VIDEO: SEC Champ game could help Tide

It is November and people are talking about Alabama. Can Alabama make the BCS title game? As long as Alabama wins, it will be a hot topic around the state and in the national media.

ESPN’s Todd McShay said the Tide’s schedule with wins over Georgia and Ole Miss and games against LSU and Auburn combined with a potential championship game are advantages for the Tide over a potential undefeated Big 10 champion Penn State team. Here’s the video of McShay (you’ll also see him talking about Texas and Colt McCoy.)

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    Personally, I wouldn’t even ask the PAC10 and Big10 to have their own championships. Their conferences are so weak that their champs could play each other (hey, alternate years – one year in Chicago or Detroit, one year in Pasadena) for pole position to the BCS.

    That said, I think PSU is really good. I get the feeling they wouldn’t fold their tents like OSU if they got the opportunity. JoePa is one of the best in bowls – gotta give credit where it’s due.

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