One person’s trash…

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

And while Tommy Tuberville might be trash to some members of the Auburn family. He could be treasure for Clemson., the website on the Rivals network covering the Clemson Tigers, has Tuberville listed on its Coaches Hot Board.

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Why Tuberville: Tuberville has had his own issues to deal with at Auburn this year as the Tigers have struggled particularly on the offensive end. But it’s hard to deny his long track record of success at a program that has a lot of similiarities to Clemson. He knows what it’s like to recruit against a major in-state rival and he already mines some of the same recruiting areas that Clemson works as well.

Lots of similarities with Clemson. That about says it all. It was Lewis Grizzard who first observed the similarities when he called Clemson–Auburn with a lake.

However, I bet Clemson’s trustees aren’t as meddlesome as Auburn’s. But does Tommy Tuberville want to coach again? (If he were fired,) would he be happier doing television rather than coaching? I know television analysts have more opportunities to duck hunt.

And yes. I’m going to miss Tuberville. I won’t be able to repeat duck hunt anymore. It has been a bad year. Phillip Marshall leaves the Times and now Tuberville might leave Auburn. I’m sad. Very sad.


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    If they offer Tubby he’d better jump all over it. He’s on the downward spiral at the barn and he can get out just in time to be able to coach at a better school. I think he’d jump at the chance unless he is just tired of coaching.

  2. 4

    Say it ain’t so,

    How could uburn allow their all time best win percentage coach to go to Clemson? He most definitely will leave if he desires to continue the charade. I think he actually may believe it. He has certainly lived it long enough. His quote “as long as the uburn people want us, we will be here.” Who is us? The uburn people have wanted the imposter gone since 2003. That is the uburn people who understand the monkey they can not shake. That monkey has you on the ground gasping for air. Tubberville has used all of the oxygen.

    Why did you choose the orange and blue? I have not a clue.

  3. 5

    Injun Joe,

    You must be one of those he/shes or something. Always bringing up something from the gutter. Of course that’s where most barner’s minds are. Dreaming of a wild night with one of the farm animals.

  4. 6

    BallsPlayed – Is your sorry ass still posting ? Why ? Go to some shit hole Bar in Etowah County and get drunk. Be sure to take off that lard stained Aubie hat – not that anybody would want to whip your ass – it would just look very stupid .

  5. 7
    Ballplay Indian.

    Pluto. I dont drink, so it would be impossible to get drunk. I dont wear hats, so ,,,,,strike two…..As far as you ever whipping my arse,,,,strike three…..Grow up a little. Your age/maturity level is showing.

  6. 8


    Leave ballplayer alone. He’s just a sh@t stirrer. Why else would a barner continue to visit the board that supports a superior University? Of course, that would be any University’s board for that matter. This is a guy that was like the one you went to school with that was always chosen last to be on the team. You know? The one you felt sorry for and chose him anyway when you knew darn well that a knock kneed girl would have helped you much more. Of course he was also the one that would stab you in the back the first chance he got because he didn’t have the b@lls to do it to your face. Let the guy post his dribble and just remember that we should feel sorry for him and his lowlife, barner, trailer trash team.

  7. 9

    Ed: Nah we shouldn’t feel sorry for them that much. I wish Auburn was a strong team this year, so there won’t be any excuses. I hope they keep Tubs around for awhile longer too. If Barn fans want to come here and talk smack, they deserve what they get. But your post was pretty funny LOL! knocked kneed girl lol.

  8. 10
    Ballplay Indian.

    Yall are all lightweight wusses. Is that all you have degenerate Ed. ? First , Pluto the dork attacks my manhood and threatens me (childish), that is gradeschool stuff there. Then degenerate Ed. jumps in with a middle school rant. Please degenerate Ed. that was weak. Then you Brandy ? I really expected more from you. The whole excuses angle will bite you in the rear my friend. You see, Bammer has the patent on that crap. All weve heard is excuses. NCAA, probation, weakened state, Shula, etc., etc., etc. What will your excuse be this year ? What could it possibly be ? Yall had better hope that you win.

