Wake up Auburn & Tennessee fans

Wake up Auburn and Tennessee fans. You are all babbling about coaching changes, but why? It isn’t like you are going to get a better coach. You are after-thoughts. The SEC’s current version of Mississippi State—you are irrelevant. Nobody worth anything would want to coach you. You are stuck with who you’ve got. Or you might wind up with worse.

Here’s why.

1. Everyone in coaching remembers the horrible way you treated Terry Bowden. Sure, Bowden might have deserved what he got, but the way you handled it during the middle of the season made your program look like a joke.

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2. Jetgate. Auburn fans love to ridicule Alabama’s boosters. Guess what? Your boosters are worse. Our boosters were able to run off a coach they didn’t want in Bill Curry. Your incompetent, but meddling boosters shoot blanks. They couldn’t get rid of the coach you all want to fire today. Pathetic. And football coaches know it. They know if they don’t kiss Pat Dye’s hand and genuflect to Colonial Bank, they will just get harassed at Auburn until the rabble agrees with your dysfunctional boosters. What coach worth anything would want to go there and deal with that?

3. Coaches are afraid of Nick Saban. I know you don’t want to admit it—but there it is. Coaches don’t want to have to recruit and play him every year. He gets coaches fired. Tommy Bowden? Toast. Phil Fulmer heading out the door. Tommy Tuberville? Wishes he were duck hunting. Les Miles? Already soiled himself.

1. Unrealistic expectations. Coaches see Fulmer’s record of success—He’s won a national title and won over 70-percent of his games. He doesn’t deserve to be fired and every coach in the nation knows it. Why go coach a place where fans are so unrealistic as to expect to beat Florida, Georgia and Alabama on a regular basis? It isn’t going to happen. Deal with it.

2. To be in the SEC you need recruits. Are there any recruits in Tennessee? If so, why does Fulmer spend so much time in California? Tennessee doesn’t have a good recruiting base—and without the players who can win. Why go to coach the Vols when you could find the same problems with less pressure in other jobs in the SEC (Ole Miss, Miss State, South Carolina, etc.)?

For that matter why even coach in the SEC? Even agent Jimmy Sexton says the hot name for Auburn and Tennessee fans, Butch Davis, isn’t going to happen. The superagent was quoted by the Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky as saying Davis would likely remain at North Carolina.


“I think Butch Davis will be at North Carolina for a long time,” Sexton said during Monday’s speech to the Birmingham Touchdown Club. “I don’t know that. He’ll have to make that decision.

“I do think that’s a place you can win at, and the ACC isn’t nearly as hard, at least right now, as the SEC.”

In other words, thanks but no thanks.

Have fun firing your good coaches and ending your search with some no-name assistant.

(It seems like I’ve heard all those arguments before. Nice to be able to use them…)


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  1. 2

    Where are the barn fans? Shouldn’t ballplay or some of them be here telling us how badly we’re going to get beat by Ark. St.? Something must be wrong with them.

  2. 3

    For Vile fans: Phil’s only given you one losing season, excluding this year, and he led you to the SEC title game last season. Get rid of him so we can verbally pay you back for the verbal humility you caused us after the firing of Shula.

    For Barnies: Tubs has given you six consecutive wins in your national championship game, the Iron Bowl. He done so with the benefit of turmoil on our behalf, and now that our program is on the rise, you want to get rid of the guy all because you know he can’t fairly compete when our program is firing on all cylinders? Please allow him to take his ass-kicking like a man instead of bailing out the way Pat Dye did.

  3. 4

    Tubberville has simply lost his passion. I think he would like nothing better than to be removed and paid 6 million bucks. The booster shenanigans on the Plains has drained the fire which once burned within Tubbs. The “river boat gambler” looks more like a river boat flop now. I think he could change jobs and have a few more good years but not at Auburn. He has been pushed around and compared to Dye his whole time at Auburn. Do they not remember that Dye was mediocre too? Can you believe Dye is in the College football Hall of Fame but Gene Stallings is not! That is a disgrace! Stallings won a national title and several SEC titles. Fulmer on the other hand has not lost his fire. He just can not keep up with the progression of the game anymore, especially in the SEC. He inherited a great program and did a good job for several years but the level of coaching in the SEC has long surpassed him and now he has a hard time surviving against the SEC elite.(Saban, Meyer, Richt,etc.) I hope both coaches stay until the programs are beyond repair.

