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    You’re damn right there cuz. He bought himself out of his problem. Hell – as they say on “Hee Haw” Salute ! If the ordinary citizen had refused to take the sobriety test – GUILTY!-
    All this shows that the legal system is like a piece of rotten Swiss cheese and Kenny has wiggled through one of the holes. Put his ass back on air again to remind us common folks are station in life.
    Can’t wait for the Forth !

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    He claimed his innocence from the beginning. He said he would fight it and he won. If he was so guilty in your eyes, then why didn’t he buy himself out the other times? Maybe his reputation got him wrongfully accused. I am not defending drinking and driving, I am just against trial by media.

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    A little different between OJ and Stabler. Terrible comparison.

    Other than Pluto’s class warfare comments, not that interesting.

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    As I said last summer, Snake has had enough experience with DUI’s that he now knows how to beat them. It’s not because he paid anybody off. He beat it because he refused to take the breath test and to do any field sobriety tests. Those 2 things are the evidence that the police use to convict you. A police officer saying he/she smelled alcohol and noticed slurred speech isn’t enough. You can have one beer and smell like alcohol. If you don’t know a person, it’s kinda hard for an officer to know if the suspect’s speech routinely sounds slurred. (Little different with Snake b/c he’s on the radio, but that’s still not enough to convict.)

    Brando, if you want to proclaim Snake’s innocence, you’re a freakin’ fool. Sober people don’t refuse those tests. Drunk people looking to beat the rap are the ones that refuse them. We all know you look at the world through crimson jaded glasses, but you need to look in the mirror if you’ve become so delusiional that you’re defending drunk drivers as being innocent and misunderstood.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Heck . I like Snake. Free the Snake , I say. At least I can find out what is goin on during a Tide ball game. Maybe I wont have to hear any more gay “Mr Coffee ” comment by Eli.

    A bit of advice…..Dont drive after 7 oclock around Robertsdale or Ono Island. You might get bit by THE SNAKE !!!!!!!

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    Ballplay Indian.

    And Brando……Wake up. If Snake was sober, all he had to do is blow into a little machine and all of this couldve been avoided. No rehab, no loss of a job for a year, no bad P.R. for Bama, no big deal. The rest of the universe knows the obvious, why cant you see it ?

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    Yes justice was Bent on this one. We all know why he got outta this and it is BULLSHIT!!!! maybe he will hurt someone or worse the next time, Any of you advocates for the snake ever thought about that one OF COURSE he was drunk and I have been to but I would not have gotten away with it and JUST LIKE O.J.
    he did and that SHIT IS WRONG!!! flippin drunk fukr. I see him occasionally in Mid-Town Mobile and if I see him again Im gonna remind him that he GOT OFF!!!

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    Here’s the only thing I know for sure: he had no business puttin ghimself in that position in the first place. If he was tired, as he said, he should have hired a car service or hitched a ride (which I’m sure someone would have happily offered). A man with 2 DUIs needs to spend every stinking day of the rest of his life avoiding the whiff of impropriety. I hope the cash he paid out to his lawyer drove the point home for him. But rescidivist drunk drivers/alcoholics rarely catch on. I’ve had a DUI, and I’ve heard enough stories from the “regulars” in the system. I hope he gets lots of help. Before a tragedy happens.

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    Ballplay and Julio: He won his case. So what? People do it all the time. He got a trial in the court system. But you guys have him convicted and are coming to a Bama site to cry about it. Auburn people are quick to judge and point at Bama people, like ‘I knew it. He cheated his way out of it. Damn Bammers.’ I don’t understand ya’lls f*cked up thinking. Nobody cares what insecure Auburn people think. Go West Virginia!

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    I would maintain that there are two sets of laws in society today. The Wealthy and Celebs are treated differently from us working stiffs. Consider this –
    He was let go because the Judge ruled the “officer did not observe him the whole time before he was asked to take the test”.
    Say what ? What the hell ? The fix was in. TOTAL BULLSHIT

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    Pluto: You are right. The theme for our society here has really become: If you have enough money, you can get away with anything.

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    Thank you. My last cannon ball is that Judge “Sweetass” also ruled that “the refusal to take the test would not be allowed”.
    What a beautiful world friends…..

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando………Uh………I care. And Im sure a lot of bammers care. Especially if I am on the road with my children. You may be a drunk, but I am not.

    Ill tell you something else too…I would not care who he played for. Heck . I wouldnt care if it were Pat Dye. Lock his drunk ass up. Keep my and other peoples families safe.

    Take off your Crimson glasses for two seconds.

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    I have never had a DUI. I don’t even drink very much or very often. I don’t know if Snake was drunk on this occasion. None of you know either. It is not illegal to drive after drinking; it is illegal to drive drunk.

    You have every right to refuse to take a breath test. They are not perfect devices. It is unfortunate that a great deal of money is now required to protect one’s Constitutional rights to freedom — but that is how it is.

    Snake was declared not guilty because the policeman failed to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was drunk. He had witnesses testify to the amount that he had to drink that evening.

    If I ever face the situation of being asked to take a breath test and I have been drinking even a small amount, then I will refuse the test also. I may not win my case in court, but I won’t allow a false positive on a test to condemn me.

