Nick Saban: nice guy

It might ruin his reputation as the biggest prick in sports, but Nick Saban is getting some positive press for his sportsmanship following Alabama’s victory over Tulane. Posted today at website, are details from Tulane’s perspective on the Alabama coach and his actions following the Green Wave-Crimson Tide game.

Alabama provided a post-game meal to the Green Wave, and then Saban visited the opposition.

“That really meant a lot,” running back Andre Anderson said of Saban’s talk. “I thought it came from the heart. Late at night after a win you don’t really want to go upstairs and tell the opposing team that it really played tough. It was nice to see him up there, but we still lost. We’ve got to get some wins.”

There is more to Saban than most in the national media would want you to believe. One of the most telling things about Saban’s actions with Tulane is how Saban responded on Monday when asked about it.

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On visiting with the Tulane team:
“We made one of our rooms in the stadium available to them and fed them after the game. They couldn’t get back to their dorms until early the next morning. First of all they went through a tremendous sacrifice to even come here and play the game. They are away from their fellow students, friends, family; out of school for a week worrying about a weather situation that could impact them dramatically one way or the other. To me they must have prepared well because they played really well in game. They played with a lot of intensity and toughness in the game and I respect that in all competitors. I told them that I appreciated them for making a sacrifice to play the game and to make the sacrifice and play as well as they did was something that did not go unnoticed by us and that we held what they did in high esteem. I wished them well on the rest of their season and told their coaches they did a fantastic job of keeping their team together through the adversity that they had to face in preparation for the game.”

The softer side of Nick Saban.