Confusion reigns on the Plains

The meltdown on the Plains simmering since Week 1 has reached critical mass. What’s going on down there? Even the players don’t know. Check out this quote from The Hottest Auburn Blog on the Internet:

OK. Chief thing is that Kodi Burns said the offense is “confused” on the field and in general. By that, he means he doesn’t know what this team’s identity is, what the goal is, what the play is, nothing.

There are tons more details on Jay G. Tate’s blog. Check it out.

The situation should boil for some time to come as fans and pundits speculate about the future of Auburn’s offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. Can Franklin survive? More importantly, can Tuberville survive this debacle?

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He should. He has an outstanding record. As for Franklin, given time his system will work—it just isn’t a panacea. Auburn’s problems from last season weren’t going to be remedied by changing offensive philosophies. It takes time and effort and recruiting.

Speaking of recruiting if Auburn jettisons Franklin, what happens to Auburn’s investment in recruiting spread players?

You can’t overstate the problems this season presents for Auburn. On a day when Alabama stunk up Bryant-Denny, the Tigers found a way to suck even more.

Speaking of Alabama’s pathetic performance…
A season high for penalties (10 for 92 yards) combined with three turnovers and horrible special teams play gives you a formula for disaster. Fortunately, disaster didn’t arrive today, but unless things get corrected (and soon) the Tide will earn a blemish to the win-loss record.

Yes. I know the officiating sucked. However, this is the SEC. It sucks every week—sometimes to your benefit and sometimes to your detriment. You just better deal with it, and execute so well you overcome whatever is thrown your way. John Parker Wilson lost about 80 yards throwing due to questionable officiating. How do you beat that? Make sure you complete the next throws.

Kentucky isn’t a horrible team. However, it is still Kentucky. Players must find a way to focus and get ready for the next round of suckiness on Alabama’s schedule: Ole Miss and Tennessee.