Tide outlasts Ole Miss

UPDATE: Video highlights (and lowlights) of Alabama’s win over Ole Miss

AP: Alabama (7-0, 4-0 Southeastern Conference) scored 24 consecutive points after falling behind for the first time this season, 3-0, and allowing its first points in an opening quarter. Then Ole Miss (3-4, 1-3) answered 17 straight points and closed to within 24-20 on Joshua Shene’s 35-yard field goal with 6:09 left. More from the AP below…


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    An SEC win is an SEC win, and my 401K is going on the Rebs wearing our red headed little brothers out in two weeks in Oxford. We’re #1 in the West, and if the Gamecocks hold up, we’ll be sitting pretty to play game #2 in the Georgia Dome this year.

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    HAPPY to get a win and a hard one at that. thank you lord for defense.I have been saying UNDEFEATED all year but offense has to do a lot better in second half.if we keep on like this some one will bite us in the ass.COFFEE has to hold on to ball more.TWO games in a row he has fumbled at key times.AND dam cody could be gone.ALL in all it was a win and damit we are still UNDEFEATED and it is GREAT.BIG JW STILL SAYS UNDEFEATED.GOD BLESS ROLLLL TIDEEEEE.HEY SUCKSBALLS 7 0.

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    If anyone is even vaguely familiar with the Gene Stallings era, then these half blowout, half stagnant games should come as no surprise to you.

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    I am very familiar and that was one of the best defense in nation in 92.like the old saying defense wins championships.if this team can score points in first half and play good defense and win i will take it all year long.looking like that is what it is boiling down to.but i did not think it would.still think we have a lot left in the gas tank tho.also looks like they are not over looking any team taking it one game at a time which is very good.

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    The Ole Miss Rebels just finished playing their biggest game of the 2008 season. They saw the target on the back of the Crimson Tide and they shot every arrow in their quiver in their effort to hit the bullseye. The Hotty Toddys have had some bad breaks in several close losses, but if you don’t think they have a good football team then you should just ask Tim Tebow’s opinion. They deserve credit for a well played game.

    It seemed like Terrence Cody’s injury took some air out of the team emotionally. I hope that his injury is not too serious, but the team must carry on even if he requires surgery. The Crimson Tide defense is strong even if Mt. Cody is not playing with them. Every team in the SEC has suffered some kind of injury by now.

    Last year, Bama had to win their bowl game in order to post seven wins. This has been a great season so far and we need to take it one game at a time. If the team continues to improve with every game, then this could be a very special season for the Crimson Tide. Special seasons are only easy in hindsight.

    Next week brings another big game and it won’t be any easier to win than was this week’s game. I am confident that the players and the coaches understand this.


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    Ballplay: I am sure the real reason you are here to read JWs insight everyday, so you must be very disappointed.

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    Funny? But, oh so true! Ballplay, you have predicted us to lose every game this year, so who is more of a prognosticator? I am going with JW, you are as ridiculous as your team and coach.
    Bamaman says: W Vir 28
    Au 13

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