Report: Tide will sign close to full amount’s Alabama site reported that the Crimson Tide football team would likely follow its 32 player class last season by signing “close to the full amount again in 2009.”

The report did not give a specific number Alabama is targeting, but does give a run down on the current commitments and the Tide’s needs by position. (Subscription required to read the link above.)

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I guess this means we should expect another round of vitriol from Brian Cook of MGoBlog when the Tide lands another top ten recruiting class. Cook complained over-signing was unfair to players. However, it turned out Alabama still had extra scholarships after over-signing thanks to attrition—the Tide even rewarded previously non-scholarship players including place kicker Leigh Tiffin, punter P.J. Fitzgerald and defensive back Tyrone King.

Of course, Cook and other Michigan blogs might be too busy to cast stones. They’ll be trying to make sense of their disaster of a season. I heard the Michigan coach even received the dreaded vote of confidence.


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    I clicked on the link to Brian’s blog for his complete analysis of whatever he was analyzing, and I realized he is too smart for his own good. Also, he does tend to take himself a bit too seriously. But other than that he is one of the finest jerkoffs anyone could hope to read on a day when there is absolutely nothing else to read………

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    As soon as the final recruiting rankings come out you can expect a full Sherlock Bobby investigation because the rankings will probably be about what the BCS rankings are right now.

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