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    That inspirational talk by Coach Saban and the buffet that was given to the Green Wave has turned Tulane into BCS busters.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    That touchdown should be credited to Parker’s interception, which gave them their BEST starting field position for the night.

    And Parker’s numbers were pretty solid, but he wasn’t impressive at all. I expect to see an offensive showing similar to what we seen against Tulane next Saturday against Arkansas. Hopefully the defense will maintain their consistency, or else they’ll pull off the upset.

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    Bama Fan in NYC,

    You just don’t like Wilson, do you?

    He’s thrown one interception in three games. JP Wilson is a much better Quarterback when he actually has an Offensive Line to play behind.


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    1 interception in 3 games is good.
    Allowing 1 TD in 3 games is good.
    McElroy looked good!
    Ingram is really starting to impress. (Heart of a Lion)
    This defense isnt the best. But it sure is better than anyone would have imagined.

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    J W

    every one had this bama team losing to clemson.maybe just maybe /this team is for real.i think so.a lot better than last year.defense will get better as season goes.they play like they did in first game in SEC.they will take the west for sure.

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    I haven’t really sat down and looked at the stats, but I know that they must be good.

    Turnover ratio, scoring defense, offensive yardage and scoring all should be impressive, even though our offense was stifled in the Tulane game.

    Special teams stats should look good also.

    But the stat that really counts is perfect so far… Did the game end with a W on the scoreboard?

    There is a long way to go, but this is a good start. I pinched myself and thought it all through… and it’s still a good start to the season. This feels like old times! The Earth is once again rotating correctly on it’s axis.


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    Bama Fan in NYC

    The problem I have is the fact that we were riding high last year as well.

    I enjoy the moment while it lasts, but I won’t embrace for the thrill that is cloud nine until I see how we fare against Georgia and the rest of the gang.

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    I understand why the professional prognosticators predict an 8-4 season. We have played 15 true Freshmen so far. I know how easily this could all just fall apart. That’s why I have tried to suppress my own enthusiasm.

    But the Freshmen have played with poise and maturity and 90% of the team is not Freshmen. It is more than the quality of play from individuals that makes me feel good about the prospects for this team. They seem to have found a real team identity.

    If they can keep the right attitude and work ethic, then they will enter each game with a real shot at winning. I hope that we are fortunate enough to avoid any serious injuries. If so, then I expect this team to improve with each game.

    I’m not trying to get tickets to the SEC playoff game yet, but SEC football pundits have to start seriously considering whether this team may be further along than they had predicted.


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    Ballplay Indian.

    Again. tmc1. Tulane is not a team that you can have an excuse to play badly against. They suck.

    Southern Miss is in the same category.

    LAMO is in the same category.

    Miss. St. is in the same category.

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    Ballplay, I remember you saying no freshman would step into the SEC and make an immedate impact, AL is now second in the nation for most freshman playing, and yes making an impact, what will that mean in the next year or two, I’ll tell you, at least an SEC championship. Mark it down.


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    Ballplay Indian.

    Have I been proven wrong yet ? No I have not. As Bammer hasnt played an SEC game yet. Your group of freshmen are good. In particular the Ingram kid. Mount Cody is not a true freshman. And I think his big butt will get wore slap out in SEC play.Your last two games were just a scrimmage. But I believe you knew that already. Really, in your opinion is Clemson not looking a little overrated now ? Lets face it, The Citadel put 400 yards of offense on them. And the anemic Auburn spread put 400 plus on them last year. Im not so proud of that win now.

    Bamaman, name specific freshman that you think will step up in SEC play this year.

    Im not talking about just playing, I mean actually make a definite impact for the Tide this year. Julio ? Hes looked O.K. so far. But would I say he was an IMPACT player. So far……Not really.

    Ingram? I dont know his stats so far. But will he have a 100 yard game against SEC competition ? Maybe , but I doubt it.

    Who else? Im not trying to be a smartarse , but who do you see freshman wise that will make an impact against good SEC offenses and defenses ?

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    Ballplay have you been proven wrong yet…..er…yes! C-l-e-m-s-o-n.

    Tulane v. Bama
    Tulane——No turnovers, 29 yards in penalties. Are you kidding me? That shows me, some very good discipline and coaching. While not the most talented team in the NCAA, they make very very few mistakes.
    Dont you wish you could say the same for Auburn?

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    Ballplay, your kidding about our freshmen I hope, Julio just got SEC freshman of the week, Mark Ingram, Donta Hightower,Mark Barron, BJ Scott,Courtney Upshaw to name a few. . . we have played more freshmen than 115 NCAA schools and have not lost yet and we won’t lose Sat in Arkansas, these guys are out playing alot of our upper classmen, hang tight and you can tell me if they make a difference to you in Nov when we beat Aub

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman, they might make a difference. Im no longer saying they wont. But Im talking about being an impact player in SEC play. By that , I mean a player who will change a game for you. Maybe julio is. But it is dang near impossible for a running back to do that in SEC play. When I think of a Bama impact player, I think of Rolondo Mclain. He stepped in last year like he was a junior or a senior. Had an awesome game against Auburn last year.

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    You left out Marquis Maze (sp?) #4 — he has been impressive. It will be hard for any Bama back to rack up 100+ yards in a single game when all four (or five) backs get so many touches.

    With the kind of football factory high schools that we have these days, playing a Freshman isn’t what it used to be. The best Freshmen come aboard with more coaching and preparation than the typical Sophomore had back in the 1970’s.

    Bama has some good talent that was recruited by Mike Shula. Now that the troublemakers are gone, they can reach their potential on this team.


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    Ballplay Indian.

    True Crimson. I agree. H. school players are better prepared. But, again. Yall havent played any worthy SEC defenses yet. Or any SEC teams period. Again , these freshman may be the best class in the country. But to be a stndout in an SEC schedule. you have to be freeky good.

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    I left out Marquis Maze because he was not a true freshman (redshirt), but you are right about Bama having so many different guys in to be able to pad just one’s stats, I think we had nine different guys catch passes Sat. Marquis is electrifying and I think Mark Ingram could be as good as Knowshon Moreno was his freshman year, I know Ballplay knows him.

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    The Crimson Tide isn’t known for producing Heisman Trophies — They are known for producing Championship Rings.

    Football is a team sport at The University of Alabama.


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    Saban is using so many backs it will be hard for Ingram to have as many yards since Moreno was more of a soloist, but Ingram averages 5.68 yds a carry, Moreno averaged 5.4 his freshman year, NYC look at my post on one of these about what Trent Richardson did Friday night.

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    I like the concept of using so many backs. Always a fresh set of legs…If your backs are strong and physical it wears a defensive front down.

    Out of all the backs Bam has WE WILL have the best Running back corps in the Nation when Richardson gets here. Combine that with some young and talented recievers and all of the beef that CNS is recrioting and good things can happen.
    By the way, I thought McElroy looked pretty darn good the other day.

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