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    Bama Fan In NYC

    lol TMC, you have some of the best online one-liners I’ve ever read in terms of college football! Major kudos, man!

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    Seriously Guys,
    This wont end UAB football. Look for Auburn to start a home and home series with UAB soon. Word has it they are desparate to beat any team that has ‘UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA” in the name.
    Thanks, BamaNYC…
    Looks like Tommy Tuberville got his Tommy Tuberville kicked today.

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    This does not kill UAB football. You are just some sorry piece of crap that is finally getting to enjoy UAT football again. Unfortunately, you don’t get it. UAB is here to stay and the university provides a service to its community to enrich the lives it touches. I hope that when you need UAB (medical or otherwise) you will remember how much you despise this institution and go somewhere else. UAB saved my mother’s life and provided me an opportunity to better myself. So what that our football team is not that good right now. The university as a whole does more than just provide a football team. It is benefiting our society. So next time you choose to kick us when we’re down, think before you speak.

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    Still better to lose honestly. Than to cheat to win.

    And the Trustees have actively sabatoged the UAB program for years.

    PBJ specifically, carrying out daddy’s wishes pos-mortem.

    If UAB wants to lose 100-0 every game its none of your dam business, or the trustees.

    I graduated from UA and I saw the cheating firsthand.

    The trustees shoud give UAB control of their own football program.

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    I don’t hate UAB. I hate UAB football. Every dime wasted on football should be spent on basketball. I’d LOVE to see the UAB basketball program with all those millions.

    That was the biggest problem with UAB football. Furthermore, the trustees haven’t hurt UAB football—they could’ve prevented the program from even starting. But the trustees went out of their way to give the UAB administration what it wanted.

    It was a big mistake. Nobody goes to the football games, but you can easily fill up Bartow Arena and make that the crown jewel of Birmingham sports.

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    What the heck does the “crapstone” has to do with UAB football in the first place. Why don’t you keep your opinions on the turds and where they need to stay.
    Lets be for real, if the BOT had wanted UAB to have a chance they would’ve let UAB hire Fisher. The BOT looked out for big brother and blocked fisher from UAB and still didn’t get Fisher. The national media saw and spoke out on.
    And what makes you think every UAB student likes BB. I want to root for my schools football team. It’s amazing how much Bama fans are so worried about everyone elses program.

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    I bet Fisher would hug the neck of the trustees now for blocking that now that he will be taking over for Diddy Bowden.

    UAB football loses money and is a drag on the university system. Everyone knows it

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    Fultondaleblazer you are mistaken….There are two different indenties in downtown Birmingham. First, there is University of Alabama Hospital which is world renown, and I am glad they saved your mothers life. Secondly there is the University of Alabama, Birmingham campus. That is the one that gave you an opportunity to better your life and that is the one that is pissing away dollars trying to keep a pitiful football program afloat.

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    Carl Dimick

    We have the best coach the UofA BOT could make UAB hire. If you are too young to remember, the BOT FIRED its own President (Dr Thomas) and “family” member AD (Steve Sloan) to get at then FBHC Bill Curry. That proves that the BOT will kill academic careers if it benefits Crimson Tide FB. By blocking UAB from even talking to Coach Fisher, they kept him available to Coach Saban if he wanted him.

    Had UAB been able to hire its own choice for coach, we might not have had the defections we suffered due to the BOT’s strongarm interference. Another coach may not have not have run off several other players. This may have prevented the APR losses that prevented rebuilding for two years. One can only guess about “might have been”, but I am sure we would have done better than Mr “Blander than Vanilla” Callaway.

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    Carl, you need to take the advice my grandfather gave me….It’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think your an idiot, instead of opening it and removing all doubt

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    Hey DennyChimes I bet you’re happy your school screwed shula and fired him after a winning season.
    Hey Dennychimes I bet you didn’t read where Fisher was ready to come to UAB but the trip was blocked by the BOT
    Hey Dennychimes if everyone knows it is a drag on the system why didn’t the BOT let UAB hire FIsher and start bringing some money in.
    Hey Dennychimes why don’t you look at the BOT of trustes and see how many Graduated from UA and tell me that UAB isn’t working against a stacked deck.
    Hey DennyChimes I wish someone would ring your bell lol

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    Amy 4 Bama

    I didn’t know UAB had football fans. I bet you all feel even more insecure than the Aw-barn fans do, especially coming all the way here to defend the joke known as Blazers football!!

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    Carl Dimick

    Dear Stuart, what i said was HISTORY. It was not opinion except where stated as such. You don’t like the skeleton in the closet? Too bad because that is what happened. The first thing “Hootie” Ingram did when made the new AD was to inform Bill Curry that his new contract would have little raise (after a 9-2 season) and his “buyout would be decreased by at least half”. If your boss told you that, what would you think?

    As I said, UAB MIGHT have done better than Callaway if allowed to shop around. That was NOT ALLOWED by the “Crimson” Board. Yes! They will not hesitate to fire anyone over Crimson/white football.

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    Bama Fan In NYC

    Tony, if it’s so amazing how we’re concerned about other football programs, wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite seeing how you’re here?

    UAB football is a joke, Blazer fans. I admire how you guys have the courage to come here and defend that worthless piece of nothing, but seriously, The University’s program is what the BOT primarily focus on and please don’t be so quick (and ignorant) to question why. UAB football is just something to blow a few extra dollars (earned by The University if I might add) on for a good laugh and a good laugh is what we receive and that’s no lie.

    Continue harping on Louisiana-Monroe because it’s all your pitiful little program will ever have to razz on us. We, on the other hand, have an arsenal of attacks to throw at you, but you’re UAB (UA’s sisterly extension school, who’s original purpose was to school the retards who couldn’t make it in T-Town). What could be any worse than that? You guys are more irrelevant on a national and state-wide scale than The Alabama polyTECHnic Institute is. In addition to that, you guys will never equal even half of what Troy, USA, and your program’s owner, Memphis is, let alone your fatherly institute: The University!

    Now, go cry about that, Blazer babies.

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    Legion Field

    With an average home game attendance of about 800 fans…UAB football fans are in no position to complain about anything.

    The average attendance at the Legion Field is embarrassing. High School football games have more fans than UAB football games. Yet, Blazer fans are the first one to complain the loudest about what another program is doing. Get off your fat lazy butts and support the Blazers and stop complaining.

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    Bama NYC I didn’t look for this page an alabama fan brought it to my attention. And as far as irrevlevant…dude you’re talking about football. College at that, I don’t see many CEO’s or bosses caring that you played at Alabama.
    Besides the BOT, if UAB is so irrelevant why won’t they just let UAB and UAH have their own BOT. Hey if it’s so irrelevant then let the little irrelevant pricks go.
    Besides who was complaining about other programs. I don’t expect UAB to be top of the litter being only a little over 10yrs old. But I don’t expect them to be handcuffed from growing.
    And who said anything about LM, YOU brought it up. So it must burn your britches not mine. LOL And as for the retards who couldn’t get into UA, it’s funny how many of UA’s retards have to come to UAB to finish thier schooling or finish at all. Not to mention most of the fan base are retards who never even went to college or finished school.

    But hey it’s bama, the same school who lost to UAB in BB and cried foul because the NCAAbb committee tried to have UAB and Bama face each other 3 or 4 yrs ago.

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    I think BamaFanInNYC has many issues. As a graduate of Duke University, I can readily admit that any school with the name “Alabama” in it is quickly dismissed on a national academic level.

    Blowing your own horn about a school and state focused on football and not academics is pretty pathetic…..

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