Line play could determine Tide-Bulldogs game

Eighth-ranked Alabama and No. 3 Georgia provide each other with the opportunity for even more national credibility in Saturday’s 6:45 p.m. showdown at Sanford Stadium. Alabama has the SEC’s top rushing offense (236.8 ypg). Georgia has the league’s stingiest defense on the ground (45.8).


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    Ballplay Indian.

    Uhhhhhhhh…….Doesnt line play determine the outcome of just about every game. Thats askin to saying ” Whoever scores the most points at the end of the game will win it”. Sorry if Im a little sarcastic sounding I know. But line play always determines the winner. A great O-line can make an average running back look awesome. A bad O-line can make an awesome running back look average. Some goes for quarterbacks. Then on defense its just as true. The edge oon the line Id say would be Georgias by a little. Bamas boys have stepped it up on defense. Lots better than I thought they would be.

  2. 2

    I see a red door and I want it painted black. No colors anymore, I want them painted black……..

    I believe Alabama will shine a little Crimson and White light on Georgia’s “Black-out.” ROLL TIDE!

    Here’s a few Black-themed songs for Friday Night Fun

    And I never did plan to go anyway, to the Black Diamond Bay

  3. 5

    My Crimson Brother’s need to settle down a bit.

    Did you forget Georgia is wearing “BLACK” jerseys Saturday night?

    Georgia might even wear “BLACK” helments.

    My Crimson Brother’s, that should be just enough to scare the “Jesus” out of Alabama. We should just go ahead and foreit the game.

    wink, wink


  4. 7

    The defensive line could play a key role in Saturday’s game as well. Stopping the run and putting all the pressure we can on Stafford should be our top two priorities going into the game.

  5. 12

    The morning has brought new thoughts!
    I dont think the UATvsUG is going to be that high of a score (crazy dreams)
    14to10 not sure which, defensive battle!

    AUburn BIG!


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