Auburn fans pull the covers over their eyes

By Intheknow72
Right now, if you’re an Aubie, this can’t be happening. Every week, your sure-fire, fast-paced, high-octane offense is struggling just to crank. Your super stud QB has been replaced by a division I-AA middle-of-the-pack hack. Your super stud QB gets in the game and does nothing. There is racial dissension on the team over the QB situation. Your “guru” looks like a disheveled, homeless man under the overpass, and he offers a new set of pathetic apologies each week as you wish the eternal opportunist Tommy Tuberville would instill the same media censorship for your coaches as Saban has for his. My favorite this week…

“I’d like to score more points, but then I’d have to find a new league…” (meaning the SEC is too tough)

See Bama dropping 49 AT Arkansas and 41 AT Georgia…Georgia. And the old fashion way; by hitting the opponent in the mouth.

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All this while a rising tsunami and the newest media darling on the scene, the Alabama Crimson Tide rises in the polls, opinion, and…we know this is the hardest…discussion of championships…on talk shows, publications and online media outlets around the country. No, not blogging sites. I said online media outlets.

When Saban came, you scoffed. We could hear the fear in your voice as you promised yourself nothing would change. Your laughter grew louder as he suffered through a first year, filled with thugs that needed to go and a culture that needed to change. You gathered around your TVs Saturday night hoping, waiting, praying to see Bama finally put in their place by a “real” contender. Those black shirts that kicked you back across the border last November would surely do the trick.

Oh, to have a picture of your faces when we sat in Sanford Stadium, listening to the bands, up 31-0. And oh, to see you now. Hey, Auburn? We’re #2. And as soon as you play an opponent that refuses to GIVE you points to keep you in the game with them, you’ll be gone. And by the looks of the “talent” your opportunist of a coach has collected in the wake of Saban’s arrival, you may never return.

Doug Barfield must be rolling over in his grave right now. Because soon, his pathetic Auburn teams of yesteryear will have company. If you need us, we’ll be in the title hunt. No, not the SEC. The Sears Trophy. Hey, weren’t ya’ll picked to do something this year?

So, pull the covers over your eyes and tell yourself it’s all a dream. But the nightmare won’t be over until November 29th comes, and what you saw Saturday night gets dropped on you in front of 92,000 strong. And even then, by the looks of things, you’ll have to endure another January night where we compete, and you sit at home. Again.

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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian.

    Intheknow………..Keep talking crap. Please. Your team WILL lose soon. Yall are infamous for sucking late the year. Youve beat two overrated teams. Woopdeedoo. If not for the Zebras, Georgia woops Bama. If you can sleep at night with a gift wrapped victory, then so be it. We will destroy yall in November. But until then keep thinking your the 85 Bears.

  2. 2

    Ooooooh Ballplay is angry. Blame it on the refs. Gift wrapped victory. Man you are funny dude. You should watch your talk because this year is not last year, or the last 6 for that matter. You keep on hoping though. You might get beat by Vanderbilt while you worry about Bama. You know it is coming, the footsteps just got a little louder in your ears.

  3. 3
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando……….Sheeesh man. Im not angry. Im laughing out loud dude. Be proud about your ranking. O.K. More power to you. But Auburn hasnt lost but ONE game against a team that will most likely beat you too. I do not want LSU to beat you. It will ruin our shot at the west. But it will probably happen. Make no mistake. Just like in every Iron bowl your record wont matter. Our record wont matter. The arrogance I have had to endure in the last two days is dang near unbearable. Yall have won two games, (really one) that matters. And yes , yall won it big. But Im telling you, please underestimate the rest of your schedule. Please just assume youll win the Iron bowl. Please. Like I said , it makes the victory sweeter. Yall have a giant bullseye on your back. This team hasnt had to come from behind with implications this big in 15 years man. They havent been in the pressure cooker yet. But they will be. Yall have Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss. State, and Kentucky. That is NOT an easy run guys. Just ask Florida about looking ahead.

