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    redneck aubbie

    Iffen inny body seas that thur Tony Franklinn, ya’ll tell hem Imma gonner kick his silly ass! Im bout to get my tractor repo’d! Same goes fer Tommy Tubberville. Riverboat gamber my ass. More like the riverboat con man! Yall dun got me pissed off! Im bout to trade up to anuther team like tenesseee!

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    Cap, can you rank the SEC for us by just total offense and total defense by strength in your opinion after these first four games and then maybe after the next four games and of course the last four?

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    Vanderbilt is the real deal this year. They should beat fatso and could sneak up and get a Florida or Georgia team this year. I’d like to see them replay Michigan this year cause I was sick of hearing the Wolverines talk about how bad they beat Vandy a few years back. Ridiculous.

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    There are some hilarious Bama fans on this site. Intheknow is usually good for some great zingers and one liners. The cracks about the Auburn Experience from Phillip Marshal are some of my all time favorites. Redneck, you’re like a wannabe stand up comic that stands on stage hearing nothing but crickets and people clearing their throat in response to every futile joke they tell. Sorry dude, but you aren’t the least bit funny.

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    If we keep having flukey hyped up teams like Auburn who start every year in the top ten and then finish in the middle of the pack, we are not going to have prestige for very long.

    Auburn is the SEC Clemson.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Sas the dummass bamma fan whos team hasnt finished in the top 25 but ince in ten years.

    But hey, facts dont apply to tmc1.

  7. 11

    Ballplay, you silly little man, get your facts right, we won the SEC in 99 and even finished number 8 in the nation with inept Shula

  8. 12
    Ballplay Indian.

    That was the one top 25 ranking of wich I spoke….But I do digress…..One in the past nine years.

    Are we straight now?

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