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    i smell fear.

    the reaction to the choice for vp by mccain has been astonishing.

    and the funny thing is the more they attack her, the better she seems to be looking to the american public.

    she’s the politial version of the tarbaby.

    every time obama’s media hits her, it just makes it worse on them.

    please, don’t throw me in that briar patch!

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    Shane is a BLOGGER

    I thought sabin was running for VP. Shane is leading his campaign.
    I forgot, sabin is running for President and shane is putting on some lipstick and running as VP.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Blogger. Saban doesnt run for or froam anything. He is The Saban. The Saban would not rrun for president . The presidensy would run from The Saban. Though it would be futile. If The Saban wanted to be president. he WOULD BE THE DAM PRESIDENT !!!!!!!

    But he wanted a more distinquished job. Coach of the mightiest football team in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE !!!!!! THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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