Seven reasons Intheknow enjoyed Saturday

By Intheknow72
The magic number Saturday was seven. If you’re a Tide fan, it was sweet for seven reasons:

1.) Bama dismantles Bobby Petrino’s Hogs on the road.
2.) LSU breaks Auburn’s heart in primetime, thumping the Tubbies from the top 10 (we’re still there).
3.) Tulane beat La.Monroe (our cream puff win beats AU’s).
4.) Southern Miss lost at home to Marshall.
5.) Mississippi State was violated by 31 points by the Yellow Jackets.
6.) Clemson wins.
7.) Western Kentucky thumps Murray State 50-9.

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In summary, the good guys in Crimson win, the red headed step-children lose, and everyone Auburn has beaten so far this year loses as well, making those victories discounted. Then, everyone Bama has beaten so far wins. And an archaic triple option offense drops 38 on a team Auburn’s spread (’em) can’t darken the endzone on.

Throw in continued rumbling among the Auburn faithful about Kodi Burns not playing, and fat Phil being booed by his home crowd in front of one of his biggest rivals, and this was absolutely, positively the best Saturday of 2008. They won’t all be this good, unfortunately, but it’s definitely one I and every other Bama brother and sister will savor for quite a while!

Roll Tide…Roll “The Process”…and Roll November 29th… Now only 70 days away!


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  1. 1

    The best part of Saturday had to be the validation I felt at Tennessee’s demise. I’ve said for the last couple of years the Vols were a house of cards about to topple.

    This year looks to be the year.

  2. 2

    Well Saturday was a FU”D up day I have some really dumbass personal problems that kept from enjoying much of anything yesterday BUT I DO KNOW NOW intheknot YOUR PATHETICNESS lets me know I GOT IT ALRIGHT!~!! who is tulane or sm or wk or any of those fly by night games that on any given saturday can thrash AUburn or Alabama buddy? they are nothing thats why we(aubbos) look at BIG BROTHER (bammaers) and SAY HEY! we dont wanna be like his stupid ass so lil brother is good to us cause we are not gonna base our season or yours on who we played losing to the next team

  3. 3


    You can almost feel the pain of the Auburn Nation.

    I suspected that LSU had problems on Offense. Their Defense must be suspect as well. Even MSU kept Auburn’s pathetic Spread Eagle Offense out of the end-zone.

    Ole Miss may have lost to Vandy, but I’d still pick them to grab second place in the SEC West.


  4. 4

    KIND of feel soory for the aubbies victory snached away like that.les miles showed the true dumbass he is by going for 2.GIVINGthe ball back and aubbie scores and pat aubbies win.but it was 1 HELL OF A GAME.

  5. 5

    intheknow, I’m confused. You constantly proclaim with righteous indignation that Bammer doesn’t concern itself with such trivial matters as the events which occur with the cross state rival, and instead concentrate solely on the importance of winning championships. Yet Bammer is 4-0, ranked in the top 10, appears to be on a good track for a leg up in the west, and has a collosal showdown with UGA in one week, and all you can talk about is not only Auburn but even the teams that Auburn has played? You sign off with noting that the Iron Bowl is only 70 days away? How ’bout the showdown 7 days away? Do you bammers even caee about that game?The truth, as we all know, is that the only thing you bammers are concerned with is beating the team that has owned and dominated you for the last 6 years. You all wish you could play Auburn right now while the offense is still struggling, but sorry you can’t. You’ll have to wait another 2 months for Auburn to get ready. Don’t worry, when you lose you can blame it Bama’s lack of depth that was caused by sanctions and Shula that caught up with the team late in the season.

  6. 6

    how many times has the shoe been on the other foot julio?come on dude if we lost to ark and you win you know yall would be talking suck it up like a man was one hell of a game.aubbies last poession second and 25 yards to go and tony goes for 25 three times instead of chipping at it if yall get it i think you would have won.les miles going for 2 i think was a dumb move but we know he is a dumb assss

  7. 7

    o by the way julio we know about the georgia game.going to beat the BULLshit out of them to.this team is for real BOOK IT. GOD BLESS EVERY ONE

  8. 8

    Julio, I stopped reading after “I’m confused.” That about sums it up with you. The AU Titanic is taking on water, and you can’t believe it!

    I’m a happy, happy boy!

  9. 9

    Ive been an AU fan for 30+ years and Ive got to say that this year is so far my favorite. Yes we got the loss last night and that’s fine. I just hate losing to Les Miles, he’s an idiot. Thing is, if it turns out we are out of contention for the west, all I care about is getting number 7. another thing is, all tide players, tide fans, and coaches get to lose sleep over it all year, its in the back of your mind all year, that youve got to face Tubs, once again. So keep talking shit…we love to hear it. It affirms the mullet nation.

