No Offense: AU beats UT

Auburn’s offense is pathetic, but Tennessee just might be worse. At SEC Media Days, I voted the Volunteers fourth in the SEC East. That might be too high at this rate. Kentucky might surpass the Vols this season—only time will tell. However, the odds of Phil Fulmer coaching the Vols next season seem to get longer and longer.

And Auburn’s offense shows no signs of igniting. The Tigers were woeful the entire game, and only the munificent Volunteer offense made the win possible. Right now, Auburn’s defense is a bigger scoring threat than the offense.

How long until we here calls for Patrick Nix to return to the Plains and save the Auburn offense?

Here’s an AP story (brief). I’ll updated it when a longer version is released.


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    alex hamilton

    I’m so furious. I despise UT but if they had ANY offense whatsoever they would have one this game.

    I hate you Fulmer. Alabama is going to beat you by six touchdowns.

    And Auburn? We will beat them by 50.

  2. 3

    Thank you Auburn for handing Tennessee a close loss… I would have prefered a 50 point blow out… but I will take it as it is….. The only thing I hope is that Phil Fulmer’s replacement sucks too….

  3. 5

    In a totally unrelated matter…
    Tommy Tuberville didnt do much to impress one of the few teams in the SEC with a war chest big enought to pay his buy-out and a larger salary… I think Tuberville may have to take the old retirement option.

  4. 6

    someone wanna start a website? hopefully we thump him again this year. how sweet would that be? if things go right, we should.

    Count this as my signature:

  5. 7

    Funny thing about Fulmer is I hate him and want to see him fired in disgrace,,,,and yet….. I wont him to hang around and take yearly whippings from Bama…. Damned if he stays, damned if he goes. ….

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