  4. 4

    Florida didn’t look ahead you moronic bafoon. Ole Miss is that good of a team, just as Vanderbilt is (who will be your second loss this year). Will your excuse for losing to them be because you were looking ahead to Arkansas? Keep the excuses coming because every team Alabama beats this year will be overrated in your feeble little mind. If that helps you cope with your insecurity then so be it.

  5. 5

    Ballplay: Look, I only post against you because you are the first one here to trash talk nearly every time. You only hope Bama looks ahead but so far, it aint happened. The theme this year for Bama has been FINISH. Finish practice, finish the play, finish the game, finish the season. So far so good. I think this team has the confidence and focus do do it this year. Will they go undefeated? Probably not. But they are the better team right now if compared to Auburn. Bama would have to start sucking pretty bad and Auburn would have to improve alot for your prediction to be true. You keep on hoping though. But talking about arrogance–you and your kind have cornered the market on it.

  6. 6

    OMG!! That really is Ballplay talking like a complete idiot, Ballplay, you have ZERO credibility from this point on. Don’t waste your time on here anymore with your baseless predictions. You make about as much sense as Tony “the spread” Franklin

  7. 7
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando and Bama…..I really didnt know I had any credibility. But just knowing that I used to is an accomplishment in itself…..Brando…Do you hoostly think that OLE MISS ad a chance in the swamp ? They have not near the talent or coaching that Florida has. It was Florida not wanting it more. And not giving Ole Miss any restpect. They thought they would just show up and win. They were wrong.They were looking ahead. Guys, I just couldnt resist it. I knew that if I came on here this morning and made a peep that yall would go ballistic. I couldnt help myself. Sorry .

    But I still think it will be interesting to see what the Tide has in a pinch. See what they can do when they are having to clinb out of a hole.

    This years squad reminds me of Sabans old LSU teams. They come out and punch you in the mouth in the first quarter hard. Yall will only get better with time.

    I couldnt resist the ref remark. It was as far fetched as I could dream of. Boy did it work.

  8. 8

    Ballplay, I would have bet the farm Ol Miss could not beat FL at home or at Ol Miss for that matter, but I assure you Saban is using that for a good example and I think the team is buying it as well. Aub has several losses coming yet this year and I predict the next one is Sat. Vandy could beat Tenn.

  9. 10

    As usual, intheknow is obsessed with all things Auburn. Bama racks up the biggest win it has seen in years, finds itself ranked as high as #2 in the AP, and what is the subject of his article first thing Monday morning? Auburn. I can see inthenknow now with every score that Bama posted Sat. night…”Great play, John Parker! I wonder what the Aubies though about it.” “Nice run, Glen. I sure hope the Aubies were impressed with it.”

    I still love how you bammers are trying to spin Auburn’s season as some type of meltdown. Sure, the offense isn’t performing as well as we’d like. Guess what? Auburn is ranked #13 in the nation, ESPN Gameday is setting up at their game this weekend, and the only loss that Auburn has was a last minute loss to the defending national champs. Auburn just beat Tenn for the 4th time in a row, which is a team that Bama has managed to beat twice in the past 13 years.(Spare me the bs about the lack of offense, Tenn sucking, and it only being a 2 pt win. Bama beat a pathetic 5-6 Tenn team in 05 by a score of 6-3, and you bammers celeberated like you just won the freakin’ Super Bowl.) Keep predicting a Vandy win all you want. You bammers might want to concentrate on Kentucky, instead. Just ask LSU what happened to them when they got their “huge win” over Florida last year and played UK the next weekend.

  10. 11
    Ballplay Indian.

    The o8 tigers have a lot in common with the 05 tide. ALL defense. If the O clicks it will be because Tommy lets Tony run the offense. I sometimes think that Burns is being set up to fail. He had a much better game than Todd. Burns is a gamer . Todd threw some passes that should not have been thrown. He tried to hit Tommy Trott every tome he was double covered. It made no sense. We should improve. But Vandy hasnt seen the likes of our defense. There defense is not as good as Tenessee IMO. We should move the ball on em.

