Alabama wins

Alabama defeated a weaker opponent. Players put up some good numbers, and padded their stats. It was a good win prior to beginning SEC play. (You can read the AP report on the Tide’s win here.) It was an improvement over last week’s Tulane game. However, with the way Tulane played today against East Carolina (ECU avoided an upset 28-24) maybe last week wasn’t as bad as we all thought.

OK, it was. But still, Tulane was better than we all believed.

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Alabama coach Nick Saban was pleased with the team’s win over Western Kentucky.

“The congratulations goes to our players,” Saban said. “They did a great job. This is the way we want to play in a game like this. We dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.”

Saban was also happy to get players experience. He even praised the crowd support.

“I want to compliment our crowd,” Saban said. “With all the things going on in the world, with gas prices going up, a limit of 10 gallons of gas, our crowd came out and showed great enthusiasm. I know the players appreciate that and it certainly helps in recruiting.”

There goes Saban again. He’s always working his process. Even games against overpowered teams are a step on the recruiting path to greatness.

Saban also praised the performance on the field.

“We talked about playing better and playing to our full capacity,” Saban said. “We executed better tonight and we did not do that last week and that’s why we had negative plays. We talk about playing 60 minutes and we did that. Everything we have done to this point is getting us ready for the SEC. Hopefully, this will carry over to next week.”

Let’s hope.


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    Bama Fan in NYC

    Junkie, a win is all that matters in the end, indeed.

    Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but we still have yet to play State and if you guys struggled, there’s no doubt we will!

  2. 5

    No excuses And I hate to be the 1st one to say it BBBUUUUUTTTT! as Good as I like Chris TODD I dont think hes the RIGHT QB for that offense I seen them trying to run last night everytime the same play on 1st down,He was never a
    Threat to run the ball Himself and I think that is how that offensive sheme has to run If he would kept the ball late in the game on some them SAMe old 1st down run plays but HEs not the ONE for that Offense!



  3. 7

    I am being serious with this question, how did La Tech beat States defense? I would say they are about as good as Aub’s, and that is a compliment, but don’t get me started on either’s offense

  4. 8

    I think it was our offense Not their defense that was stopping us, 12 penaltys
    for 94 yards lose 4 turn overs and like I said Cris Todd cannot run that Offense even though hes a good QB and would do fine with last years offense if hes not a Threat to run IT wont work!!

  5. 9

    I,for one, was not shocked by Tulane’s strong performance in the E. Carolina game.

    Bama didn’t play well against Tulane. Rotating O-linemen shouldn’t have created the poor performance of the Offense overall that we witnessed last Saturday. Still, it was obvious that Tulane was well prepared and that they played a near-flawless game against Bama. Their Quarterback was impressive. I expect them to do well this season.

    I haven’t seen any reason to fear the Dawgs. Alabama is a better team than they were last year. I’m not so sure about Georgia. Perhaps they would have been, if they had all of their starters available. They do not — and it shows.


  6. 10

    I like the fact that so many people got to play yesterday. And It is becoming apparent that when our line is healthy there is something special there. It would also have been nice to run up the score to 70, (which Bama could have) But since this IS a young team, I am glad that Coach Saban gave some of the new players some field time. It would be nice if they do this often.
    What I saw what that our 2nd and 3rd team could have still beaten WKU by 3 touchdowns and THAT MY FREINDS, is a good, good thing!

  7. 13

    T’ville made a huge mistake hiring Franklin. A good coach could make a productive spread with the talent Auburn has. To think you have to start from scratch is ridiculous.Franklin should not be coaching at a D1 school especially at a Top 10 caliber SEC power like Auburn. He struggled tremendously at Kentucky and is struggling now as well. I also think he is the reason for much of the shoddy recruiting that has been going on by Auburn. He could not coach at any other SEC school even Vandy.
    Bama looked good but of course WK is weak at best. Georgia is not near the caliber team I thought they were going to be. The only way they can beat us if we beat ourselves. I believe we will have much more trouble with LSU and Auburn than UGA. At this time Florida seems to be the top team in the SEC. I am excited about the next few games which will truly tell us the caliber of our young squad. The more I see and hear the more I think we can make a run to Atlanta this year! The process is ahead of schedule! ROLL TIDE!!!

