Saban and Tuberville early season report

Saban’s squad harmonious – Tubby’s Tigers out of tune
By Shane from Centerpoint
After months of turmoil during the last off-season it appears that Alabama head coach Nick Saban has finally gained control of his troupes. For a while, it seemed that he would never be able to get everyone on board to join in his “process”. Now it seems that the Crimson Tide may be on its way to becoming a winning football program once again. Meanwhile, across the state Tommy Tuberville is stuck waist-deep in the quagmire of a quarterback controversy. It is well known that nothing will split a football team apart faster than indecision by the coaching staff about who should be calling the signals for the team.

Saban is establishing a powerful work ethic within his team and the results are beginning to show on the field. Tuberville, on the other hand, might have made some promises to certain players he will never be able to keep – resulting in a loss of continuity on the offensive side of the ball.

Alabama is leading the nation in rushing defense, while the Crimson Tide offense is running the ball well. Everything that Saban implements down at the Capstone is taking effect and the team is finally displaying continuity on the field. At the same time, everything that Tuberville has built down on the Plains is systematically breaking apart.

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The entire Auburn family is bickering about the quarterbacks – their faith in Tony Franklin’s spread is dwindling with each passing hour. On the flip side, Saban somehow has taken the Crimson Empire down a new road where every member believes in the “process”. He has methodically unified the entire operation and everyone is pointed in the right direction.

Alabama’s back-to-back road games against Arkansas and Georgia will give Tide fans a clear picture of how good Alabama is going to be this year. Auburn is about to have a day of reckoning Saturday when they face last year’s national champion, LSU. The direction of both programs (UA’s & AU’s) will be determined in the next few weeks.

Tommy Tuberville’s troubles began the moment Nick Saban cranked his recruiting machine. In my opinion Tommy made a questionable call when he decided to hire Tony Franklin and changed his offensive philosophy. Tubby had to use “smoke and mirrors” to disguise the fact that Nick dominated the State.

Saban has taken what Mike Shula left him, re-formulated their attitudes and created a hard-nosed team that is willing to play smash-mouth football. Conversely, Tuberville has taken a group of tough players, restructured their techniques, and created a finesse team that is soft to some degree.

When you get down to brass tacks, Tommy Tuberville is playing his last card. If he is successful, which looks to be unlikely, all will be well in Auburn. If he fails, Tubby will probably coach his last season for the orange and blue.

Saban has plenty of time to complete what he started. Nothing stands in his way when looking to the future. With the influx of new talent and his systems solidly in place, the Alabama coach is ahead of the curve. According to most experts, Alabama is better than expected this year.

Many of the gurus believe that the success of a college football program is cyclical. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has his Crimson Tide on the upswing. Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville is teetering on the brink of a downfall. When all is said and done, time is on Saban’s side – while some say the clock is ticking for Tubby.