  11. 12

    Ok I have tried to keep my mouth shut BUT I CANT before I say this for all MY AUBBOS my nickname in some circles is 5and6(AUburns Record in 91) and I like the NN but anyway WE SUCK Tony either has to let Kody Lose the game or win but he has to play THE SPREAD only works if the QB is feared to run or throw NO KODY cant throw that well but you have to keep one eye on him for his runnin abilities! ORRRR hire back AL and lets get back to AUburn football I for one want the LATTER! So guys dont pull my card becuase I beleive I am right and I DO LOVE AU BABY!!!! either way it goes I am looking at our Schedule here and I see 3 to 5 more losses possible..


  12. 14

    When I walked in mY office before I could get to my desk a BAMMAER here started talking about AUburn and how lousey they looked. after an IMPRESSIVE BEATING of UG by BAMMA all I could say is WTF??? and I asked him do you blog at CAPSTONE under the name intheknow??? its silly dude your worried about AUburn and your team won they game of the season for them dude…. Get it together intheknot PLEASE!

  13. 15


    Gameday coming to Vandy has little to do with Auburn. Vandy is in first place in their division.

    LSU almost got their asses handed to them Saturday by the team that was humiliated by Georgia Tech in their previous game.

    Neither Florida, Auburn nor LSU has faced a quality opponent yet. Well… Florida played Ole Miss. But they lost!

    Things have changed. Get used to it. Playing Vandy next week will probably help you get used to it.

    Auburn’s Defense is good, but they haven’t been finishing strong. They have had letdowns in the second half since the Southern Miss game. It didn’t hurt you against the Vols — because they have an even more pathetic offense than Auburn. Tennessee’s Offense won the game for Auburn last Saturday. You should send them a Thank You note.


  14. 17
    Ballplay Indian.

    My goodness bammers…..Yall finally found an offense. Congratulations. Dont think that we are gonna continue in this funk we are in. Everybody knows that Auburn and Alabama play to their compitition. We will bring our game to Vandy. Vandy will not beat Auburn. Understand that. They wont. LSU will probably run the table except against Florida. We need bama to win against LSU but yall wont.. Like I said these guys are untested.

  15. 18

    Auburn’s Defense played well.

    I was only referring to the gift wrapped football left lying in the end-zone by Arian Foster.

    He fumbled in the end-zone to give Bama a win a few years ago, if I’m not mistaken. It was the other end-zone though.


  16. 23

    truecrimson, I’ve got a newsflash for ya. Gameday doesn’t come to games because of only one team. If Vandy was playing Miss. State this weekend, Gameday would not even think about being there. To reiterate my last point, the bammers baseless wish that Auburn’s season is in a meltdown is nothing but a delusion. Gameday is coming because the team leading the SEC east is playing the 13th ranked team in the country.

    As to your rationale about Auburn’s defense not being great due to 2nd half letdowns, the exact same thing could be said about Bama. Keep in mind that Bama beat UGA 31-0 in the 1st half, but UGA beat Bama 31-10 in the second half.

  17. 24

    Julio-just shut the hell up. You and Ballplay are competing for the dumbest Auburn Fan posting on a Bama site Award. I could give a damn about Auburn and what you guys think. I don’t know why you want to come to a Bama site just to look stupid. Gluttons for punishment I reckon. Spin it like you want, but it will not fly here. You know it is coming, this is not the past. It is a new season. That streak that is so holy to yall, well you do know it will end sooner or later. Then what? Will you guys leave then?

  18. 25
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy…..Your fixin to blow a gasket…..Please take a deep breath. You wnna know why Im here ? Read the title bub…….

    T.C. I think Burns is the man. He did good against UT. They kept setting him up to fail man. Put him in late in the fourth on the 2 yard line and run him up the middle. Cmon man !!!! When hes played , hes done well. Im not saying hes Mike Vick. But I think he gives us options.

  19. 26

    Julio, you are so funny making reference about Ga beating us in the second half, you are probably one of the main ones that gave Brodie hell for saying that about Bama beating Aub the second half of his last year, one thing is for sure Ga will do to Aub for the third time in a row what we did to Ga and if Aub is the 13th best school in the nation the 12th best must be Sister Sadie’s School for Girls. . . . .