  8. 14

    berman Says:
    September 14th, 2008 at 7:06 pm
    tulane went 4-8 last year… are they honestly that much better this year???

    I think that they are. They remind me of Kentucky teams back in the 1970’s. They never won big SEC games, but they were always close. A very good, well coached team that is just slightly inferior to their opponents.

    Tulane will face a more level playing field in most of the remainder of their games. I expect them to have a winning season. They probably won’t beat LSU, but they have a shot in all of the rest of their upcoming games.

  9. 15
    Ballplay Indian.

    Auburn literally tried to give Miss. St. the game. We acually tried to give it to them gift wrapped and all. They just didnt take it. It is a miricle we won. All the false starts. All the turnover. @ missed field goals. And could someone tell me what the heck is up with that gay run up the middle with zero blocking ? They only tried it 3 times. It was third and at least 15 (once was third and 27) every time we tried it. Todd was hitting some decent 20 yard passes all game long. Why not keep doing that ?

    Now, thats enough griping. I have to think that Auburn will pull it together.
    We will see what we got Saturday.

  10. 18
    Ballplay Indian.

    I dont know how to pick this score…..Maybe Auburn 17 LSU 16. Or flip it .

    On the other side of the state.
    Bama 27 Arkansas 20

  11. 19

    Fayettville’s always been a dangerous place for the Tide to play and we seem to play our worst against them in morning games.

  12. 23
    Ballplay Indian.

    ranger, your thinking of the Shula….Nick Saban will have Alabama ready for the game.

    Omni ??????? What the heck ????? I dont care if we are ging 0-11, never give up on crap talk.

  13. 24

    Omni, As close as Aub always plays LSU, I just didn’t think you would pick LSU. But I can certainly respect that, I know you will be pulling hard anyway, I don’t know, like I said I haven’t seen LSU’s qb and he could be terrible against pressure from the d he will see from Aub. I have heard the LSU radio guys talking about how good their o-line is, but I’m with you my gut is telling me probably about what the betting line is. Do you think Ark being off against Texas and possibly getting banged up, helped them or hurt them against AL? I’m sure Tex would have manhandled them and they might have came back pissed. Sometimes it is easier to get up for a game after a whipping than a big win.

  14. 25
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Does anyone besides me think Arizona State COULD pose a threat to UGA?

    I think UGA will win, but I fear it’ll be an ugly one.

  15. 26

    I think it only hurt Bamma for one reason. PREP TIME! But if Bamma plays like they have been their defense should
    hold ARK down to win for bamma by 10 or so points at least. The only thing I disagree about letting your whole team play is the starters get to Laugh and Play on the sidelines in the second half when against a high caliber team they will probably have to be in there for 40 minutes

  16. 27

    Sorry ballplay IM Still a SH*TTalking SOB but I do think if we go back with that same old play calling we cant pull out a HIGH CALIBER SEC team. Sure Our defense will be our DEFENSE but damn how many times can you ask them to keep someone outta the endzone when we arent getting it it ourselves WAR DAMN EAGLE
    but I have to be honest in my SMARTASSEDNESS 😉


  17. 28

    AND A REAL FREINDLY SUGGESTION watch out for downloading VIDS they have a virus out now CALLED ANTIVIRUS XP 2008 comes in as a downloaded codec and FUUUUU????
    its killin me to get it off my PC and thats part of what I do for a DAMN LIVING!!! just be careful all of u guys or you ll be paying someone to clean your PC’s for you DAMMMMMIT!!!!!

  18. 29
    Ballplay Indian.

    NYC…..Yes you are probably the only one who thinks that. Arizona State is probably the most over rated team in the country year in and year out. They always start out ranked high, But end up getting stomped every time someone decent plays them. Georgia will be pissed from last weeks performance, and will shell them.

  19. 30

    People who manufacture and send viruses should get jail time. (Hey, I have lightened up a bit, I have wished they could be taken out and shot before. )

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