Bowden out, Tuberville next?

Does the Tommy Bowden and Clemson fiasco give Auburn cover to fire Tommy Tuberville before the end of the season?

If Tuberville gets fired, that would mean two coaches got the axe based on what is happening in Tuscaloosa. And people said Nick Saban wouldn’t shake up college football. Alabama’s humiliation of Clemson to start the season was a key factor in Clemson’s meltdown. Auburn’s problems are amplified by Alabama’s success.

Here’s the official version of what is happening at Clemson. Will we see this soon about Tuberville?


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    And people said Nick Saban wouldn’t shake up college football. Alabama’s humiliation of Clemson to start the season was a key factor in Clemson’s meltdown. Auburn’s problems are amplified by Alabama’s success.


    Jesus sometimes I HATE BAMMERS…



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    1) Ballplay: Clemson is going to make an example out of Nick Saban. 34-10

    2) Ballplay: Georgia is going to prove how overrated Alabama is. 41-30

    3) Ballplay: Bamas success is fixing to come to an end. When it does Paul will turn on yall like the snake he is.

    4) Chris: What the hell does fixing to mean? Is that Barnie terminology for false hopes?

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Chris….Its spelled fixin you twit. Get it right.

    Secondly, Its now the second half of the year, annually that means its time for the wheels to come off the Crimson Choo Choo……Yall are fixin to start losing.

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    Sorry, Ballplay, I’ll be sure to get it right next time when I COPY AND PASTE the sentence you post.

    But you’ve gotta have a little faith my friend, the wheels do not start falling off midway through the season, they fall off after the LSU game. 😀

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    Do you really think IF Tubs is fired that it has anything to do with BAMA… Tubs is 7-2 against BAMA…. That is a better record than the BEAR…. Look Tuberville might be fired, but not before the end of the season.. Tuberville will turn Auburn around, still a bad season, but they will go 8-5 coiunting the bowl game..

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    To the naive orange and blue,

    Where has that winning percentage over the last ten years gotten you? How many titles? A few wins is exactly what I meant. (a few upsets, one SEC title, and a perfect season with no respect) The rationale on the plains will continue. If we can beat BAMA, everything is fine. I have no fear of the impending Iron Bowl. An upset could happen, and it would be a bad note to what has started out as a potential great season. BAMA must first beat everyone else on the schedule to decide the sourness of that note. What you miss my naïve thorn, we know, as do you, where BAMA is heading.

    You must first understand who you are, and where you have been to have a clue as to where you are going. Understand this, uburn is a third tier SEC team at best. There is absolutely no argument as to who is the King of the SEC. Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and LSU can all argue as to who comes behind BAMA. You do not have a voice in that argument. However, you and Ole Miss can argue as to who comes behind those four. That is your place. You have chosen to pull that way. Enjoy your place, but do not expect to ever find your way out of the middle of the pack prestige. We do not care if your winning percentage is 900%. Does 800% sound better than 80%? That is something like giving 110%; I guess. Allow Tubberville another ten years, and maybe you can keep that winning percentage high with little to show for it.

    You are uburn. You are chasing a legend. You have no chance of catching it.

    As to Paul, he is a freaking genius. He came here as a big Volunteer’s fan. Ran his mouth and hand about BAMA all the time. He did not have much to say about uburn back then. Why would he? He figured out that he could make a killing discussing BAMA vs. uburn every day. Since that is almost all we talk about, he just continues stirring the pot for self promotion. Why the heck did we have to let an outsider, especially a vol, come here an exploit what we love? He is a freaking genius that laughs at us all. All the way to the bank. I love to listen!

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    They could very well go 8-5, but right now that’s not a promise.
    It all depends on what direction this team heads in after the WVU game and that’s only up or down.
    Which one will it be, fellas?

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    I would say Auburn is heading for a losing season, no bowl game. One more loss ought to go ahead and take the rest of the life out of them. I think UT-Martin has a chance if they have any kind of offense.

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    LCN, I will go ahead and make you a promise, Aub can only make 8-5 when they are playing well, they will be lucky to make a papa john bowl

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    Auburn is done this year. No magic Tuberville trick will get this sorry offense on track this year. I guess ya’ll are used to him coming back with his back against the wall. I admit, he has had a knack for doing so. But he always did it with an under performing talented team. This year he doesn’t have the talent on offense. I would bet Auburn doesn’t have 3 starters on offense that could start at another SEC school. So…no running the table for you Ballplay!!

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