Told you so…

My Predictions Came True
By Intheknow72

If you’ll check me, on August 23rd, just seven days before this year’s nightmare began for the “Ahw-buhn Fambley,” I wrote an article on here that made two distinct predictions.

1.) Auburn would severely miss Brandon Cox
2.) Auburn would also miss their old offense

Man, was I right.

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When I wrote this, the Aubies were still intoxicated with their narrow, overtime Peach Bowl win over the mighty Tigers of Clemson. “And THAT was possible after only TEN DAY’S of PRACTICE!” they cheered. Kodi Burns would be their answer, surely to produce touchdown after touchdown, wearing the scoreboard lights out every Saturday.

Well, didn’t happen.

Instead, Auburn fan, you now realize what you had in Brandon Cox. Slow, but steady, you had a smart gametime QB who could make good decisions, get you in the right play and spread the rock. You had an offense that could fire off the ball, knock defenses back, and create running room for your average running backs to surge through. You then had a QB, once the run was established, that could do play action, hitting receivers on a rope (see Georgia three years ago) to win ball games.

Now, you have crap. You’re not worth a crap. And you’re soon to get the crap kicked out of you by the likes of Ole Miss, Georgia, and yes, big brother.

In closing, Auburn fan, now I know why you’ve been Aubsessed with Bama all these years. When your team is on top of the world (literally…see the latest polls?) and your hated rival is tripping all over itself, it really is fun to plant your toe in their side, kicking them over and over while they are down. Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope it doesn’t bother you too much. Because afterall, it looks like we are going to be able to do it for a while.

Hello 1970’s. Here we come again!