    Americans used to stand up for their rights. Now we tend to behave like communist sheep living in a police state. In my opinion, that is a sad commentary on the state of our society.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Yall are full of dog crap. If it were Tommy Tubberville in this situation yall dooshes would be screaming for his dam head and you know it. T.C. …….Good grief man. The patriot angle ? Come on !!!!!!! No one is a bigger conservative than I am. But answer me this. If your Snake, why would you drive if you even had one drink ? Uhhhhhh….Thats right. Because he probably does it all the time. Spare me the sympathy dude….He was probably hammered and yall know it. Like I said. I dont give a crap who it is. I dont care if it is Pat Dye. I mean that. Dont put my family in harms way. And where do you get the whole breathalysers are not accurate angle ? Says who ? All the drunks that have gotton off because they can afford a good lawyer ?

    He is a Snake. A Snake in the grass. Drunk drivers never hurt themselves. Ask the Bama runningback whose whole family got killed by a dumass drunk driver if he can relate to what Im saying. He would probably kick all of your asses.

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    This is how Pat Dye lost his pants with his wallet in them, he was running so fast to give Snake a citizen’s arrest after spying on him leaving a bar that he ran right out of them forgetting exactly where he was at the point that he lost them, he didn’t put any back on until he was called Mrs.Dye, but you can be sure that Dye wasn’t drinking. . . .

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    Since you are the all-knowing God, I suppose you know everything. I don’t advocate drunk driving. I also don’t advocate pronouncing someone guilty of a crime when I have no information on which to base my judgment.

    But you go ahead and do that. It makes you a morally superior bad-ass, doesn’t it? And we all know that if a police officer says someone is guilty — then by God they’re guilty.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman….If Dye was drinking and driving, then he deseves to go to jail.

    T.C. Give me a break dude…..Snake said he had been drinking you twit. You pull the patriot card and all that crap, and expect people to lay down. Now your going with the holier than though angle.

    Hes been convicted of it a couple of times already. That is not aruable. That is fact. He had been drinking that night, by his own admission. If he was legally over the limit or not is probably something he didnt even know. But what kind of person would drive after drinking anything ?

    You I guess.

    And no. Cops arent always right. Do you have a problem with the law ? Are you a Obama supporter ?

    Thats what I thought.

  19. 24

    For the record, I would vote for Hillary before I voted for Obama and I almost threw up having to say that. .. .

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    Ballplay: I was not defending the drinking and driving. Say what you want, twist it any old way you want. But he did go through the court system, and it is done. I am hopeful Stabler learned his lesson, at least get someone to drive for him. You want to throw rocks at him go ahead. You are doing it because you have the orange and blue glasses on, feigning worry and like it doesn’t matter to you who it is.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Wrong dude. I couldnt car less who it is. For the record ( and look it up if you dont believe) I always said Snake was the only thing that made a Bama broadcast listenable. He is good at what he does. But this dead horse is beaten down. I leave with a parting shot. O.J. went through the system. Do you think he is innocent ?

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    Ballplay: Comparing Snake and O.J. is a stretch dude. I just hope he gets his act together, because I like the guy. If Stabler run down somebody and killed him it would be different. Like if Auburn had a quarterback and an offensive line they may be undefeated. You are trying to convict him of something that might have happened. You keep on hatin’ and I will keep on laughing at your dumb ass. Comparing him to O.J. is Auburn rationale right there folks. Kinda like comparing Ballplay to RuPaul…..wait, maybe you are on to something Ballplay.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman…..Uhhhh….No they didnt. His latest trial was not for murder . It was breaking and enterin and assault. He was found guilty in a civil trial that was brought against him by his ex wifes family. Wich means exactly nothing. That was my point man. Who in there right mind doesnt know that O.J. was guilty ? That would be the racist black jury that set him free. And I think they even knew he was guilty. One of em even said that it was O.K. if he was because of all the injustice done to blacks in this country through the years.

    So I ask. Who doesnt think that Snake was guilty ? Answer. Stupid Crimson glasss wwearing, Bahr loving, TURDISHUN WORSHIPING, redneck dummass Bammers like T.C. and Brandy.

    I am not trying to convct him of jack. He admitted to drinking that night you doosh. He FREEKIN admitted to it. Like I said , he didnt even know if he was drunk or not. Therefore , he refused the test. He may not have been over the legal limit. Who knows. But with his track record, he has no business even getting behind the wheel at all. Nor does anyone who has been drinking. Your only showing your genuine stupidity by defending the man. And thats the only reason I am still talking about it. Because dummass people like YOU fail to see how stupid you sound.

  24. 30

    Ballplay, please tell me that you are not that dense, I know what he was being tried for in his last trial, the point was they were convicting him of murder now since they didn’t and should have last time. I heard them do that on Saturday night live and most with an IQ higher than an Auburn grad got the meaning behind the statement. And for the record my grandad was killed by a drunk driver and I will never defend one, no matter who it is. They may have not realized what they did when they hit someone, but they realized what they were doing before they took the first drink.

  25. 31
    Ballplay Indian.

    Thank you Bamaman. That is all I wanted to hear. Sorry about your grandfather. O.J. isnt so much in deep crap now because of the stabbing thing. But more like the fact that he was recorded threatening the man with a gun. AFTER he broke into his hotel room. Its a little thing called justice. It might be overdue, But O.J. will get his. I hope Snake cleans it up. I like hearing him call games. But if he doesnt, it wont be long before hes in the papers again. I just hope this time he doesnt hurt someone else.

    And yes I am that dense. i dont watch SNL musch after Farley died.

  26. 32

    Ballplay, thanks for the condolence. It was really funny on the fake news on SNL, I agree OJ made a mockery of our justice system. And Farley was one of my favorites of all time, and to ramble on more for the record I do not drink but do not cast stones at anyone unless they are dumb enough to get behind a wheel.

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