Auburn fans pull the covers over their eyes

By Intheknow72
Right now, if you’re an Aubie, this can’t be happening. Every week, your sure-fire, fast-paced, high-octane offense is struggling just to crank. Your super stud QB has been replaced by a division I-AA middle-of-the-pack hack. Your super stud QB gets in the game and does nothing. There is racial dissension on the team over the QB situation. Your “guru” looks like a disheveled, homeless man under the overpass, and he offers a new set of pathetic apologies each week as you wish the eternal opportunist Tommy Tuberville would instill the same media censorship for your coaches as Saban has for his. My favorite this week…

“I’d like to score more points, but then I’d have to find a new league…” (meaning the SEC is too tough)

See Bama dropping 49 AT Arkansas and 41 AT Georgia…Georgia. And the old fashion way; by hitting the opponent in the mouth.

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All this while a rising tsunami and the newest media darling on the scene, the Alabama Crimson Tide rises in the polls, opinion, and…we know this is the hardest…discussion of championships…on talk shows, publications and online media outlets around the country. No, not blogging sites. I said online media outlets.

When Saban came, you scoffed. We could hear the fear in your voice as you promised yourself nothing would change. Your laughter grew louder as he suffered through a first year, filled with thugs that needed to go and a culture that needed to change. You gathered around your TVs Saturday night hoping, waiting, praying to see Bama finally put in their place by a “real” contender. Those black shirts that kicked you back across the border last November would surely do the trick.

Oh, to have a picture of your faces when we sat in Sanford Stadium, listening to the bands, up 31-0. And oh, to see you now. Hey, Auburn? We’re #2. And as soon as you play an opponent that refuses to GIVE you points to keep you in the game with them, you’ll be gone. And by the looks of the “talent” your opportunist of a coach has collected in the wake of Saban’s arrival, you may never return.

Doug Barfield must be rolling over in his grave right now. Because soon, his pathetic Auburn teams of yesteryear will have company. If you need us, we’ll be in the title hunt. No, not the SEC. The Sears Trophy. Hey, weren’t ya’ll picked to do something this year?

So, pull the covers over your eyes and tell yourself it’s all a dream. But the nightmare won’t be over until November 29th comes, and what you saw Saturday night gets dropped on you in front of 92,000 strong. And even then, by the looks of things, you’ll have to endure another January night where we compete, and you sit at home. Again.

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