LSU beats Tulane in tune-up for Tide

AP: It will be former LSU coach Nick Saban’s first game back at Tiger Stadium as coach of the Crimson Tide. After leading LSU to the BCS national championship in 2003, he has Alabama poised for a run at the championship run in his second season as coach. Here’s the AP LSU game summary.


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    Way to geaux LSU!
    See you Next week, when a heard of elephants run through Baton rouge…
    By the way ….
    Ball play what happened to Aubbo Tech today?

  2. 2
    Bama Fan In NYC

    God bless you this coming Saturday, Coach Saban and all the Alabama fans who’ll be traveling to the “toxic wasteland” known as Baton Rogue.

  3. 3

    Somebody go by Ballplay/Julio’s house and make sure he hasnt commited Hari-Kari. Wow, how could one guy be so damn wrong at making predictions on such a regular basis?
    If I were him I would be over at Phil Marshall’s site screaming for my money back!

  4. 4
    Phillip Marshall

    Fu*k You Tmc!
    For your information the poet warriors of Auburn are going through a transitional period! Everyone has “off-years”!!!
    Soon Thomas Hawley Tuberville will arise like a mighty phoenix and reclaim the glory of SEC football as his own. (Write it down you fu*cking MORON!)
    And even though everyone knows I am the most impartial journalist in the history of athletics. I hope every one of you Trailor Park, imbred, white trash, low life, sex with your sister, chicken house sniffing, Ford Fairlane on blcoks in front of your singlewide, Bammer Fu*kers are tarred and feathered and run out of town for what you have done to the greatest American Coach and Legend Auburn has ever produced!
    Fu*k Ya’ll, Ya’ll aint good enough to buy my book so I aint gonna plug it!
    But just in case any of you are interested….
    Did you know Bo knows Ex-Lax? Or that Shug Jordan liked to have puppet shows with his feet?
    You can read all this super cool information in my coffee table sized book.
    “Auburn: A tradition of stealing other folk’s traditions….”
    This month I will throw in a free copy of “The Tony Franklin System” from” A gripping psychological thriller from one of the finest offensive minds that ever, existed. (until he met Tommy “Super Genius” Tuberville that is…)

  5. 5

    GOOD LORD WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT ALL ABOUT.LMAO But any way rolllll tideeeee UNDEFEATED JUST LIKE I SAID FROM THE BEGINING.this ride only gets better from here on.not going to worry because i guarantee bama WILL GO UNDEFEATED.ROLLL TIDEEEE

  6. 6

    BAMA should win this game.Lsu has a qb who is not that great and is throwing picks like crazy.if defense is turned loose and put pressure up the middle and from the corners they will rattle his cage.tulane done this even tho they lost but were very sucessful.LSU is not the team they once were not now.bama d should win the battle up front i think.On offense if we keep pounding the ball up the middle and around end our line will wear them out like tenn game.I really think we can win this game easy if kevin steel will let defense just go crazy and offense just run the hell out of the ball with a little screen pass every now and then.There that is my game plan and i’m sticking to it.GOD BLESS RTR UNDEFEATED BABY.

  7. 7

    Wow, Phillip Marshall’s ranting and foul language speaks to the classlessness of Auburn fans. He could have easily expressed his opinion without the offensive language, however, I suppose it proves the point of Auburn fans reputation of being rude, crass, and ignorant since he could not express himself with professionalism….and he’s a writer????? Not much of one…..Roll Tide….Alabama is home to the greatest coach in history and I guess Auburn fans are just clawing and scratching for something, anything…even if it’s wrong. Roll Tide…with CLASS!!!!!

  8. 11

    I really don’t know what to make of LSU after those 2 beatdowns they took. Last year Bama had them on the ropes and let them comeback and win because of stupid turnovers in the worse possible place and time. Maybe Bama can learn how to finish them off this time. You know Saban wants this game badly.

  9. 12
    Ballplay Indian.

    Are yall that retarded ? If youve been on this board for over a week you would know that only tmc1 can be that vulger/idiotic. There is no doubt that it was tmc1 that posted that spastic rant. He is the only one on earth capable of that much hate. Tmc1, go get some psyciatric help dude. That , or get pill high to the point you just dont care.

    That , my bammer friends, is what gives your fanbase the undisputed title as being the biggest jackasses in the world.

    By the way, LSU will rip bama a new one this weekend.

    Seriously tmc1, get help before its too late.

  10. 13

    Ballplay: You being here shows why the Auburn fanbase is the most insecure. Is it okay for you to hate on Bama, but Bama people are just jackasses for hating Auburn. Pot, meet kettle.

    You just need to worry about UT-Martin. I hear they have a good offense. But don’t worry about who Bama plays. Auburn is in line to, so you will get to feel what Bama has been bringing all year. Don’t worry, Auburn won’t get left out. I hope they are saving the best beatdown for last. Go UT-Martin!

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