  10. 12


  11. 13

    SWilliams, if this is your favorite year so far getting beat at home by an idiot coach and a freshman qb, stay tuned you will be estatic soon, more beatdowns to come. And since yall do not know what it feels like to win NC’s, I can understand that all you care about is beating Bama, it is all you have to hang your hat on with a coach that is good for one SEC in fourteen years and I’m sure Bama is not on your mind by evidence of you being on this site. . . so since you love to hear it.

  12. 14

    Twelve? Lol. I think Bama may have won six or seven legit. Look it up. I think a few in the 20’s were donated. Those six or seven were under the Bear, who i admit the best college coach of all time. Yeah AU hasnt won as many NC’s, so. I want to hear what yall think about Saban being as good as the Bear? That’s what everyone is saying isnt it?

  13. 15

    If it were 1 in the last 50 seasons, It would still be more than the Aubbos have.
    I remember 6 National Championships. So at the rate the Aubbos are going and if Bama doesnt win another, Auburn should catch up by 2308, If they can win one this year that is…..

  14. 19
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1 ……I think that Les Miles got a voodoo queen to put a “dum and lucky” curse on him. He could win a game with a blindfold on and ear plugs in. Easily the luckiest SOB Ive ever seen. That on side kkick turnes out to give them a little momentum even though we stopped em. Then we give there starting quarterback a concussion and number 2 steps in and wins the game ala Joe Montana.

  15. 20

    tmc, Tubs absolutely got outcoached by Miles. I am slowly and begrudgingly becoming convinced that Miles is not as stupid as I want to think he is, because his supposedly “crazy decisions” always seem to work. Even more important is that his team feeds off of it because they know he is playing to win rather than playing not to lose. You saw it Sat. night. Miles was down on his own 20 with 1 minute left and an easy field goal to go up by 2. He wasn’t going to leave that game in the hands of a freakin’ kicker, just like he wasn’t in last years AU-LSU game. He was going for the end zone. Like him or not, he’s got a killer instinct. If Tubs would have had the same attitude when Auburn got in the red zone twice in the 3rd quarter, Auburn could have put the game away.

  16. 21

    WHy do you guys think Les Miles is stupid
    He made choices on his players and he won the game…AC/DC Hes got bigger Balls than ANY of you!!! And once again that was the best game I have seen all year AND we hung with em SOOOOOOO STFU BAMMERS YOu guys have to play MR.LUCKY/STUPID

  17. 22

    It’s hard to judge how good LSU is. They haven’t yet played anyone. It will be three weeks before they face a proven opponent.

    Auburn shouldn’t worry so much about their Quarterback controversy. The inability of the Defense to win the second half of the game is a much more significant problem. It showed up against Southern Miss and it was the reason that they lost to LSU.

    I thought that Auburn had a good defensive performance against Miss State… until I saw the Georgia Tech vs. State game Saturday.

    Auburn remains untested — so does LSU.

    Alabama’s big test comes next Saturday between the hedges. It is hard to say how good Clemson really is. Georgia is one of the best football teams in the nation. That much is undisputed. We will learn soon enough just how high the Tide has risen.

  18. 23

    SWilliams, no you look it up because I have, we were voted 18 times and claim the twelve the general consensus selectors said we won, you know the same selectors like AP and UPI that let yall split one back when my granddaddy was born. And I have not heard anyone say Saban was better than Bear.

  19. 25

    SWilliams: who gives a damn about how long you’ve been an Auburn fan. You want to talk crap about number 7 like it is all you have to live for. How well will you deal with it if it doesn’t happen? I know, you will say “Fire Tubbs!” like your kind usually does. I don’t think Bama is worried about Auburn too much right now. But when the time comes, they are likely to bring 7 years worth of ass-whoop with them. Roll Tide!

  20. 26

    Boy, the insignificant aubbies are really taking this hard by coming over here and spewing. I love it! It shows how jealous they are. Last week broke their little hearts because we were ranked higher. Now they’ve fallen out of the top ten!


  21. 28


    Just ignore the barners. They don’t have too much sense, especially after a loss. You can tell how illiterate they are by coming on to a Bama board and telling us to shut up! LOL. Oh well, all is about to be right in this world again since we aren’t hampered by the NCAA and I absolutely love it.

    “As the Tubbs Turns” will have another episode in the near future. Possibly against UT. Only thing bad about that game is that both of them can’t lose.

    Just ignore omnipast because he has to squat to piss.

  22. 29
    Ballplay Indian.

    That loss hurt pretty bad. This weeks game against Georgia is absolutley crucial for bama. It could be a potential tiebreaker.

  23. 32
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman wrong again bud. If LSU loses to Bama and Auburn beats Bama, they look at the east if you have a loss against georgia, it does count.

