Alabama’s shuffling line

Alabama’s offensive line allowed four sacks against Tulane. As fans look for an explanation, here’s a very useful note from UA’s media relations staff.

CHANGING FRONTS: The Alabama offensive line has struggled to stay intact over the past two seasons. For various reasons, the Crimson Tide has started eight different combinations along the offensive front over the last 15 games. Alabama started six different combinations during the 2007 season and has had a different offensive line in both games of the 2008 season. Last week Andre Smith missed his first career start at left tackle. Mike Johnson moved over to left tackle in place of Smith and David Ross made his first career start at left guard for Johnson.

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    A lot of people are placing blame on the play of the offensive line, particularly the younger ones, on Coach Pendry. But what everybody has to remember is that these younger linemen didn’t learn anything from Coach Bob Connely. Does anybody remember how soft our line was the last couple of years with CMS? That coaching, or lack thereof, puts our young linemen a year behind in the learning process. Pendry is a proven coach and they will get better. We just better hope that our older guys stay healthy until the others develop.

  2. 2

    I’m just sorry I spent $25 to watch that crap. They were not ready to play . That is Saban’s Fault.
    If there is anything redeeming about the Game is that the Defense is starting to look special and lucky. This bodes well.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Yalls O-line is not bad by any means. One first team All-American / All- SEC…Another All SEC. Not a bad group. The balme was on the coaches and execution. This was the same team that beat Clemson down last week. Same players . Same line. And its freekin Tulane people. They just did not prepare well enough……I guess they were hung over.

  4. 4

    once again b i, you’re wrong. it wasn’t the same offensive line. (and you know that, don’t you)

    no andre smith. i’d say that in it’s self changed things significantly.

    then marlon davis goes down.

    regardless, they should have done better against tulane. jpw has got to figure out a way to complete a long throw. when he does manage to pull that feat off the receivers have got to catch it.

    personally, i think this game serves as a great opportunity to teach. i would hope and imagine this week is not going to be nice in practice.

  5. 5

    Pluto, how was our team “not ready to play” when only one unit faltered, while the others covered for them?

    I’m not excusing their poor performance in no way whatsoever, but placing the blame on the head coach is bit ridiculous considering the defense and special teams unit were on fire. When the ENTIRE team slacks, then you point fingers at the coaching staff.

    Is it Tuberville’s fault Auburn’s offense played like crap against LaMonroe?

  6. 7

    Bamaman, you know what Im about to say, don’t you? I respect your opinion on the LSU game, but I must disagree. I think Auburn will win a tight game, as it usually is a hard fought tight game. The plus for us is it’s at Jordan-Hare. Maybe Miles will make another ballsy last second decision, this time maybe it will blow up in his face.

  7. 8
    Auburn Man

    Auburn Man just got off the phone with Key Ramsey. And Auburn Man is upset.
    Chaz is a fine young “Auburn Man” and maybe the best pure chopblocker to come through Auburn in many years.
    Some heads will roll over this one.!!!!

  8. 9

    Finebaumjunkie,(you know I am messing with Ballplay) Miles will never be able to pull off the bonehead calls he made last year with the talent of this year, I agree, can’t stand him, is there anyway you both could lose?

  9. 15
    Auburn Man

    Are you insinuating that Auburn would do anything that isnt of the highest moral character you Bammer troglodyte!?!
    Chop Bocks are perfectly legal if the referee doesnt call them! And last I heard our Auburn referees loved the payments they were getting for calling the game right straight down the middle for Auburn. Mind your P’s and Qs young man or I will be forced to have my butler (Otis) give you a well deserved thrashing!

  10. 16

    I think part of the problem is all the shuffling. I know Saban’s theory on the best players should be on the field but I think they add to the problem. If a man goes down, let the second teamer behind him step in. A tackle goes down so they move the starting guard over and put the second team guard in. That causes more confusion than it’s worth. That’s why it disrupts the flow so severly. Does that not seem like logical reasoning? I know the second tackle might struggle and it’s a more physically demanding position. The shuffling just adds to the problem. Another year or two and we will not have to put the entire season on the shoulders of 22 players like we currently do because of lack of death. We have plenty of skill guys on O and D. Let’s recruit more big guys and get rid of this problem that has plagued us for years. We are 5 deep at skill positions but are lucky to have two deep on the line.

  11. 20

    I bet you stay home often and hand it. Which do you use, right or left? Holler at me after the game Sly, if you can even type with the carpal tunnel you will get if you don’t stop handing it. Not to mention going blind. You are one nasty man.

  12. 22

    I am sorry if I offended you Sly. Just joking around with you is all I was doing. You are right though, maybe I should show a little more class. And just maybe some of it will rub off on screenname RTRMutha… after all, I did notice he threatened to shot somebody and used the Lord’s name in vain in an earlier post.

  13. 24
    Sylvester Croom

    There are some at all schools, unfortunately he is claiming to be a bammer, I hope not, he is totally classless and was obviously not taught any manners being raised. I am sure ladies view these post and I’m sure he is a young punk.

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