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    We edged Penn State in the polls?

    Aug. 30 Coast. Carolina W 66-10
    Sept. 6 Oregon State W 45-14
    Sept. 13 at Syracuse W 55-13
    Sept. 20 Temple W 45-3
    Sept. 27 Illinois W 38-24
    Oct. 4 at Purdue W 20-6
    Oct. 11 at Wisconsin W 48-7
    Oct. 18 Michigan 46-17

    Who has PSU played this year?

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    Ain’t gonna happen if we win out. Bank on it. We’re not the barn and won’t be overlooked when it comes to playing for national titles. We’ve been there many, many times before.

    If Cody if alright in a couple of weeks then all should be fine. This team will find a way to win.

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    Ballplay, I know it is a touchy subject for you guys, but Floridan Blogger is right. It was strength of schedule that doomed you guys too. Plus nobody cared or wanted Auburn to be there. Kinda sucks for you guys I know, but you should realize by now there is a difference between Bama and a cow college.

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    Ballplay, if we win out and Penn St does also, I will bet you any amount you’ve got they won’t jump us, but it does hurt that yall’s sorry ass will bring us down in the computer rankings, maybe yall could consider going to the Sun Belt Conference, it sure would help how the strength of the sec looks.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Haaa haaaa hawwww !!!!! Funny boys. Brando, you know not squat of wich you speak. Auburns strength of schedule was phenomenal that year. Yes, we had a couple of gimmes (Citidel), but we played way more top heavy teams than Oklahoma or USC. Look it up. I think we played 5 or 6 top ten teams when the game was played.

    Bamaman. If in one hand and take a dump in the other hand. See wich hand gets full quickest. Yall have a monumental task ahead of you to run the table. I dont see it happening, so this whole arguement is really kind of stupid. As far as rankings go, yall havent helped us out in about the last 10 years.

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    Ballplay, we won the SEC nine years ago, where do you keep coming up with this ten year stuff? Remember, we have as much in the trophy case as yall do in the last ten years even during the worst times in our history.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot the time Dubose won it with Stallings players. Your right and I stand corrected. Last Niiiiiine years. Better now ?

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    Hello ignorance,

    If your team would have been worth its salt in 05, our 05 team would have helped your strength more than any other team you played. Oh, 04 was a flash in the pan. You could not repeat to gain the respect you dream of. Started with a loss to GT and ended with a loss to Wis. Tubberville’s lie – you fell for it, live with it.

    It is amazing how you all remember 04 and somehow forget how quickly the wheels fell off the following year. I know who left the team. That is the point. Just a flash. This is your most recent reason for the lack of respect for your program. Your team appeared to start something. It just failed to finish, and the dream continues.

    Ifs and buts. One hand, both hands, you are full of it and we love it.

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    Yep, Ol’ Tommy Couldnt get it done. he is about to join Les Miles in the one hit wonder “where are they now?” column.
    At least Lester did have one NC albeit with someone else’s talent.

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    Ballplay: Well, yall still got left out cause someone else had a better schedule. Does that make sense for ya? NO RESPECT for you or your team. It sucks to be an Auburn Tigah. It won’t happen to Bama like that. Not this year, if they win out. If your strength of schedule was so ‘phenomenal’, ya’ll would have got a shot at it. Auburn propaganda man.

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