Media has lost its collective mind

By IntheKnow72
Somewhere in the annals of time, there once were journalists who looked at their job as a privilege and responsibility. Truth and accuracy were actually considerations in their day-to-day as they went about their business, reporting what they saw without bias or motive.

As Archie and Edith Bunker used to sing from the piano, “Those were the days.”

Now there is more spin than an F5 tornado. Stories are constructed to coddle the home team…and more importantly, its fanbase…in order to sell magazines and newspapers. It has always been a business, but never as much as it is today.

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When you pick up the newspaper and read predictions that an Auburn team that couldn’t darken the red zone much less the endzone against hapless, worthless Mississippi State, Houston, you have a problem. You’re not getting it straight from those who are “committed” to giving you the news…or predict outcome based on expert, unbiased opinion. You’re getting some hack’s attempt to make you feel better, and spend your money on his publication.

Auburn’s offense is awful. Terrible. Worthless. Laughable. Predictable. Stoppable. A joy to every Alabama fan out there to watch. Reason to count down the days to November 29th with baited breath. It’s an offense that makes Al Borges look like Homer Smith. To think…for a second…that division 2 caliber Chris Todd or a confused Kodi Burns can do anything better against LSU’s vaunted defense than they did against Sly Croom’s bunch is just unfortunate. Those who believe they can expect anything more than a field goal…or two…if that…still go to bed on Christmas Eve believing a fat man in a red suit is going to come barrelling down their chimney leaving presents, joy and merriment for everyone. They believe a bunny delivers eggs and goodies, a fairy exchanges money for teeth, and that Auburn’s “streak” actually has more to do with the state of their program than it does the state of Alabama’s.

Mississippi State may be the only team in the SEC with a worse offense and quarterback than Auburn. The difference between the two offenses last Saturday was only 3 points (though MSU’s mighty D graciously bailed them out, avoiding a shut-out). But Auburn isn’t facing an offense Saturday like MSU’s. It’s facing LSU. Instead of manufactured talent, it is facing grade A, prime cut, four star (though rankings don’t matter) talent that will expose holes in their defense for all of their future opponents to enjoy. The Aubie defense’s “accomplishments” against La.Monroe, Southern Miss and Mississippi State will soon come into the light as the lights go down in Jordan-Hare Saturday night.

And I’ll be watching. Laughing. And counting the days until November 29th.

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  1. 1

    What there isn’t a jolly fat man in a red suit??? No bunny that delivers eggs?

    Are you sure? Because I think Santa just delivered a present for Wall Street. 🙂

    Seriously though, I tend to be a contrarian. I think AU’s offense sucks, but for some reason I think Tuberville will pull this one out. I think AU is an inferior team to LSU, but I give Tuberville credit for being smarter than Les Miles. I may have to revise that if Miles wins the division again this season. But right now, I’m leaning toward Auburn beating LSU.

  2. 2

    I don’t understand why a lot of people are picking Auburn. This Auburn team has serious problems to overcome. I do think Auburn does have a chance, but clearly LSU is the better team this year so far. Both have played inferior opponents, but Auburn has struggled offensively, and Auburns defense has not been tested by a decent offense yet. LSU has handled their inferior opponents as they should. I would think based on what has happened so far this year, LSU would have the edge.

  3. 4

    I only come to this website to get a good laugh, and you have delivered again. Can Auburn beat LSU? Sure! Will Auburn beat LSU? Maybe. We won’t know until late Saturday night. But nobody knows how good LSU is do we? They have played two horribly weak teams. They have two QB’s with no experience in SEC play, especially in an away game. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day. (See La Monroe)As some old drunk, dead coach you guys are familiar with said, defense wins games.

  4. 5

    Just as a typical Aubie call’s the coach that owned Auburn for so many years an old drunk (maybe yours should have taken up drinking)you grew to despise him for that reason, well get ready to despise Saban for the same thing.

  5. 6

    Anybody can beat anybody on any given day. (See La Monroe)As some old drunk, dead coach you guys are familiar with said, defense wins games.

    Surely beats a drunk, young coach in Tator Tot Bowden, or a drunk, incoherent cheating coach in Pat Dye, or a scum bag loser who took advantage of another team’s misfortunes using it to his advantage, or even that dead drunks drinking buddy aka pounding dog, Shug Jordan. It’s utterly disappointing when you have to resort to name calling because you have no other defense at the current moment. What will you say when that coveted streak of yours ends? You’ll say absolutely nothing then because you’ll fall FLAT OFF the face of the Earth until the little Tech program capitalizes on another Alabama misfortune, winning a few more games here and there. The joke’s on you, barnzoe.

  6. 7

    No Offensive TD for BAMR against MSU in 4 years… So Auburn scored 3 points.. The good news is we won… By the way, look at LSU’s point totals the last three years at Auburn… Last time with a BETTER team, J.Russell at QB (#1 draft pick).. LSU scored a total of 3 points…

  7. 8

    FakeBamafan, we have beat Miss St twice out of the last four, including a shutout. Aub was one point away from being in the same boat as Bama and three points away from State shutting you out. Then you want to state “at least we won”, that sounds like Tubs with his dumb ass willingness to accept mediocrity saying “I’ll take 3-2 every game” maybe that is why he has one SEC in fourteen years

  8. 9
    Ballplay Indian.

