Tide players get lesson in rivalry

“I think everybody knows the rivalry and the history and everything that goes along with Tennessee week — and Auburn,” Wilson said. “It’s kind of the same atmosphere. People around here take this game seriously. It’s a big game. It’s a big game for us. We know that. They know that. It kind of makes everything happen quicker and puts a bigger price on everything.” Read the entire story here:


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    I lived in Madison just south of H’ville for a few years and the TennvsBama game up there was BIGGER than the IB(IMO) because you think AUvsUAT is something them damn Tenn. fans ARE BACKWOODS to Buddy! They would get AU fans AND bammars alike


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    My receptionist has a shirtless Kenny on her desktop. I made her mad when I asked her if she was attracted to 14 year old boys……….


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    Luckily, Bama will go into Neyland and restore some of the states football prestige after the whole Auburn fiasco.

    I hear that noted WVU slumni Don Knotts will be playing QB during thte Auburn game.

    An aged decrepid, worn out Barney Fife 21

    Auburn 23

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