  4. 5

    I think the barneys have taken a day off. Maybe the realism of their place in the SEC has began to sink in. Oh, who I am kidding. They are a win away from telling everyone how they are on the way back. I hope Ole Miss shows has no mercy. Who will be the middle of the pack winner?

  5. 6

    Dang, you would think this article would have pulled Ballplay and Julio out of the closet…. reality must be finally settling in. Hey I was just kidding about jumping off a bridge Ballplay.

  6. 7

    He may have ! Look I dont beleive I have ever said Bama was anything other than what they are and right now they are number 2 But I totally agree with the article, I like Tubbs and if someone doesnt like it…..SO! I dont think We could get a better coach and I beleive if they let him go SOMEONE else would pick him and BIG PHIL up. Then again ALL GREAT COACHES came from somewhere and if they fire either of them NOONE knows who or WHAT? either of them would end up with Could be another RISING STAR they didnt throw away the MOLD with SABAN Gentlemen so dont because you/I dont know whats next None OF YOU but JW thought you would have an UNDEFEATED SEASON and look…its on your plate and yours to choke or UF’s to ruin either way its been a long season for me and a short one for you and I for one am ready to turn the page!

    I will never NEVER stop being an AU fan because of anything NEGATIVE someone else lets fall out of their mouth


  7. 8

    First of all, let me point out how absolutely freakin’ ironic and hilarious it is that a Bammer would have the unmitigated gall to say anything to another school about the wisdom of hiring coaches. Bama’s actions with coaches over the past 25 years have provided a virtual text book on how NOT to hire and treat coaches.

    You presume to say that Auburn has mistreated its coaches? I guess you completely ignore that Bebes was run out on a rail in 96 despite averaging 10 wins a season and delivering a NC. You freakin’ morons even hired 2 coaches that no other D-1 school in the country would have even considered hiring for the sole reason that they were alumni…Shocker, they were both fired 4 years later after dragging your beloved capstone through the depths of humiliation and despair.

    You presume to to tell Auburn that it will be difficult to hire a coach because of the way the school treated Tubs and Bowden?? I guess you guys would know…afterall, you got turned down by every freakin’ coach you extended an offer to during the last 3 hires, including your current coach. The only reason Bammer got Saban was because Mal Moore flew down to Fla after being rejected by Saban and sold Bama’s soul to get him. (Yes Bammers, when you pay the guy 4 mil per year and agree to give him a massive buyout if he’s fired with no buyout in return if he chooses to go to another school next year, you have officially sold your soul.) See, Auburn screwed up one time with Barfield and learned its lesson. Whether you like to admit it or not, Auburn has had only 3 head coaches during the 28 year period that Barfield has been gone, and each one of them has had an overwhelmingly winning record. Bama’s had 9 coaches during that period, and I think the bammers are all painfully aware of their records.

    Finally, I love your closing attempt at a dig at Auburn by trying to tell Auburn that Butch Davis isn’t interested. I guess you once again forget that ol’ Butch told Bama to go screw themselves when they tried to hire him. Ohhhh, but your hypothetical rejection of an offer that Auburn hasn’t even extended is much more insulting, huh? (BTW, I guarantee you that if Auburn, or Texas, or freakin’ La-Mo offered Davis the same package that Bammer gave Saban, he’d crawl on his knees to take the offer).

  8. 9

    Ballplay, maybe if our players would have saved there energy at the beginning of the W Vir game instead of dancing like a bunch of monkeys we would not have gotten embarassed by a team that is pitiful, even the twenty Tubs slipped the official at the beginning of the game to call a complete pass on a hop off the ground and the intentional grounding and so on didn’t help, we can’t run the spread, we can’t run the ball, we sux! Tubs wouldn’t give our boys any heat, they were cold as school girls, imagine what Ol Miss is going to do to us, we won’t even make the crapper bowl, we really are pathetic posting on here about the mighty Tide with a team that sux like ours. Would you like to come over for brunch tomorrow and talk about our suckage. . . hey, I’ve got an idea.

  9. 10
    Ballplay Indian

    Julio, I know it is painful sucking like we do based on that dissertation you just posted, but I have something to console you with

  10. 11
    Ballplay Indian.

    Whoever the peckerhead is using my name…..Know your role boy…Ive been hunting for the last few days…Or believe me, I wouldve been here fighting the toothless inbred bammers that control this blog.

    Firstly…..If we are irrelevent, why devote a column to try to prove such ?

    Strike One.

    Secondly…..If we are irrelevent, Why do we own your sorry ass team lately ?

    Strike Two.

