Seven reasons Intheknow enjoyed Saturday

By Intheknow72
The magic number Saturday was seven. If you’re a Tide fan, it was sweet for seven reasons:

1.) Bama dismantles Bobby Petrino’s Hogs on the road.
2.) LSU breaks Auburn’s heart in primetime, thumping the Tubbies from the top 10 (we’re still there).
3.) Tulane beat La.Monroe (our cream puff win beats AU’s).
4.) Southern Miss lost at home to Marshall.
5.) Mississippi State was violated by 31 points by the Yellow Jackets.
6.) Clemson wins.
7.) Western Kentucky thumps Murray State 50-9.

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In summary, the good guys in Crimson win, the red headed step-children lose, and everyone Auburn has beaten so far this year loses as well, making those victories discounted. Then, everyone Bama has beaten so far wins. And an archaic triple option offense drops 38 on a team Auburn’s spread (’em) can’t darken the endzone on.

Throw in continued rumbling among the Auburn faithful about Kodi Burns not playing, and fat Phil being booed by his home crowd in front of one of his biggest rivals, and this was absolutely, positively the best Saturday of 2008. They won’t all be this good, unfortunately, but it’s definitely one I and every other Bama brother and sister will savor for quite a while!

Roll Tide…Roll “The Process”…and Roll November 29th… Now only 70 days away!