Saban and Tuberville early season report

Saban’s squad harmonious – Tubby’s Tigers out of tune
By Shane from Centerpoint
After months of turmoil during the last off-season it appears that Alabama head coach Nick Saban has finally gained control of his troupes. For a while, it seemed that he would never be able to get everyone on board to join in his “process”. Now it seems that the Crimson Tide may be on its way to becoming a winning football program once again. Meanwhile, across the state Tommy Tuberville is stuck waist-deep in the quagmire of a quarterback controversy. It is well known that nothing will split a football team apart faster than indecision by the coaching staff about who should be calling the signals for the team.

Saban is establishing a powerful work ethic within his team and the results are beginning to show on the field. Tuberville, on the other hand, might have made some promises to certain players he will never be able to keep – resulting in a loss of continuity on the offensive side of the ball.

Alabama is leading the nation in rushing defense, while the Crimson Tide offense is running the ball well. Everything that Saban implements down at the Capstone is taking effect and the team is finally displaying continuity on the field. At the same time, everything that Tuberville has built down on the Plains is systematically breaking apart.

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The entire Auburn family is bickering about the quarterbacks – their faith in Tony Franklin’s spread is dwindling with each passing hour. On the flip side, Saban somehow has taken the Crimson Empire down a new road where every member believes in the “process”. He has methodically unified the entire operation and everyone is pointed in the right direction.

Alabama’s back-to-back road games against Arkansas and Georgia will give Tide fans a clear picture of how good Alabama is going to be this year. Auburn is about to have a day of reckoning Saturday when they face last year’s national champion, LSU. The direction of both programs (UA’s & AU’s) will be determined in the next few weeks.

Tommy Tuberville’s troubles began the moment Nick Saban cranked his recruiting machine. In my opinion Tommy made a questionable call when he decided to hire Tony Franklin and changed his offensive philosophy. Tubby had to use “smoke and mirrors” to disguise the fact that Nick dominated the State.

Saban has taken what Mike Shula left him, re-formulated their attitudes and created a hard-nosed team that is willing to play smash-mouth football. Conversely, Tuberville has taken a group of tough players, restructured their techniques, and created a finesse team that is soft to some degree.

When you get down to brass tacks, Tommy Tuberville is playing his last card. If he is successful, which looks to be unlikely, all will be well in Auburn. If he fails, Tubby will probably coach his last season for the orange and blue.

Saban has plenty of time to complete what he started. Nothing stands in his way when looking to the future. With the influx of new talent and his systems solidly in place, the Alabama coach is ahead of the curve. According to most experts, Alabama is better than expected this year.

Many of the gurus believe that the success of a college football program is cyclical. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has his Crimson Tide on the upswing. Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville is teetering on the brink of a downfall. When all is said and done, time is on Saban’s side – while some say the clock is ticking for Tubby.


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  1. 1


    I was flipping channels on the radio today and caught the last part of your call to Finebaum. I have only one thing to say:

    How many head injuries have you had?

  2. 2

    I heard you on Finebaum, you showed your lack of integrity… Basically saying, look my sources were wrong, I need someone from the audience to bail me out, please tell me dirt on Auburn…. I will go with it without any validation….. That is why everything you write is a total waste of time..

  3. 3
    Bama Fan in NYC

    It’s still way too early in the game to determine the overall outlook on both teams.

    I still think Alabama is bound to have 7-8 win season, and I think the upset of the year will be Ole Miss.

    As far as The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is concerned, I don’t care how many wins or losses they sustain, just as long as they lose the last game of the regular season.

    I still think they are going to beat LSU this weekend. Watch and see.

  4. 4

    Listened to the Tubby Show on Radio last night and God All Mighty ! Where in the hell does these suck asses come from that call and praise the Bastard as the second coming ? Quarterback Controversy ? Offensive Troubles ? Tubby ! Tubby ! You’re the Greatest ! Wooo Eeeegle !

  5. 5
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    PLUTO, turn it off next time. If you want to hear real SUCK*****, listen to FineScum and Hey Coach or tape your self and play in back in the shower….wait a minute, shower, bammur, bath? Sorry

  6. 6
    Auburn Man

    Tubs is not the second coming but he will work for farm subsidies and food stamps. So we keep him around. Bobbo Lowder and I were talking over Champaigne Brunch and let me drop a name on you…. Skip Holtz. The Jet is fueled and ready to fly to the north east, but we are being delayed so that they can clean some of the cow manure off of the runway….More to come.

  7. 7
    Ballplay Indian.

    this is more much ado about nothing. We here this same B.S. avery time the Crimson Turds ggo 3-0……We Back !!!!!!
    Then reality sets in afeter a couple of losses. That is the only thing that is cyclical in this state. For goodness sakes, you would think a fanbase that has been through as much drama as Bamas, they would learn to zip their lips and watch there team do there talking on the feild… Bama might go 10-2….Doubtfull though. Yall have won one game that you thought you shouldnt have. That is all. And IMO Clemson was over rated.

  8. 8

    Shane, you have started your countdowns to the end of Tubby many times before. He has more lives than a cat. I pick Auburn to beat LSU this weekend.

    And by the way Shane, don’t do any more speaking on behalf of the Bama faithful. You just make us look stupid.

  9. 10

    Ballplay: What has Auburn done? I think Miss St. is over rated. Seriously, no one cares what an Auburn fan thinks on a Bama site. Your being here is proof enough of your concerns. Do you get off on bashing Bama people on the internet or something? Don’t you have a quarterback controversy to be arguing about? Don’t worry about Bama and their fans. Everything is looking good for the future here. Bama fans do have a real reason to get excited, whether you like it or not.

