Tide wins 49-14 in sloppy fashion

Alabama defeated Arkansas in convincing fashion 49-14 gaining 328 yards on the ground. However, it was a sloppy performance. There will be plenty of things for fans to worry about and coaches to correct moving into the meat of the conference schedule. And that might be a good thing. When you can win in big fashion with big plays, and not perform to the fullest of your ability then you have the makings of a very strong football team. If you correct your problems.

At halftime, Alabama coach Nick Saban had already identified a few issues with the team.

“We did not play well on defense,” Saban said. “We made a lot of mistakes. We gave up some big plays and lost our poise. We did have a couple of big-play interceptions that we returned for touchdowns. We did a good job running the ball offensively. We need to keep the football because we are tired on defense.”

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After the game, Saban echoed a similar theme, but with a bit more focus on the offense.

“There are a lot of things we need to improve on as a team,” Saban said. We’re not throwing the ball as effectively as we need too. We need to be a better third down team. Defensively, we made a lot of mental errors today, especially in coverage-type of things and on third (down). That is probably why they kept the ball so much; especially in the first half and we got tired on defense. Even though we made some big plays and ran them back for touchdowns, and that was great, and I am happy with it, and those are important plays in the game. But our down-in and down-out execution was not as good today as it has been in most games.”

The passing issues must worry Alabama fans heading into the Georgia game. Long passes have been open and not completed. Sometimes it is a misread. Sometimes it is pressure. It always seems to be something. With Georgia on the agenda, Alabama must improve in this. And fast.

The Tide managed just 74 yards through the air. Of course, you can’t blame that all on the offense. You have to blame the Arkansas defense—they gave up so many big gains on the ground throwing the ball almost seemed superfluous.

There were many items of note from the game. Alabama’s defense scored two touchdowns off interception returns. That was the first time in Alabama history the defense scored two touchdowns in that manner.

John Parker Wilson set the career touchdown passing record for Alabama. Wilson has thrown 42 touchdown passes. It places him one ahead of former Crimson Tide quarterback Brodie Croyle. Croyle is now playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 87-yard touchdown run by Glen Coffee was a career long for him.

Javier Arenas knows what to do with the football. In his first career interception for the Tide, Arenas took the ball 63 yards for a touchdown. Arenas has four punt returns for touchdown in his Alabama career.

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  1. 2

    What a game… made me leap out of my seat with excitement more than a few times.

    UGA will not hand us touchdowns like Arkansas did today. We need constant vigilance.

    The Tide continues to roll…

  2. 3
    redneck aubbie

    at air Tommy Tuburville, done lied too us agin!
    I done bet my hole tractor payment on this here LSU game and we done got beat by them dam cajuns agin! War spred Eagul my ass!
    Tubberville musen be a poor coach iffen he let that there Less Miles out coach ’em!

  3. 4

    Nice Post Redneck! Tell me did you copy that in notepad and save it to POST once a week or do you remember it? Anyway it goes it proves your value…..

  4. 5

    at most, we made some defensive mistakes that allowed them to gain short yardage and the passing wasn’t perfect, but calling a 49-14 win ‘sloppy’ is far from reality. tulane was sloppy. this game, simply was not.

  5. 6

    as long as we have the horses to run to day light yesterday and defense that stayed on field to long because of turn overs by ark.sounds good to me.did not really have to throw the ball defense and rushing attack was awsome;;;;;;;;;i guess i wiil drink another cup of koolaid because ”””I BELIEVE ROLL,,,,,,,TIDE

  6. 7

    We certainly found some things to continue working on, but we made some big plays too. We opened holes big enough to drive a truck through and made a goal-line stand against some big boys that were recruited for a run-first offense. JPW needs to get rid of the ball quicker like he did against Clemson. Kick-off coverage is making mistakes. But, we won big and will go into Athens with confidence. Should be a lot closer than folks expected at the start of the season. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  7. 9

    Impressive game to say the least. We still have a lot of room for improvement and the DAWGS won’t lay down the way Arky did so……

  8. 10
    Ballplay Indian.

    Georgia will bring you pissants back down to earth. They will open an industrial sized can of whoopass on the Tide Saturday. Enjoy your high ranking and your undeafeted season for the next 5 days. Cause thats as long as it is gonna last.

  9. 11

    Ballplay, just because Ga has embarrassed Aub the last two years, remember what they do to us they will put on you twice as bad, and enjoy your low ranking

  10. 13

    They only do things like that to teams named “Auburn” and “Georgia Southern” they generally have it a little tougher against schools named “University of _____________”

  11. 14

    Ballplay, are you trying to take Munson’s job now that he retired with that play calling of Ga and Aub you did up there?

  12. 15
    Ballplay Indian.

    Yeh bamaman. That hobnail boot will take a couple of weeks to get out of yalls ass.

    But really. Am I the only one that thought listening to Munson was the equivalent to listening fingernails on a chalkboard ? Heck, hes almost as bad as Eli. Or even worse, the dude calling for Aubnurn. Whatsisface ?

    Id rather be waterboarded at Guantanamo than listen to Munson.

  13. 16

    Out of the 29,437 posts you have spammed up this board with …. YOU HAVE NEVER ONCE BEEN RIGHT. So, oddly I find it comforting that you think Bama will lose.

  14. 17
    Ballplay Indian.

    What !!!!! Ive been wrong before ?

    O.K. Ill admit it when Im wrong. Someone out there is boring enough to listen to Larry Munson.

    Go Dawgsss !!!!! ARF ARF ARF ARF !!!!!!!

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