Alabama #1 in polls

The AP poll and the USAToday Coaches’ Poll have Alabama at #1. It is the first time since 1980 that the Tide has topped both major polls during the regular season. According to the AP, Alabama’s first game as a No. 1 team since October, 27, 1980, will be Saturday at LSU, a date that was one of the most anticipated in the Southeastern Conference even before this season. Imagine it now. Here’s the AP summary of the poll:


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    Bama is number one in year two of Saban and our coach can’t even get us to a bowl game in year ten, our school can’t even be in Bama’s shadow anymore. . . we sux as much as Ballplay

  2. 10

    Where is all the smack?

    A few wins and losses and the barneys crawl back in their hole. We all knew it was coming, but oh, what a thrill for it to be this quick, but oh, what disaster for the barneys. Get use to it. Your parents did, and your children will. Please allow your children to do the right thing and just say no to the orange and blue. Do you really want to see their hearts broken? If and when they are old enough to read and comprehend, they will wonder why you picked such a proven loser.

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    Ballplay: What’s wrong man? I thought you liked to play ‘smart-ass contest’. I will tell you what: You quit coming around here with your smart-ass comments, I won’t reply to them. After all, I only came here to read the articles and I noticed you posting the first comment on every one, and it was always some kind of smart-ass remark. So, I am stalking you. It must be working, because you don’t post as much as you did before the season. You wanted to start a fight, now you don’t want to play.

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