Penn State gaining on Tide

AP: The Crimson Tide (.9499) were a solid second in the polls, and second in all but one of the computer ratings. Penn State’s 13-6 victory over Ohio State helped in the computer rankings and pushed its average to .9257. The problem for the Nittany Lions is the perceived weakness of the Big Ten in comparison to the Southeastern Conference and the Big 12.


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    Dave(not that one, the other one)

    If all three teams win out, watch and see the AP championship to Penn State to give JoePa something to go out on…

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    Aubbies: If Bama wins out and there are 3 undefeated teams, watch and see the difference between Bama and Auburn….

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    To the chapped butt from the plains,

    I enjoyed reading your latest outburst as you so eloquently made my point.

    To answer a few of you questions, I am pretty sure I was enjoying BAMA kick your ignorant butt while you were still wearing diapers. However, I would not be surprised if mama was not still changing them. I have the ticket stubs from the day Coach Bryant won 315. Without looking it up, do you know who that win was over? How ironic!

    I do not watch wrestling, but it is about as real as your coach. It also has about as much reality involved as a chance of your team ever winning a National Championship.

    As far as a fair weather fan, I know when to shut my hole, but I will and have never lost faith. Your faith is based on false hope. You have absolutely nothing to base your reasoning on. What BAMA has went through in the last eight years has a reason for the lack of excellence. I wish it were not true, but it is the facts. What you are facing, has what reason? What are you building? The spread. Ha!

    I will be more than glad to admit blogging is something I did not pick up until about one year ago. If it were not for Paul Finebaum’s website, I would have never found this blog. I can enjoy this only in my spare time. Do not worry; the punishment is coming.

    Why do you enjoy embarrassing yourself and your school? If you do not get it, I am well aware of why you hate BAMA. I just can not understand why you choose to help enforce the reasons for me and others to laugh at your ignorance and lack of facing the reality of who your school is and what its accomplishments are. (ever)

    You and your team have a lot in common. No relevance or respect. You could change, but you will not. Take a look at yourself. Do you enjoy the hate you see? It stems from nothing more than jealously. How could this be from some one that does not measure himself against others?

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    Yes, the media controls the spin on these things. And yes Penn State is looking good against there “competition”

    But seriously folks. Did anyone expect The tide to Roll this high?
    If you factor in LSU is not a big status win this year. And niether is Auburn. Our biggest hope is that Georgia or Florida will boost us in the NC race.

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    well tmc i did .the talent was there just the coaching was not.i dam well knew when saban was hired it would mean a whole new turn around.first get the drug heads out second find the ones who want to buy in to the system and play ball.third pratice hard and believe and trust in each other.and the best of all is RESPECT.THESE fellas have it all now and the sky is the limit.RTR GOD BLESS

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