    If Auburn wins the game tommorrow by a score of 9 – 7 Yo peckerheads would still talk your crap. Why not wait untiil after the game ? If we lose, I will gladly eat crow. But if we win , yall dooshbags will act like nothing was ever said. Then you will be saying Booooy ________________ (fill in the blank) is gonna whoop up on dem dar tiggers aint dey ?

    Looking like a complete dumass is not that big of a deal to a bammer. I guess since you all have had plenty of practice at it.

    Rooooooowwwwww Tiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddde

    P.S. Dont yall have your own game against Arkansas to worry about ?

  9. 10
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Nov 29, I can’t wait. Coach T will have all the kinks out of the Offense and a few surprises when he comes into Jordan-Hare West.
    Nov 30, Let’s give sabin more time for “The Process” sez one blogger. It’s time for him to go, sez another blogger. I want my mama sez another.
    Dec 1, Shane attacks FineScum at the Waffle House because he hangs up on him after the beatdown.
    Remember scums, TALK IS CHEAP! Do it on Nov 29. Until then SHUT UP! or shane will poison your ice.

  10. 11

    Here I am I asked the ? the other day and Bamaman and I discussed it! WHO ISD LSU?? last years Champs? OK! but what have they done thatmakes you think they we are an inferior team? I wont beleive it till they show me and INTHEKNOT can talk that ANTIPOLYTECH SHIT all he wants BUT our defense is BETTER THAN ALABAMAS >> …. TRY EM!
    OFFENSE SUX THOUGH! WE WILL SEE and CAP if we win they ARE inferior BRO!!!


  11. 12

    YEA AND INTHEKNOT there is a Metallica song that has a verse in it that i will quote



  12. 14

    If Tubs and Franklin can make that offense productive against LSU in a week after what I saw with Miss St, he deserves SEC Coach of The Year and I will be the first to nominate him. After much thought, my prediction the night before the game is. . . . . drum roll

    LSU 0
    AUB 0

  13. 15

    that was a good good read.
    It is a bloody crying shame that ballplay/omni/shaneis/ etc…etc…etc… thinks otherwise. But then again, They are Aubbos which means they almost always dont have a clue what they are talking about.
    If, and I will say this again IF LUS LOSES TO AU, It will only prove what many have thought about Les Miles for wuite a while and that is that he is an idiot with a loaded elephant gun. WVU has played themselves out of the national picture and Georgia is at #3 so if Auburn did win out this year They still wouldnt make it to the BCS championship game. Bummer…..

  14. 16

    Well said tmc1. “Les Miles is an idiot with a loaded elephant gun.” Give almost any other SEC coach his team and tonight’s game is a blowout. Miles is an absolute moron though, which will keep it close.

    But Les Miles’ lunacy is equal only to Auburn’s offensive impotence. People, they are TERRIBLE. Aubies have become drunk over a defense that has handled three no names and believed their hype. Not saying their D isn’t good, just not great. LSU will score at least two touchdowns tomorrow night, which will be enough. Auburn can’t do that with NOone on the other side of the ball.

    Like I said in my article, I’ll be laughing all the way to bedtime watching this one.

  15. 17

    Wow, Auburn’s domination of your pathetic program really tears you guys up. Now you’re making pre-excuses in case Auburn wins. “Auburn didn’t beat LSU, Miles is an idiot.” “Obviously LSU is not a good team, because Auburn won.” “Auburn didn’t win, LSU beat themselves.” “Les Miles can’t win with his players, he only won with the sabanator’s players.” You guys really crack me up…LOL. Can’t wait to see which excuse you’ll use after Auburn wins tonight. By the way, don’t you have an SEC game to worry about today??? Ark-24 uat-3

  16. 18

    How about this on aubman,
    JESUS CHRIST DID YOU SEE THE SKULL DRAGGING THAT LSU LAID ON AUBURN? It was almost as bad as what Bama did to Petrino.

  17. 20

    I havent seen a SKULL DRAGGIN since High School and didnt see one last night and NONE of YOU bammers were even close hell I was off.. what I seen was a GOOD SEC game not a FAKE ASS TEAM (ARK) Getting their asses handed to them by a middle of the road SEC team Hell intheknot said a BLOWOUT hmmmmm NO bammaman said noone would score … NOOOO and tmczero is like the monkeys at the zoo in FRISCO he justs SITS AND SLINGS SHIT nutning relevant JUST SHIT!!!! soooooo

    GG all bamma wins and AUburn proved the BAMMA NATION wrong once again… tell the truth intheknot YOU WERE NT LAFFIN LAST NIGHT WERE YOU???

  18. 22
    Ballplay Indian.

    bamaman……I prediocted a close game that could go either way. If we dont give Hatch that dam concussion we win. That loss hurt bad. But we played way better than any of you dicks predicted.

    As far as tmc1 goes. You suck.

    As far as Les Miles goes. He called pretty good game. If you dont believe it, watch the game. Is he stupid ? Maybe , maybe not. But the dude has just as much talent now, than he had with Sabans boys. And he wins.

  19. 23

    Ballplay, since you played better than we predicted, I guess it was a good moral victory, actually what it told me was that LSU is not as good as we thought. When Ga Tech laid 38 on Miss St, Aub’s team was validated as not very good either.

  20. 24
    Ballplay Indian.

    Moral victories are not an Auburn trait. They are a Bammer trait. Bama + moral victory king.

    And LSU will kick yalls butt this year.

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