Understanding Saban

For those of us interested in better understanding Nick Saban, Cecil Hurt provides another glimpse into Saban’s coaching genealogy. His column in the Tuscaloosa News details the link between Saban and Missouri Tiger football coach Gary Pinkel. Both coaches share a history with national championship coach Don James.

‘I don’t know if I would ever have become a coach if it weren’t for Don James,’ Saban said. ‘I don’t mean any disrespect to any other coaches I’ve played for or worked for when I say this, but Don James was so good at everything — every aspect of a program — that I just sort of assumed that was the way it would be everywhere.

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Double Standard?
Jess Nicholas asked if the media’s double standard for Nick Saban and Tommy Tuberville will end now that Tuberville has made his coordinators stop talking to the press.

But the most interesting development of all will be how Franklin squares Tuberville’s decision with his own com­ments that he wouldn’t work for Nick Saban, due to Saban’s media prohibition: “I enjoy my freedom as an American,” Franklin said. “Our fore­fathers fought for our right to be able to speak freely.”

Franklin’s mouth may have done more to undermine himself and Tuberville than the performance on the field.

Wait. Never mind. The performance on the field has been so abysmal you just can’t get past it.

But his mouth hasn’t helped the situation, and Tuberville was right to muzzle him. Of course, Nicholas is right, Tuberville will only get praise for this because everyone recognizes it was the right thing to do.

Speaking of the media, does anyone read Auburn Undercover? I’ve missed reading the party line from Phillip Marshall since he went to a pay site.