Who is #1? Not Texas

I like Texas but I found myself pulling for Texas Tech on the final drive. It was dramatic. I don’t think I would’ve called that passing route which won the game for the Red Raiders. Here’s a game summary from the AP:
(UPDATED 12:20 a.m.) In fact, maybe Texas Tech shoots to the top of the rankings and the BCS standings? More likely, Alabama moves to No. 1. The question is whether the Red Raiders, on the strength of the program’s first victory against a No. 1 team, can jump over the likes of Florida, Southern California and unbeaten Penn State on Sunday.


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    bamafan the gators have not played a nick saban defense.saban and his staff will have plenty of time to figure out the gators.if he has a week to prepare he will have them ready being that bama is a big game team.this team is ready for any team in nation right now.no half stepping now.bama will go to baton rouge and take care of business as seniors of this team step up.seniors have never beat lswho and that other team you no who but it is coming.undefeated season is on its way.ROLLL TIDEEEEEEE

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    It doesn’t surprise me that UF is now the media darling. That should be none of our concern. We simply have to beat every opponent we play. Every game is a single elimination game for the National Championship from here on out. WE are the ones who control our own destiny. We win every game, we win the national championship. That simple.

    If we look past LSU, MSU, and the Barn, we could find ourselves in trouble.

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    LSU was wanting this game pretty bad last year. Couldn’t wait. But they are a little uneasy about this game this week. They have been kinda like Ballplay. After a few embarrassing losses, they don’t say much anymore.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy. Can your obsessive self make a single post that doesnt refer to me ? Are you infatuated by me ? I hope not, as I do not swing that way.

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    The fans here in baton rouge are really upset with lsu right now.also really uneasy with the tide coming in.Boy you need to hear the talk shows.IF lsu QB gets hurt they will have to turn to a true freshmen and fans are not very happy.My take on things at lsu is players are not happy with QB also and are not giving 100 percent in games.Really tide should win this game kinda like a tenn game. RTR

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