Steve Spurrier shows mercy?

Either Steve Spurrier has become merciful or the task of coaching South Carolina has taught him humility. Spurrier wouldn’t even pile on to the Phil Fulmer mess when asked about it this week.

From the AJC:
Spurrier, Fulmer’s longtime nemesis, resisted the opportunity to pile on. “I got my own problems here,” he told reporters this week. “I don’t need to get into anybody else’s.”

That’s a first. I guess it is another sign that Spurrier ain’t what he used to be.

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    Legion Field

    Spurrier isn’t merciful…It is the fact that the South Carolina job has taught him humility.

    …but I kinda miss the old Spurrier….he always said something that made me”You cant spell citrus without UT.”

    …or the one about the Auburn coloring books.

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