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    Thats why bammers sometimes sux man You guys are on top of the world and worried about the bottom I REALLY HOPE AND PRAY and would damn near give up a months pay
    ( 22.50 ) for you guys to not only lose but get broke off in when the IB comes around just so you guys wil know what KARMA really is LOL LMAO and all that other BS ….
    and before you start with what ever is gonna fall out your mouths you better remember that game is ANYBODYS and always has been!!!


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    Omni, I am being serious when I say this, It scares me to death, same way it would be with you I’m sure if it was the other way around, all the pressure is on us, just talking smack. . . don’t let it bother you, and I would give up a month of my minimum wage not to lose.

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