    If we are irrelevent, why are you goobs so glad to see us in a down year ?

    Strike Three.

    You dooshes will never be able to say your BACK until you beat Auburn. We are STILL the measuring stick in this state !!!!!!!


  11. 12


    Ballplay logs in as Julio, thinking he logged in as Ballplay, and responds opening with a Ballplay under the name Julio, who’d just posted!








  12. 13


    So tell us Ballplay/Julio,

  13. 14

    Julio plays with Indian’s balls? What?
    Julio is gay!

    And if Auburn is the measuring stick in this state, we’re about to shove it right up Auburn’s ass in 30 days.

    COME NOV. 29! COME NOV. 29!

  14. 16
    Ballplay Indian.

    Yall are ignorant. Get cappy to email you if you dont believe. The only thing that will be busted will be yalls ego when Auburn wins the Iron Bowl.

    Any one with half a brain could tell that julio and I have nothing in common. Grammer in specific.

    Yall are gay.

  15. 17

    Ballplay/Julio: You really do believe in all your heart Auburn is going to win? Hang on to every second the next 29 days. You want to make some cherished memories that you can tell your grandkids about one day. And you and Julio do have a lot in common. You both are really above average in the ignorant Auburn fan catagory, and ya’ll are both gay. Since you haven’t been able to roll Toomers much this year, at least you can roll each other. I know Auburn is having a bad year and all, but at least ya’ll found each other!

  16. 18

    After making a myriad of points as to how the posted article was baseless and hypocritical, the only response by the bammers is that ballplay and julio are the same person. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

    Hey bammers, I got a question for you that I bet none of you will have the stones to even address. If Pete Carroll leaves USC after next year, (which he probably will), who do you think is going to be first on USC’s wish list? Do you bammers think Saban wouldn’t seriously consider that job, especially if they threw a $6 mil per year offer at him (which they easily could)?? Hmmmm, kinda puts that “no buyout for taking another job” clause that Saban specifically demanded into a whole new perspective, don’t it?

  17. 20

    What Ballplay? You originally said that you and Julio was gay? Sorry I didn’t mean to copy your material. But when you want to realistically discuss football, go right ahead. All you do is run your mouth about your hate for Bama, on a BAMA site, so you get what you get. But I haven’t copied nothing from you because I don’t need to. I can speak for myself just fine without having to copy some retarded Auburn guys words. Go Ole Miss!

  18. 21
    Ballplay Indian.

    No dipwad. I call you and all other bammers gay. Because you are gay. And for someone who is the freekin Grammer Cop of this board , your grammers sucks to boot. You and Julio was gay. Dont you mean You and Julio are gay ? Not that I am. Because Im not. I cant speak for Julio. But he doesnt seem gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Even though there is.

    Got it ?

  19. 22

    Ballplay: Gay people complain about grammer, and they drink with their pinkie sticking out, which I suspect you do too. You probably pee sitting down also. But you are right, I copied calling you gay. I was trying to get down to your level of communication. What are you, about 14 years old? Auburn sucks, and this is how you deal with it. 29 more days to put up with your stupidity and you will be gone. Keep up the good work!

    Go Ole Miss!

  20. 23
    Ballplay Indian.

    I will do my best.

    And are you Bammers really counting the days ?

    What happens if you lose ?

    Please think that the Iron bowl is a given.

  21. 24

    Ballplay: If Bama loses to this pathetic Auburn bunch, it would be an embarrassment, worse than the La Monroe game last year.

    I do have a calendar by my desk dude. And I can add also. I know you are an Auburn man, and this may be a new concept for you. Please keep thinking Auburn will win.

    Next question.

  22. 26
    Ballplay Indian.

    Tmc1……Please go away. It has been pleasant not having to deal with your holier than thou self lately. I wish for more of the same ….If you think I am julio, then you are retarded. Its been all of two weeks since youve claimed I was someone else. The only pathetic losers that are copying my name, are you inbred toothless bammers.

    Soooooo. I am not BUSTED !!!!! That is so middle scholl sounding anyway. Good grief people. Is that your best ?

  23. 28
    Ballplay Indian.

    So be it Brando…….Im cool with an insult. Just not a lie. You are all the same to me as well. A bunch of DAM BAMMERS !!!!!

  24. 29

    I am proud to be a BAMMER, whose team is reclaiming its place in the SEC, at the expense of the sobbing and wailing Auburn fans. I bet ya’ll are still saying amongst one another “What the hell is going on?” Go Ole Miss!

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