gators.Going to be a really good match up.Saban will find a way to slow TEBOW and company up and will find a way to win.No stopping this team they are on a mission.Just a blue collar.Some times it does not look pretty some times it does.BUT a WIN is a WIN. ROLLLL TIDEEEEEEE UNDEFEATED 9”’0

  5. 7

    Ballplay, you are the one stalking Bama fans on a Bama site. You need to get a life. If you don’t like it you can go away you know. Go UT-Martin! oh yeah.

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