One person’s trash…

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

And while Tommy Tuberville might be trash to some members of the Auburn family. He could be treasure for Clemson., the website on the Rivals network covering the Clemson Tigers, has Tuberville listed on its Coaches Hot Board.

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Why Tuberville: Tuberville has had his own issues to deal with at Auburn this year as the Tigers have struggled particularly on the offensive end. But it’s hard to deny his long track record of success at a program that has a lot of similiarities to Clemson. He knows what it’s like to recruit against a major in-state rival and he already mines some of the same recruiting areas that Clemson works as well.

Lots of similarities with Clemson. That about says it all. It was Lewis Grizzard who first observed the similarities when he called Clemson–Auburn with a lake.

However, I bet Clemson’s trustees aren’t as meddlesome as Auburn’s. But does Tommy Tuberville want to coach again? (If he were fired,) would he be happier doing television rather than coaching? I know television analysts have more opportunities to duck hunt.

And yes. I’m going to miss Tuberville. I won’t be able to repeat duck hunt anymore. It has been a bad year. Phillip Marshall leaves the Times and now Tuberville might leave Auburn. I’m sad. Very sad.