  20. 27

    Bamaman, if you’ll read my entire reply you’ll see that I was simply responding to truecrimson’s point about defenses having a letdown in the 2nd half. My entire point was that it doesn’t make a defense lousy just because they have one bad half over the course of 5 or 6 games, which is what truecrimson was trying to suggest. I think both Bama and Auburn have great defenses, despite their 2nd half performances against UGA and LSU.

    And no Brando, I will not leave when the streak ends. I’ll be right here talking smack like always.

  21. 28

    Is Doug Barfield dead? I dodn’t even know he was sick. I saw him in person lastyear at a Hoover High football game…no joke…talked with him….nice man


  22. 29

    Auburn should have beaten LSU. They had a significant lead at halftime. The Defense failed to hold them in the second half. You know that wouldn’t have happened last year.

    Tennessee almost came back in the second half. If they had any Offense, they would have.

    I suspect that Auburn’s inability to move the ball on Offense is a big part of what is hurting their second half Defense. Last year’s Offense wasn’t known for lighting up the scoreboard, but at least they could play ball control and field position to give the Defense a chance.

    I didn’t create this problem, I’m just pointing it out. Deny it if you want to.

  23. 30

    Truecrimson, errrrr……Auburn led LSU 17-7 at the half last year. Auburn led 14-3 at the half this year. In both games, LSU overcame a nearly identical half time deficit to win the game in the closing seconds. In both games, Auburn only scored 7 pts in the second half. Not sure what in the #@*% you’re talking about when you say “You know that wouldn’t have happened last year.” Newsflash-the exact same thing did happen last year.

    As to Tenn “not having any offense”, I think Aubrun’s D had just a little to do with that.

  24. 31

    Okay. I believe you when you say that you thought Auburn still might lose when they started the second half 14-3 and took LSU’s starting QB out of the game with a concussion.

    But just tell me who has failed to make Tennessee’s Offense look pathetic this year?

    Vandy has a one-dimensional Offense. They run pretty well, but they have no passing game whatsoever. Auburn should shut them out next Saturday. We’ll see.

  25. 32
    diane fisher

    well shane sez: isn’t it nice to have a
    famous brother in law who covers your ignorant behind every time you get in over your head. alabama has the best players money can buy and if you weren’t so “up Saban” you’d know that. Yes he has talent with regard to recruiting but his millions have been flowing, and it can be proven. so, continue to run your smack, because you are a total loser, and the only way you can feel big is
    to hide behind a man crush relationship.

    you are sickening, and i want you to know that i despise you.

  26. 34

    Diane, who is your source? Where is proof that Nick Saban is paying players? Where is this elevated delusional nonsense coming from? Or are you just that ignorant? DING! DING!

    Continue providing misinformation in hopes that some idiot, such as yourself will buy it because as of right now, you can falsely accuse ALABAMA all you want, but the fact is Alabama is playing amazing football and the truth is you can’t seem to stomach it, therefore you lie with false hopes of bringing the team down, just to boost your own inferiority level over the Tide.

    What’s your next excuse, Alabama is 5-0, with two wins over top ten opponents because Nick Saban paid the other coaches to pressure his team into laying down for us? Or has Nick Saban paid Tony Franklin to stink it up in his first five games?

  27. 35

    diane fisher, you might want to clean your own house before casting crap you have no proof of, it means nothing here coming from the third most probation riddled school in the country. You say it can be proven? Well prove it, then you can be a hero. I suggest you go to an Aub website an spew your lies, I’m sure they will believe it down on the farm, and for the record Finebaum and Shane are not brother in laws, you probably fell for that also.

  28. 36

    nice attempt at changing the entire subject of what was said, truecrimson. When did I say anything about believing or not believing that Auburn would lose the LSU game at halftime? You made the idiotic statement that Auburn’s D would not have allowed that deficit to be erased last year when Auburn’s D allowed a nearly identical deficit to be erased last year, and I specifically pointed out why you were wrong. At least be man enough to admit you were wrong rather than pulling the “turn the table” trick. That’s the lamest stunt in the book.

