Tebow responsible for Shula firing

Not only is Tim Tebow Superman, but he feels responsible for the firing of Mike Shula at Alabama, according to this post at The Rap Sheet. Just imagine if Tebow had arrived in Tuscaloosa. Would the Tide still be saddled with an inept coach?

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    Strangely enough Tebow not coming to Alabama was perhaps the best thing that has happened to this team over the last several years. If Tebow went to Alabama, he probably would have been good enough to even save Shula’s job.

    Of course, Shula might have been dumb enough to redshirt him as well!

  2. 5

    Yes very arrogant for somebody that should make “humility” the centerpiece of his “Christian Life”.
    Hope the LSU Defense rings his bell. I will offer that if he is taking credit for Shula’s demise – he needs to stand in line and take a number.

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