  10. 11

    Shane, keep up the good work ol’ boy, the Aubs act like they don’t want to hear it or see it, but funny how they always listen and read it. heheheehehe

  11. 12
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando…….If yall dont want us here, then wuit talking about us. And yes, you do have something to be optimistic about. Yall wil soon be back in contention. And like I said you very well may go 10-2 this year. It isnt impossible. My point is this…….About 5% of the Bama notion does 95% of the mouth running. And that 5% is fat out ate up. Surely the majority of bama fans do not aprrove of Shane being there mouth piece. He makes your whole base look idiotic.

    Again I am not anti-Alabama. I just cant understand what your mouthpiece is thinkng. “Tubbervilles last car” and “the clock is ticking”….I could see that if bama had beaten us ONCE !!!! Or maybe TWICE !!!! But as of now Saban is winless against us at Bama.

    Keep in mind people, this is the same Spastic that had a column in 05 titled “The Tide Is High and Shula is The Man” !!!!!!!!!!! No crap…..That is true.

  12. 13

    Ballplay: Like I said, why are you here? I come from a large family of Auburn people, and I can easily turn everything you say about Bama into the same thing about Auburn. But, I don’t troll the Auburn sites to stir the pot. My thing is, let everyone talk all they want too, it will all be settled on the field. But in my experience, I never heard crap from many Auburn people until this streak has came. And it has only gotten worse since Bama hired Saban. The Auburn people have become what they accuse the Bama people of for years. You all know that it is coming eventually, but I don’t know how many will be able to deal with it well. You can’t change the trash talking on either side. But if you are a big Auburn fan, why would you care what a Bama fan says? Do you think your comments is going to make Shane stop? I think it just motivates him more.

  13. 14

    Hey Bama Fan in NYC:

    Note the title of the column – “Saban & Tuberville EARLY SEASON report”.

    And, hey, a 7-8 record this year means playing 15 games. Did I miss the fact that this is a play-off bowl season?

    Bama Brando – yes, Shane does thrive on controversy, but is not short on motivation

    Just having a little fun.

  14. 15

    p.s. Sorry, Bama Fan in NYC. After re-reading your message I now see you were referring to a 7-8 WIN season – instead of a 7-8 record. MY BAD. I hope that’s a conservative prediction though…

  15. 16

    Ballplay, were you born yesterday? Alabama had talent in 2004 and 2005, but what happened? Shula, not knowing how bad depth could affect your team actually showed. What happened in 2004 after we lost our first and second string quarterback, and six other offensive players? We flat out performed horribly. And in 2005, what happened when we lost Prothro? One offensive touchdown in seven games? We lost our go to guy, and our key threat, and we couldn’t muster out anymore than one touchdown in seven games. Then after losing those two guys on the offensive line, LSU and Bama Tech had a field day with Brodie Croyle totaling 19 sacks all together in just two games. Point is, we had just enough talent to win, however due to sanctions, when one of those guys fell, we had no one to fill their void. It’s easy for you to run your mouth, but just be thankful coach Shula was opposed to pulling his players out of the game in the third quarter while winning by more than just a few miles.

  16. 17
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando……………..Read the Title of the column you dork……If you dont want Auburn fans here then this blog SHOULD QUIT WRITING ABOUT AUBURN ALL THE DAM TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As far as bama fans letting there team do there talking. That will be the day that hell freezes over.

    Geroge……I know that bama would have been better if Shula didnt happen. And better if all the other coaching mistakes didnt happen. Ive been saying that all along. Probation didnt hurt you. Stupid ass hires hurt you.

  17. 18

    Ballplay, I hope you are kidding about probation not hurting us regardless of inept Shula, but what star athelete would want to go to any school on probation? We are not now, and are loading the stables, I know yall don’t like hearing us say we have been down due to lack of schlorships but it is true, we have had no depth at all. Alabama’s probation has kept Tub’s job, so if the Aub’s like Tub like they say they do, you can thank the NCAA

  18. 19

    IT is a fact we will have a next 2 years.what will auburn have? NOTHING again.until aubies get rid of tubberneck you will never get N.C.he is nothing but a second rated coach.sorry aubies.yall are slipping down the pipes. ROLL[[[[TIDE

  19. 20
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    JW, Tubs is to sabin what bear was to Shug. Coach T has sabin’s number. I remember during the bear era getting excited like you thinking this was going to be our year to win, only to be disapointed. Will bama ever beat AUBURN? Can bammur block two punts?

  20. 21

    Shane, what the hell was you just sayin? I hope you meant during the Bear era you were always disappointed in Auburn because that would be a true statement. As far as Bama beating Aub, that will happen Nov. 29 and by the least talent that Aub will face for years to come.

  21. 23

    Shane is a BLOGGER Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 8:23 pm
    JW, Tubs is to sabin what bear was to Shug. Coach T has sabin’s number. I remember during the bear era getting excited like you thinking this was going to be our year to win, only to be disapointed.
    Shane is ?
    How old are you?
    Are you stupid? Shug Jordan was Bear Bryant’s whipping boy. Where did you get your information? Because with the exception of 1 year (PUNT BAMA PUNT! 17-16) Auburn was a tune up game for Bama on their way to the bowl game. Back in those days Being Beaten By Auburn was like getting beaten by Vanderbilt.

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