Wake up Auburn & Tennessee fans

Wake up Auburn and Tennessee fans. You are all babbling about coaching changes, but why? It isn’t like you are going to get a better coach. You are after-thoughts. The SEC’s current version of Mississippi State—you are irrelevant. Nobody worth anything would want to coach you. You are stuck with who you’ve got. Or you might wind up with worse.

Here’s why.

1. Everyone in coaching remembers the horrible way you treated Terry Bowden. Sure, Bowden might have deserved what he got, but the way you handled it during the middle of the season made your program look like a joke.

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2. Jetgate. Auburn fans love to ridicule Alabama’s boosters. Guess what? Your boosters are worse. Our boosters were able to run off a coach they didn’t want in Bill Curry. Your incompetent, but meddling boosters shoot blanks. They couldn’t get rid of the coach you all want to fire today. Pathetic. And football coaches know it. They know if they don’t kiss Pat Dye’s hand and genuflect to Colonial Bank, they will just get harassed at Auburn until the rabble agrees with your dysfunctional boosters. What coach worth anything would want to go there and deal with that?

3. Coaches are afraid of Nick Saban. I know you don’t want to admit it—but there it is. Coaches don’t want to have to recruit and play him every year. He gets coaches fired. Tommy Bowden? Toast. Phil Fulmer heading out the door. Tommy Tuberville? Wishes he were duck hunting. Les Miles? Already soiled himself.

1. Unrealistic expectations. Coaches see Fulmer’s record of success—He’s won a national title and won over 70-percent of his games. He doesn’t deserve to be fired and every coach in the nation knows it. Why go coach a place where fans are so unrealistic as to expect to beat Florida, Georgia and Alabama on a regular basis? It isn’t going to happen. Deal with it.

2. To be in the SEC you need recruits. Are there any recruits in Tennessee? If so, why does Fulmer spend so much time in California? Tennessee doesn’t have a good recruiting base—and without the players who can win. Why go to coach the Vols when you could find the same problems with less pressure in other jobs in the SEC (Ole Miss, Miss State, South Carolina, etc.)?

For that matter why even coach in the SEC? Even agent Jimmy Sexton says the hot name for Auburn and Tennessee fans, Butch Davis, isn’t going to happen. The superagent was quoted by the Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky as saying Davis would likely remain at North Carolina.


“I think Butch Davis will be at North Carolina for a long time,” Sexton said during Monday’s speech to the Birmingham Touchdown Club. “I don’t know that. He’ll have to make that decision.

“I do think that’s a place you can win at, and the ACC isn’t nearly as hard, at least right now, as the SEC.”

In other words, thanks but no thanks.

Have fun firing your good coaches and ending your search with some no-name assistant.

(It seems like I’ve heard all those arguments before. Nice to be able to use them…)