Confusion reigns on the Plains

The meltdown on the Plains simmering since Week 1 has reached critical mass. What’s going on down there? Even the players don’t know. Check out this quote from The Hottest Auburn Blog on the Internet:

OK. Chief thing is that Kodi Burns said the offense is “confused” on the field and in general. By that, he means he doesn’t know what this team’s identity is, what the goal is, what the play is, nothing.

There are tons more details on Jay G. Tate’s blog. Check it out.

The situation should boil for some time to come as fans and pundits speculate about the future of Auburn’s offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. Can Franklin survive? More importantly, can Tuberville survive this debacle?

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He should. He has an outstanding record. As for Franklin, given time his system will work—it just isn’t a panacea. Auburn’s problems from last season weren’t going to be remedied by changing offensive philosophies. It takes time and effort and recruiting.

Speaking of recruiting if Auburn jettisons Franklin, what happens to Auburn’s investment in recruiting spread players?

You can’t overstate the problems this season presents for Auburn. On a day when Alabama stunk up Bryant-Denny, the Tigers found a way to suck even more.

Speaking of Alabama’s pathetic performance…
A season high for penalties (10 for 92 yards) combined with three turnovers and horrible special teams play gives you a formula for disaster. Fortunately, disaster didn’t arrive today, but unless things get corrected (and soon) the Tide will earn a blemish to the win-loss record.

Yes. I know the officiating sucked. However, this is the SEC. It sucks every week—sometimes to your benefit and sometimes to your detriment. You just better deal with it, and execute so well you overcome whatever is thrown your way. John Parker Wilson lost about 80 yards throwing due to questionable officiating. How do you beat that? Make sure you complete the next throws.

Kentucky isn’t a horrible team. However, it is still Kentucky. Players must find a way to focus and get ready for the next round of suckiness on Alabama’s schedule: Ole Miss and Tennessee.


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  1. 1

    I picked Vandy 17 Aub 13, I missed by that Vandy missed field goal, seems like a lot of that is going on these days. . . oh yeah, before I forget, Aub sux bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha picked to win the west, yeah right, hehehehehehehehehee

  2. 2

    Ballplay, I haven’t decided yet what your new post name will be, you don’t have have to worry about spending time to think of one for me, watch Aub come undone now. . . . . .

  3. 3

    I just think their primary problem lies deep within the confines of the quarterback position. The team doesn’t seem to be confused, only the quarterbacks do.

  4. 4

    auburn had running game going in first half.came out in second wanting to throw.did not understand that when running game is doing great.vandy did not stop the run that for bama it sure feels good to be UNDEFEATEd.every one knew we would have one of these kind of games just a matter of when.we would have lost that type of game last year now we get a week off to lick our wounds and pratice more.bama will be ok no body push the panic button yet.the week off should help and we come back looking sharp again and beat ole miss good.UNDEFEATED BABY GOD BLESS ROLL…TIDEEEE

  5. 6
    ft. benning ranger

    Kentucky is not a horrible team, but they are still Kentucky. I agree! If we play LSU or Ole Miss just as sloppy as we played Kentucky, man it’ll be a long day for us.

  6. 7

    Tubberneck said in his post game press conference major changes were coming. Could he be implying the end of Tony Franklin’s coaching days at the farm?

  7. 8

    Where is the playswballsinjun? And all the other barner slugs that hang out here. I’d figure they’d be here telling us how underrated the Dores were and how we beat a lower tier SEC team. It’s fun to see them run like cockroaches when the light comes on. It couldn’t happen to a better bunch of wannabes. Here’s to the continual rise of the Tide and the deserved mediocrity of the barn. It must suck to be a barner right now. LOL

  8. 9

    Oh, he will be on here early in the morning, you could get rid of a plague easier than you could get rid of him, but like I said this place is as clean of barners as Toomers is of butt paper

  9. 11

    Panacea? I’ve never heard that word used in a sentence before. I have two college degrees but had to look it up on You must be trying to impress someone with your vocabulary. Please try to keep your posting in the southern vernacular for those of us beneath you. haha. Just kiddin

  10. 12


    That moronic Barnie showed his ugly face here each and every chance he got, and now that UA is 6-0 (after he boldly predicted us to finish 5-7), and The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is 4-2, he’s off hiding in the bushes like a wimp.

    Come in here and take your ass-kicking like man, Kevin. Don’t show up here when/if Alabama loses their first game of the season, sticking out that corroded, snuff stained tongue.

    That’s why I have no problem with Ballplay. HE’S A MAN, unlike Kevin. Ballplay takes what he sews, Kevin only shows his ugly face whenever our backs are against the wall.

    Where are you now? Are you hiding in the corner of your wire road double wide shaving your vagina, Kevin?

  11. 13


    I LOVE IT!!!


  12. 14

    Confusion is a GOOD term
    Confusus says MAN WHO FIRE FRANKLIN MAY SAVE OWN ASS!!! I kinda hope he doesnt.
    I understand hiring someone whom you think is something the are not it happens in my business ALL the time But do what we do and SEND HIS ASS PACKIN!!!

  13. 15

    Confusion is a GOOD term
    Confusus says MAN WHO FIRE FRANKLIN MAY SAVE OWN ASS!!! I kinda hope he doesnt save his own ass though.
    I understand hiring someone whom you think is something the are not it happens in my business ALL the time But do what we do and SEND HIS ASS PACKIN!!!

  14. 18
    Legion Field

    Anyone who says Kentucky nearly beat Bama…obviously didn’t see the game. Kentucky didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to win that game…even with the turnovers, penalties, and bad officiating.

  15. 19
    Ballplay Indian.

    Legion feild….You are retarded… They get that onside kick and they tie it up…What game where you watching ?

    All you bammers better yap it up now….Your little run is almost up. I cant wait till we kick yalls tail in Nov…

  16. 20

    Ballplay, and Tennessee and Mississippi State nearly beat you all, and LSU and Vanderbilt DID. Obviously you didn’t watch the game because it belonged to Alabama from the get go. It was no nailbiter as the score showed, but I’m sure you’re opposed to that fact simply because it’s Alabama we’re talking about and nothing is ever right with us from your perspective.

  17. 21

    Ballplay: I was at the game, saw it up close. Bama still looked better than Auburn has all year. And they still haven’t trailed in a game all year. Every team Auburn has beat this year has a losing record, and they barely won. But Kentucky got closer than anyone else so far, and thanks for your concern. Roll Tide!

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