Saban: Special teams showing improvement

“Well I have actually seen some improvement,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. “We have actually made some changes, in terms of how we went about what we did. We’ve tried to raise the standard of awareness that the players have. Most of things that have gone wrong are very easily correctable and in most cases are things that we have practiced; the decision-making and judgment on the field, relative to recognition to responding and reacting. I think we have to create a higher awareness of what we need to do to prepare to do it the right way and we have a little better attitude about what we’re doing on special teams.

“I have seen some improvement this week and (Kentucky) is good on special teams. They have one of the best kickoff returners in the country. They have done a good job of holding down the punt returns, as well as putting pressure on the punter. So this will be a challenging game for us from that standpoint. We need to do better and we need to improve.”

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    Special Teams play has not been a disaster. It has gained attention because it is a tiny chink in a very heavy-duty set of armor.

    The little glitches will be patched up. It’s easy to focus on every little mistake and ignore the benefits that Special Teams has contributed.

    But Hey!
    Go get ’em Coach!

    Bama needs to improve in every aspect of the game every week. If you’re not moving forward, then you’re backing up.


  2. 2

    In a low scoring game, the types of special teams mistakes Bama has had this year could be the difference. And the Auburn game is one that jumps out, so this is a problem that needs to be fixed. I am glad it is getting some improvement..

  3. 4

    Bet your last dollar on coach sabin he got it fixed.I listen to a local sports talk radio show and fans call and talk more about bama football than LSU.LSU fans here are worried to death about bama coming to town after GERORGIA beat down.I can’t wait for that game in NOV.GOD BLESS ROLLLL;;; TIDE

  4. 5
    ft. benning ranger

    I have instilled all my confidence in coach saban and I know he can make this unit the most improved area on the team.

  5. 6

    I get sick and tired off people talking about bamas lack of depth.It has already been proven that we have depth.this team is loaded with guys who can come in and make the plays when some one is people shut up about lack of depth.tide will go UNDEFEATED thats how much depth we have.GOD BLESS ROLLLLLL””””TIDEEEEEEEE

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