New type of team has Saban smiling

By Michael Hicks

After Alabama 17, Kentucky 14 Nick Saban took a deep breath and just for a moment let out a smil—as his team is 6 and 0 halfway through the season.

“You can say what you want about our team,” Saban said “But I’ll betcha there weren’t very many people in this room betting that they’d be 6-0 right now.”

This is the type of game Saban likes because it was a win that came with many lessons to teach. It was not pretty at times—even the good things came with a mistake or two.

Glen Coffee ran for 218 yards, the sixth highest in Alabama history, but he also fumbled twice. A UK defender fell on the last fumble but it bounced out from under him and out of bounds and kept the drive alive.

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It seemed like every good offensive play was called back because of a penalty, UA had 10 totaling 92 yards. Leigh Tiffin missed two field goals and an extra point, but after a penalty on Kentucky he made the second chance count. When Alabama needed three points to seal the win, Tiffin nailed a 24-yarder to go up 17-7 with two minuets to go.

After the game Saban just wanted to focus on the positives, “ I’m just trying to give our team credit for what they have accomplished in the first half of the season,” he said.

On a day when John Parker Wilson only completed seven passes and had one interception the running game bailed him out that’s what championship teams do. This is the type of game that last years team may have lost their composer and lost the game—but not this year. Things just seem to go right and that is something to smile about.