    Ive been saying for years that the whole NCAA arguement was B.S. Lets understand this. Yalls freshmaan class has yall undefeated this year ? The whole weakened state thing was crap. Saban is winning with weakend state players. What load of crap will yall spew this year ? Im thinking a little ” It was Tubbs players rallying”. Or Shulas still got some bad apples on the team. But have no fear. Im sure one of you jackasses will sayyyyy……(drum roll please)…….It was our “WEAKENED STATE” !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 11

    Ballplay: You haven’t heard any excuses from me. Probation or not, Bama still lost on the field. Auburn has been on probation before too, and Bama spanked that ass. It evens out, in my book. But Bama still has the overall record, which is what counts. Bama has had the most streaks too. But like I have said before, this has been the Golden Age of Auburn football. Now that Bama has a competitive coach, it is the beginning of a new age of Bama football.

    Auburn will eventually make the change at coach to try and compete, much as Bama has had to do. And I suspect it may take a couple or three tries for you guys to get it right.

    But man, if you are really thinking Auburn is going to somehow turn things around this year, keep dreaming. This Auburn team lacks any kind of leadership, and talent. If this years Bama team loses to that sorry bunch, they are in bad shape. Ya’ll let Arkansas score more points than anybody this year. That mighty Auburn D is cracking, imagine what it will be by year-end. Thats your only hope of winning the Iron Bowl. If Bama starts fast (and they have in EVERY game) and puts 14 up (which is the 1st qtr ave. 14-0) Auburn will never recover.

    It aint hoping to win, it is we better win. Bama has more talent and are better coached. HOPE is what Auburn has to do this year.

  10. 12


    I’ve got more intelligence in my pinkie than you have in your entire body. Look at your incoherent posts. As for the middle school comments towards you, I just figured you were of that age because of your continued illiterate posts on this board. First it was Clemson is going to mow you over, then it was Georgia and now you’re looking to others on down the schedule to be your savior. You’re a joke. Just like your retarded team that couldn’t beat its way out of a wet paper sack.

    Now come back on here and whine about something else. It’s your trademark, along with your barn brethren. Now go on out with your relatives and enjoy yourself.

  11. 13
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando…….Thats exactly the way I feel. When you lose, there is no excuse, escept that you got beat by a better team on that day. If we lose, I will not be making excuses. Have you heard any from me so far ? No. As for the talent gap, dude, that was one of the excuses already being thrown around in the preseason by the Bammers expecting a bad season. They said thier was a talent gap because of , YOU GUESSED IT, probation. Our offense stinks. That is a leadership problem. period. When a crappy offense goes three and out 20 times in a game. dude , that makes the Baltimore Ravens defense loo like trash. You cant gie an offense 20 chances and them not score some. Would you agree.

    As far as us turning things around, I am jokingly optimistic at best. I have to laugh or Ill cry.

    Educator1, Im sure you are quite the Theologin/Philosopher. Hence the dorkish name. Go eat a turd. Play in the road. Whatever. You are insignificant. You are the green fly that flies around the actual turd itself. Are we clear ?

  12. 14

    YEA ED U SUCK ANYWAY YOur the main one keeps coming up with the shit we ON PROBATION we were HANDICAPED our 6 wins(which all the bammers keep throwing up not us) dont count cuase we beat up on a girls team or something you turd fly

    sooooo SHEW FLY!!!

  13. 15


    You are a complete idiot. You are the scum off the bottom of my shoe. You are the crud beneath anybody’s toenails. What a joke of a person, or mammal, you are. LOL. You show your lack of intelligence by using the word “turd”. LOL again. You have no answer to someone who is intellectually superior to you. You are a loser my friend so enjoy your losing season.

  14. 16
    Ballplay Indian.

    Thats a little better SpecialEd. Still not quite where you could be, but better.

    As far as the word “turd” goes. It works so well with you . Thats why I keep using it. When I see a post from SpecialEd , I think of turds. Go figure.

    As far as you being intellectually superior to me. Yes, you may be. Do I give a dam ? No…..I dont.

  15. 17

    Well, excuses or not, Bama is good enough this year to really blow Auburn away. I hope that the game is over by halftime. It will still count as 1 win. I hope that when the Bama streak starts, the Bama fans don’t start holding up fingers. Don’t reduce yourself to acting like Tubby Tommerville.