  29. 37

    diane fisher is another Auburn fan who has been disillusioned by the mighty Auburn football program. They changed to the spread so it would help with recruiting, because all of the sudden Tubbs can’t compete. Look at how he brags about having 2-3 star players ‘nobody wanted’. Saban has never been on probation, he is known for being a great recruiter, and at a place like Alabama he will excell. You Auburn people forgotten what it is like when Bama has it together. I know it has been awhile, but you guys really believed with all of your heart that Bama was done, would never match you guys again. You guys have been in denial since Bama hired Saban. I bet yall believe now that he is a great coach, and if you don’t now, you will soon.

  30. 38

    OK Julio,

    I’ll admit that I was projecting what I believe onto you. In the first place, last year was a totally different LSU team. I haven’t seen any evidence to indicate that they are as good as they were last year. The Miss State game last Saturday only confirms my suspicions.

    Now I’m not saying that LSU isn’t good. They may well be good enough to beat Alabama again this year. But I don’t think that they are as good right now as the were last year at this time.

    That said, I believe that if Auburn had LSU down 14-3 last year and then took their starting QB out of the game to begin the third quarter — they would have won the game. That’s just my opinion. You don’t have to agree with that.

    Auburn has consistently put quality Defenses on the field for the past several years. I don’t doubt that this year’s Defense is good. I just doubt that they are as good as many Auburn fans want to believe.

    They allowed Southern Miss to come back and score two back-to-back TD’s in the third quarter. They had their hands full keeping them from erasing a solid lead established in the first half.

    I just don’t see this Auburn Defense finishing games as strong as they have in the past two years. I believe that much of this can be traced to Auburn’s new Offense.

    Before the season started I said that, even if Auburn’s Spread Offense allowed for quick scoring with big plays, that style of play was not helpful to the type of oppressive defensive play for which Auburn has long been famous.

    If the Auburn Defense is as strong as you suggest, then they will stifle the one-dimensional Offense of Vandy next Saturday. Do you agree with that statement, or not?

    BTW: Best of luck. I hope that Auburn wins.

  31. 40

    truecrimson, a couple of points on Southern Miss. SM scored 2 td’s against Auburn in the 2d half. They got their first td after Kodi threw a ridiculous int on Auburn’s 25 yd line, and SM still had to convert a 4th and long to get the td. SM also converted a 4th and 16 to get the 2nd td. Kudos to SM for converting both of those 4th downs, but the reality is that they were both desparation throws that would fail 9 times out of 10, and SM wouldn’t have even tried to go for it had they not been down by 3 tds late in the game.

    I agree with your analysis on Vandy. If Auburn has a great D, then they should hold Vandy in check.

  32. 42

    I do Agree with you I mean how many games can we ask them to win for us ya know, I for one am tired of Tony Franklins hack ass already! He looks like a disshevled person and that interview I heard him give sounds worse!

    WAR EAGLE!!!

  33. 43

    The interview was an embarrassment to Auburn University.

    If Franklin doesn’t work out, then you guys are in deep doo. Any objective observer would expect a rough transition in the first year of a new offensive scheme. You can’t just back up and punt on this and start all over again.

    IMHO: If Tony Franklin goes — he’ll be walking out the gate behind Tubby.

  34. 44

    AUBBIE DEFENSE NOT THAT DAM GREAT.IF they were they would have beat LSU 14 3 HALFTIME LEAd and freaking blow it.what kind of defense is that?looks like aubbies are in for a long season.GOD BLESS ROOL””TIDE

  35. 45
    Ballplay Indian.

    JW….You have officially taken my spot as having the absolute worst grammer on this board. Congrats.

  36. 46
    Ballplay Indian.

    My predictions

    Alabama 10 Kentucky 42

    Auburn 57 Vandy 2

    Thats a pretty relaistic prediciton wouldnt you say ?

  37. 50

    Ballplay, I think your Kentucky score is a little low for an Auburn fan. Auburn puts up 56 in a game this year? You must have a lot of faith in the Tony Franklin SystemΓ’β€žΒ’. But seriously, you should stop because you are only getting Julio and Omnis hopes up.

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