Media has lost its collective mind

By IntheKnow72
Somewhere in the annals of time, there once were journalists who looked at their job as a privilege and responsibility. Truth and accuracy were actually considerations in their day-to-day as they went about their business, reporting what they saw without bias or motive.

As Archie and Edith Bunker used to sing from the piano, “Those were the days.”

Now there is more spin than an F5 tornado. Stories are constructed to coddle the home team…and more importantly, its fanbase…in order to sell magazines and newspapers. It has always been a business, but never as much as it is today.

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When you pick up the newspaper and read predictions that an Auburn team that couldn’t darken the red zone much less the endzone against hapless, worthless Mississippi State, Houston, you have a problem. You’re not getting it straight from those who are “committed” to giving you the news…or predict outcome based on expert, unbiased opinion. You’re getting some hack’s attempt to make you feel better, and spend your money on his publication.

Auburn’s offense is awful. Terrible. Worthless. Laughable. Predictable. Stoppable. A joy to every Alabama fan out there to watch. Reason to count down the days to November 29th with baited breath. It’s an offense that makes Al Borges look like Homer Smith. To think…for a second…that division 2 caliber Chris Todd or a confused Kodi Burns can do anything better against LSU’s vaunted defense than they did against Sly Croom’s bunch is just unfortunate. Those who believe they can expect anything more than a field goal…or two…if that…still go to bed on Christmas Eve believing a fat man in a red suit is going to come barrelling down their chimney leaving presents, joy and merriment for everyone. They believe a bunny delivers eggs and goodies, a fairy exchanges money for teeth, and that Auburn’s “streak” actually has more to do with the state of their program than it does the state of Alabama’s.

Mississippi State may be the only team in the SEC with a worse offense and quarterback than Auburn. The difference between the two offenses last Saturday was only 3 points (though MSU’s mighty D graciously bailed them out, avoiding a shut-out). But Auburn isn’t facing an offense Saturday like MSU’s. It’s facing LSU. Instead of manufactured talent, it is facing grade A, prime cut, four star (though rankings don’t matter) talent that will expose holes in their defense for all of their future opponents to enjoy. The Aubie defense’s “accomplishments” against La.Monroe, Southern Miss and Mississippi State will soon come into the light as the lights go down in Jordan-Hare Saturday night.

And I’ll be watching. Laughing. And counting the days until November 29th.

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