Recap: Vandy stuns Auburn

Opelika-Auburn News: Auburn ran the ball just 15 times in the second half, and threw it 16 times. Neither worked, as Auburn was only able to get three first downs the entire second half. Here’s the complete story:


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    ft. benning ranger

    They didn’t really stun them in my opinion. Vanderbilt is a good team and right now they are better than the barn.

  2. 3

    I thought they pretty much benched it during the week. The only times I seen them run it was when Burns was brought it.

    How ’bout them UcheaT Vols?

  3. 5

    It wasn’t just Tiffin though, it was basically the entire offense. They really sputtered their way to victory this week, and in all honesty, they shouldn’t take the credit for the win either. Our defense helped contribute to the overall score as well.

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