  16. 18
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando. Please dude. Bama fans will go ape crap if yall win. It will be so bad that we would wish all you were doing was holding up fingers. Did the finger thing really bother yall that much. Good grief man, were you a female in another life ?

  17. 19
    Ballplay Indian.

    Did you hear the interveiw wth Glenn Coffee on JOX ? Kids like him make it hard for me to hate Bama. He is a great guy.

  18. 20

    Ballplay: When Tuberville does it, it makes him look like a cheerleader. The fans, well you expect that from them. I was referring to Tubs. Auburn has a history of classless coaches though. Terry Bowden liked to talk shit almost as much as Tubs. I see Tubs has changed his demeanor here lately though LOL!

  19. 21
    Ballplay Indian.

    What is one thing that Terry Bowden has that Saban dont ? An undefeated season !

    Now chime in about a ring.

  20. 23

    Tuberville and Clemson?
    I dont beleive Clemson would buy out ol’ Toms hefty contract. They could get Skip holts or any number of up and comings who would do a better job. Coach Tom needs to have a fork sticking out of him. Nobody but Auburn is foolish enough to pay him

  21. 24

    Tuberville and Clemson?
    I dont beleive Clemson would buy out ol’ Toms hefty contract. They could get Skip holts or any number of up and comings who would do a better job. Coach Tom needs to have a fork sticking out of him. Nobody but Auburn is foolish enough to pay him

  22. 25

    Ballplay: You say undefeated season like it was a National Championship or something LOL! Bama coaches don’t tend to talk the crap Auburn coaches do. Earlier this year Tubbs was talking to Low from ESPN. Look at what he said then (sometime right before the season):

    How many players from the state of Alabama do you and Alabama typically go head-to-head on each year?

    Tuberville: I’d say five or six, and we pretty much dominated them for the last eight years. And then last year, Nick came in and did a good job on Julio (Jones) and the kid from Gadsden (Jerrell Harris). You’ll normally go 50-50. There will be a few more kids that grow up Alabama fans, but we get our share. A lot of these kids leave the state, too. But we go to Georgia and get kids to come here. I don’t think the loyalties in the different states are there as much as they used to be.

    What’s your relationship like with Nick Saban? You share the same agent, Jimmy Sexton. Do you guys talk much?

    TT: Yeah, we talk … probably more than most people think. I’ve known Nick a while. He’s just one of those guys who likes to move around, but a good football coach.

    Saban says Alabama is his last stop and that there are no more horizons for him. You buying that?

    TT: You watch, he’ll be at Washington next year (laughing and clearly joking).

    The knock on you is that you’re always changing coordinators. How important is staff continuity to you?

    TT: I think it’s important that you keep a lot of your staff together for recruiting consistency. I think your coordinators are different. I give them a lot of responsibility, a lot more than I do some of them. I put mine right out front, let them coach, let them use their imagination, let them speak and let them talk, because most of them want to be head coaches. That’s enabled me to be able to hire people, too, because word kind of gets out that if you go work for Tub, he’s going to let you go, he’s going to let you coach. You’re going to find out what you’re made of, and he’s not going to get in your way. I’m not saying a lot of other people don’t do that. But here, we’ve been in one place for 10 years, 15 years in this league, and word kind of gets around that I might be a decent guy to coach for if you’re a coordinator in terms of being able to really prove what you can do. I couldn’t tell you some of the coordinators from some of these schools, because you never hear anything from them. (Saban typically does not allow his assistants coaches to speak to the media)

    Now it is only: NEXT QUESTION

    pretty funny huh?

  23. 26
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando….In my opinion , undefeated in the SEC is every bit as hard or harder than a national championship. For examole LSU loses to Arkansas and Kentucky, then wins a championship. Who else has gone through the SEC without a loss in the BCS era ? Bama 92….Auburn 93……Tennessee after Peyton left (what year?)……..Auburn 04……Florida in the 90s (what year?) that is 4 times in about 15 + years…Is Auburn the only team in the SEC to do it twice ?

  24. 27

    And what do you have to show for it all Ballplay? Nothing. Tubbs best years are behind him. That was ya’lls shot at something. But what I really want to know is how funny do you think Tubbs comments were in what I posted. Especially that last paragraph. NEXT QUESTION.

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