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    Ballplay Indian.

    Oh my gosh bammers………You win against two over rated teams and now Sban is the Bahr reincarnate ? Come on. I hope that yall win all the rest of your games now. Then I see Auburn whipping that tail at our , I mean your house in front of 92,000 screaming necks. That is all.

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    Oh my God, barnie, you’ve yet to defeat a top ten team and you’re calling us overrated. We’ll see how overrated UGA is when they beat you like a government mule for the third straight year.

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    Ballplay, I hope that was a bammer signing in with your name, because I know you are not that stupid, at least I didn’t think so.

  4. 8

    Ballplay, I had no idea Aubarn had four wins over top 25 opponents. You’re absolutely correct, let Alabama face off against a Southern Miss or a Louisiana-Monroe and you can rest assure we’d have two definite losses in the loss category.

    I agree your one loss to LSU was a tough pill to swallow, but LSU is also the greatest team in the country because they beat… Aubarn!

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    Yall, we need to leave Ballplay alone. It is obvious that he is melting down, taking his cue from his beloved Tigahs. Let him get in all his jabs now, because we won’t see him here after the season. So far, this season is becoming his worst nightmare, so forgive him for being irrational about all of this. He seems to want to hang on to the past and compare from last year. 5 games in and he still thinks this is last years team.

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    freaking genius

    When did bama scorch Florida? 3 years ago, maybe? 4. UA 31 FLA 3 “bama’s back!!”

    How about the #3 preseason ranking a few years back. all the TV crews filming the hillbillies all dressed in their finest crimson polyesther, boarding the plane to UCLA? a few games later and the same crimson-necks were searching for a new coach. again.

    same thing now. when will you gomers realize that the season is 11, 12 or enve 13 games long, and not 5 games?

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    Barners: Because somebody has to represent the lower class.

    These Barners that come on here are representative of the intelligence of their fan base. Ignore them because they are nothing but step brothers.

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    freaking genius

    educator, do all of your step brothers whip the hell out of you once a year, or just your “barner” step brothers?

  9. 14


    We had some pretty good SEC wins against Arkansas and Tennessee last year.

    That TD pass to Julio was the prettiest thing I’ve seen since Sullivan and Beasley played at Auburn. Don’t you think?

    Too bad Auburn doesn’t have JP Wilson…

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    freaking genius

    AU doesn’t need JP. AU needs some gutsy decision making, which TT apparently tried to do Sat. Franklin feels obligated to Todd, since he decomitted to Troy to follow Franklin to AU.

    It’s time to cut the cord. I’m not professing Kodi to be Sullivan, but he deserves a legitimate shot. Start him.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Genious, Indeed……. CUT THE CORD. Burns aint got Joe Montanas arm. But it isnt as bad as some say. He outdid Todd in all the spring scrimmages, and most of the summer ones. I agree. Kodi gives us a threat of running that Todd dont.

    JPW……Do we wish we had hom ? If he can give us a 31-0 lead over Georgia, then heck yes.

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    Please dont start that JPW for Heisman!
    Its not even close to being His leadership or skills that have Bamma on top. Its more of the Coach and TEAM PLAY so to answer your question NO WE DONT WANT JOHN PARKER hes no better than Cris Todd just a better O-Line and Surrounding cast!


  13. 20

    Penious, sorry I meant genius, I don’t have step brothers but I do have 3 real brothers and I’d be glad to stomp a mud hole in your @ss. Go back to the barner site and enjoy the little brother syndrome. Barn sucks.

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    Freaking Genius = Wire Road Trailer Trash

    freaking genius, are you one of the members of the Alabama Polytechnical Institute’s Farmhouse Fraternity? I bet your Wire Road, rebel flag worshiping, mullet-headed ass was at the rodeo AND NOT at the football game, wasn’t you?

    I remember 2005. I also remember that being a different coach, who was coaching under sanctions and when he lost his three key players, the offense fell off the map due to a lack of depth.

    Do you remember 1990? What about 91? 92? 94? 96? 98? 99?

    Those days are returning so soak up the glory of your beloved streak while the number six* still exists.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t be aiming to piss of Alabama fans right now you Aubarn inbred piece of dog shit. Don’t trash a team that’s already exceeded the expectations you promised in the preseason. Instead, you need to figure out the deal down on the loveliest trailer park on the plains, because as of right now, your precious Awfarm Tech Cowboys aren’t meeting the preseason expectations you promised.

    And weren’t you the “freaking genius” who said Alabama would go 5-7 this year, losing to Clemson, UGA, and Arkansas? It’s time to change that name up, you brain dead moron.

    Go back to Wire Road and fly that rebel flag proudly out in front of your single wide, you stereotypical southern redneck (which is what 90% of all AUtards are).

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    Freaking Genius = Wire Road Trailer Trash

    PS: Ballplay, none of the above was directed at you or any other AU Fan with sense in here.

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    freaking genius

    educator, did you really ust call me penious and threaten to have your 3 brothers beat me up???!!!??

    i would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you, educator. When i poked fun at you in my earlier post, I didn’t know you were only 9 years old. Really, i am sorry.

  17. 24
    freaking genius

    trailer trash:

    relax. it’s just a game. a bunch of 20 year olds playing a game. why all the hostility? could it be that as goes bama football, so goes your sad life?

    Remember, it’s almost a new month, and with that will come your govt check and cheese!!

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    Alabama doesn’t do Heismans. I never said that JP won any game single-handedly. My only intention was to say something good about a kid who has struggled under multiple coaches, understaffed O-lines and undeserved fan criticism.

    John Parker Wilson deserves some respect for what he has accomplished under difficult circumstances. He has now set almost every school record at Alabama under this duress. These are records that were set by some well respected Quarterbacks. This is the Alma Mater of Joe Namath, Snake Stabler and Bart Starr.

    JP Wilson is a good Quarterback.

    Somebody needed to step up and say that.


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    freaking genius

    i’ll agree with TC on this one. JP has been through some crap at UA. He is enjoying the fruits of some hard work. good for him.

  20. 27

    WHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO FREAKING CARES? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Auburn’s job is to piss on our parade and vice versa. I’m happy with our team’s current state of condition because I don’t see us finishing the season with a top five ranking so I’m going to enjoy it whether the Auburn fans like it or not!!

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    A new powerhouse has emerged, but all SEC powerhouse teams are bound to fall sooner or later.

    The question is will this Alabama team be disturbingly awoken in a sleeper game? I’ve yet to expect an undefeated season, but I’ve already embraced the first loss. Now I’m curious to know who will hand it to us.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    ryno……Thank you man…Some people just cant accept that fact…

    In Sabans press conference he nailed it. “We have to learn how to be winners”. This team doesnt know what its like to have this on their shoulders. Not slamming guysm but when youve been Miss Congeniality for 10 years, Its hard to know how to be the beauty queen.

  23. 32

    Ball play you are right. Yall sure know how to be the beauty queen. Yall got some purty lips. Do you hear it? It is coming.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bama = Miss Congeniality…

    Auburn = Prom queen / head cheerleader.

    Bama = Good looking girls “nice” friend.

    Auburn = good looking girl

  25. 34



    Bama= 5-0 and on fire

    Barn= 4-1 about as ugly as it could be

    Bama= National respect after a big win, every time

    Barn= can go undefeated and still no NC, no respect

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    You don’t have to be a Heisman candidate to be a good QB. Tom Brady was not a candidate. Neither was Brett Favre.

    You win a Heisman by being a hotdog “MR. Football” player. You win championships with team play.

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    TOUCHE TC TOUCHE.. maybe JPW will prove you right in the end but to me now hes still just a decent QB doing his job bro…..


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