Stafford is best QB in SEC

Matt Stafford is the best quarterback in the SEC. Forget Tim Tebow. When draft day comes Matt Stafford should be taken higher. He’s the SEC’s equivalent of Brett Favre. He has a cannon for an arm, and makes the big plays. He’s exciting to watch, and you can’t underestimate how important he is to the Bulldog’s success.

At SEC Media Days, most of the media there voted Tebow All-SEC. I’m a contrarian. The ballot I turned in had Stafford’s name at the top. Next week we will be watching the SEC Eastern Division title bout between Florida and Georgia. Florida is playing superb football now, but my money will be on Stafford. My only worry about picking the Bulldogs over the Gators? The Georgia defense gave up way too many big plays to what I believe is a mediocre LSU offense. The Bulldogs must do better to win the division.

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Here’s the AP recap of the Georgia-LSU game:


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    Nick sabin boys are we will really see what les miles is made of looks like the horse shoe is finally out of his ass.sabin left him with a gold mine of talent and that is the only reason he won NC.DO not think he will ever win another one.ROLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    Ballplay Indian.

    The gators are on a tare JW. I agree 100% Tim Tebow is still the best Q.B. in the conference if not nation . IMO.. Yall really need Georgoa to beat Florida . If they do . I think that Bama wins the SEC……Dadgummit.

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    I’m likin’ UGA. I think they’re still yet to play to their potential. And even thogh their lines are thin, they have the balance to keep UF’s smallish defense on the field (and keep Tebow off).

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