Filling in for Cody

“When Chapman was on scout team last year he was getting redshirted, we were telling other players, ‘This kid is gonna be something else.’” offensive lineman Mike Johnson said. “He’s the strongest kid on the team. He really knows how to hold down the middle. More on the role Josh Chapman will play with Cody out with an injury here.


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    Ballplay Indian.

    Heck, Chapman plays most of the second halves of games after Cody is sucking for air anyhow, right ?

    Oooooops…I forgot that yall suck in the second half of every game so far. Maybe it isnt a good thing.

  2. 4

    Bamaman: That was some quick karma action right there now wasn’t it? I think Ballplay is about to meltdown with the rest of the Auburn Natio…. err I mean ‘Family’ . Tubs sure looked like he had a stroke last night.

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