  24. 33

    intheknow, it’s funny how much you bammers want to make more out the LSU game than it was. First you post an article last week that accused anyone in the media predicting an Auburn victory of being an Auburn hack. (Does that mean you think Cappy is an Auburn hack, also?) Now you characterize a last minute Auburn loss to the defending National Champions as the titanic taking on water. That makes a lot of sense. If bammer loses by the exact same score to UGA this weekend, and also by UGA scoring in the final minute to take the lead, will you also say that Bammer is a sinking ship? No, something tells me you would rush to this site and crow about what a great moral victory that bammer had accomplished. It’s ok intheknow, we understand. It does seem like a big deal when Auburn loses to anyone, even the defending NC’s, because it has happened so rarely since Tubs has been at Auburn. With the pathetic way that Bama has played for the last 10 years, it’s a cause for a parade if Bama can just stay on the field with a top ranked team.

  25. 36
    Ballplay Indian.

    Intheknow…….Are you a former wwf wrestler ? Only Wrestlers refer to themselves in the 3rd person. So you must be a russler.

  26. 37

    Ballplay, no you are wrong again, remember you will also have a loss against Ga, as usual and Aub will not beat Bama, sorry.

  27. 38

    It’s perfectly fine for the barnzoes to have ridiculed us about how bad we were going to be and how dynamic they would be this year, yet now they can’t handle a taste of their own medicine. Either take it while the opportunity is knocking or go take your frustrations out on your sisters at the Wire Road Mobile Home Inn.

    Swilliams, maybe you should have your facts adjusted before speaking. Our championships won prior to the AP and UPI title era came during a time of which the winner of the Rose Bowl was considered “National Champions of the Universe”. I’ll gladly do away with those titles as long as EVERY OTHER TEAM who won the Rose Bowl during that time period, and claims national championships for those years does so as well. If I recall, Alabama Tech never came close to performing in the Rose Bowl during that time, am I correct?

  28. 39

    By the way Swilliams, we all know you’re the same moron who uses 50 other screen names with the soul purpose of doing nothing more than spamming up our boards with typical barnzoe nonsense.

  29. 41

    What is a f*cking “Hatian” you intellectual wombat of a man? If I want to converse with you I will call that little bar up in Huntsville where you table damce for men to the theme song from the TV series “Cheers” Until then why dont you STFU or at least stop auditioning for “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

  30. 43
    Ballplay Indian.


    1. Kicking Tennessees tail for the fourth time in a row to show Bama how its done.

    2. Getting that dam LSU loss off of my mind with a victory.

    3. Getting to see JPW run for his life.

    4. Getting to see A.J. Green prove to everyone that he is better than Julio.

    5. Getting to watch Andre get owned.

    6. Getting to watch Bamas freshmen look like freshmen.

    7. Getting to see Bama exposed for the average team they really are.

  31. 44


    1.Watching a warmup game between two average teams in Tenn and Auburn before the big game of two powerhouses

    2.Reminicing of LSU’s idiot coach out coaching the famous duck hunter last Saturday.

    3.Watching JPW run for yardage like Chris Todd wished he could

    4.Watching two of the best freshman receivers in the nation that would not even consider going to Auburn

    5.Watching the best offensive lineman in the nation in Andre Smith

    6.Watching the same freshman that will whip Auburn’s ass in November.

    7.Watching the number 8 rated team in the country out perform the number 15

  32. 46

    Oh I missed a Letter SOORRRY and what a mighty fine retort where YOU watching cheers AND That wombat thing is that shit funny down under? Cmon at least make our lil tiff interesting/funny!!!
    Heres one…

    You are the kind of person who, when someone first meets you, they don’t like you. But when they get to know you better, they hate you

  33. 48

    September 21st, 2008 at 12:10 pm
    Well Saturday was a FU”D up day I have some really dumbass personal problems that kept from enjoying much of anything yesterday
    Naw!!! you dont SAY! None of us would have ever guessed that an ultra smooth operator like you would have any “dumbass problems” What is this world coming to!!!

  34. 49

    julio Says:
    September 21st, 2008 at 2:56 pm
    intheknow, I’m confused.
    To say the least. I would have used the word “goofy” instead.

  35. 50

    I just read Ballplays list of 7 things and I realised that much like everyone else who doesnt sniff glue on this board. I dont care to care to care what he thinks….

  36. 52

    It wasnt MY dumbass it was as A matter of fact A trailer trash white boy wanting to be black and wanting my daughter bammer that WONT WORK!!!!
    But isnt that something the whole damn family is bammers and from the daddy to the 2 sons dont work 40 hours a week ARE ALL BAMMERS and think im SNOBISH
    hahahahahhahahahah SO suck that tmczero.. OR BETTER YET BUY HIM FOR ME!!!

  37. 53

    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but you abuse the privilege. seriuosly im gonna stop the retorts with you if you dont pick up your game dude, your really showing how pathetic you and your insults have become….

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