Tide has flaws, but none fatal…yet

Rogers: Alabama wasn’t perfect on Saturday. The defense gave up season-highs in for total yardage (359) and rushing yards (158), the first time it has given up 100 yards on the ground in a game. The offense was just 3-of-11 on third down and didn’t push around the Ole Miss front, which had plenty of help. Read the entire column below:


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    no, i noticed the rushing attack started working after we completed a few passes and forced the linebackers and db’s to defend the passing game.

    defenses are trying to take away the run and force jpw to beat them. disturbing.

    but it worked for a half saturday.

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    Ballplay: Cody is only one guy, and like you said, he really only played half a game. But he was a big part of the depth on the line. But that being said, Bama will still be hard to run on. But now a freshman will get the majority of the reps at nose. This is a really young team in a lot of areas, so it will help for the future. Imagine where this team could be within the next 2-3 years.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    I agree. But think of what an animal Cody would be if he were in a little bit of shape. He is a stud in the first half a any game he plays in. But like most 350 plus guys, he gets whooped up on in the second half. I think if Saban would cut back his happy meals he could be all – American material.

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    Ballplay, you are full of shit as a Thanksgiving turkey, tell me one time that Cody has got “whooped” anytime he has been on the field, you can’t, because he hasn’t, you are delusional!!!!

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman,,,,I guess you didnt watch the Kentucky game did you ? 2nd half= whooped ass. Replay it if you dont believe me. It was so obvious the commentators even mentioned it.

    But yes, Im full of it. But Im right.

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    Ballplay, I was at the game and Cody has never been pushed back off the line, even with two blockers, you will soon see when he is on Burns, Todd, Caudle, Trotter or whoever else your genius spread coach puts behind the center to further embarass Aub.
    W Vir 28
    Aub 13

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    Cody does wear down in the second half. BUT he still requires a double or triple team, and THAT gentlemen is worth gold.

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    Ballplay: I was at the game. You see what you want. Cody was double teamed the whole game, except for a few screen passes. I have seen the replay. How many yards rushing did Kentucky have? Not much. Dude you are seeing it only how you wish to see it. He does wear out if he plays a long time. But it still takes 2 and sometimes 3 to block him. Can I borrow your magic glasses? Wait, you are gonna need them Thursday night. Nevermind.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Whatever……How many plays did he make in the second half ? How many tackles ? Yes a double team opens up the feild for your linebackers. But answer the question. Cody is a great player. Like I said though, pictuure him at about 325-330. Heck dude, he would probably run a 4.7 in the 40 ! That is still a massive d tackle, but he would have some endurance and a little more speed. If you watch , I wouldnt be suprised if he were to end up around that weight by the time he graduates/goes pro. Didnt he report at over 400 ?

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    Ballplay: Kentucky didn’t have many rushing yards up the middle. Period. If anything, they gashed our secondary THROWING the ball. Cody is a factor if he requires double teams on running downs. He doesn’t play when the pass defense is in effect, at the end of the game when most teams have to throw the ball when playing from behind. Josh Chapman will do just fine. He is a big dude too, and he makes plays. And you are right about Cody, he would be better with a little less weight. But considering he was at 420 pounds at one point, he has come a long way.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    That is my point. Cody made a believer out of me. Im just thinking how good he could get with a little stamina and some added quickness. He could be scary good.

    Jaosh is big. But Cody is a freak.

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    Now that’s Ballplay the realist talking, not Ballplay the bull shooter! I personally think his massive size with his weight is what makes him so dominating, He got down to the weight Saban wanted him at 365, it is obvious that he can’t stay in every play 4 qtrs like even Andre Smith, maybe that is why we have been so dominate the first half of every game but Josh Chapman is the strongest guy on the team benching 486 and squatting 600.

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    Plus, by the end of the third quarter Nick has emptied the bench, it is harder to get tackles when you are on the sideline watching the scout team.

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