Bama lands top Georgia WR

Alabama landed a player the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called “arguably the state’s top prospect at wide receiver,” when Michael Bowman committed Sunday evening.

Bowman wanted to play for Georgia, but got tired of waiting on a scholarship offer. Bowman has not yet met academic qualifications, but expects that he will.

Bowman said he is choosing Alabama over LSU and Oregon, among around a dozen offers. “Alabama said with [freshman sensation] Julio Jones on one side at receiver, and me on the other, who could stop us? They told me ‘I am a big part of the future of Alabama football’ and that I shouldn’t wait on Georgia any longer while they already have a place for me.”

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Bowman is a four-star recruit according to Rivals and a three-star by Scout. Bowman is 6’4″ 212 lbs. He holds scholarship offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, North Carolina State, Ole Miss and Oregon.

How good is Bowman? He won best receiver at the Georgia summer camp.

He also visited with the Bulldogs during the season opener between the hedges. The academic issues were a topic of conversation, but Bowman believes it won’t be a problem. He told that he only needs a few points to qualify.

“I am set up to take the ACT again in October and I need to raise my score about 3-4 points,” he said. “I am going to make it. I am going to do whatever I can to make it, so I think I will get an offer from Georgia when I do.”

But apparently he decided to make a move instead of waiting.


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  1. 5

    True. But if UGA hasn’t shown much interest yet, I don’t see why they would in the near future, barring a miraculous record setting performance by the boy.

  2. 6

    I agree with everyone else, it will be interesting to see what happens to Bowman. UGA has always been a program that will wait to the last moment to extend offers to local kids, with great success.

    Still, it is good to have a commitment and we will see what he does. Alabama is going to definitely have to fight to keep him, if UGA ever offers.

  3. 8

    I got news for ya…If UGA hasn’t offered this kid yet, it’s because they have serious concerns about him qualifying. Richt isn’t stupid, and he knows you have to make early offers to good players in this day and age. Richt knows there has to be some other underlying problem.

    I doubt the kid’s cocky attitude is doing anything to give Richt any comfort. Nonetheless, you can bet he’ll get an offer from UGA if he gets an ACT score that qualifies. We’ll see how “firm” his commitment to Bama is then.

  4. 9

    julio, you are such a tired act. It is always the same thing, whatever happened at Alabama is bad. You literally say the same thing nearly every time. You add nothing to the discussion. If you are going to try and play the role of devil’s advocate (Auburn homer), you could at least bring a new point or comment to the discussion.

    No one was saying that Bowman is a “firm” commitment. BTW, Saban has been pretty succesful at recruiting players that qualify.

  5. 10

    No Kenny, I don’t say the same thing every time. When an article is posted that cites facts or points of view, I will specifically address those facts and points of view. The things I say are as varied as the articles that are posted on this blog. You must have me confused with tmc or NYC, whose responses are constantly nothing more than “Yea Alabama” or “F%#@&@* Aubbos!!”; or “Wire Road Trailer Trash!!; or “Auburn is a God%@&* stephchild!!”. In contrast my posts always cite specific facts and viewpoints, just as my post here did.

    Speaking of the points that I made in my post, is there anything I said that you disagree with? Do you truly doubt that Richt has serious concerns over whether this kid will qualify? After reading his quotes, do you truly doubt that his cocky attitude has been a strike against him with the UGA coaching staff? If there wasn’t a good chance this kid was still holding out hope for UGA, why did he even mention the fact that he thinks UGA will extend an offer if his ACT scores come back as qualifying?

    P.S. I didn’t say that the article said his committment was completely firm. I simply stated the we’ll see how firm his committment is if UGA makes an offer.

  6. 11

    I don’t doubt that Richt’s a bright guy with very good reasons for not having offered yet. Does that necessarily mean that anyone who arrives to a different decision is not bright? Can intelligent men not disagree on the pros/cons of a specific player?

  7. 12

    Of course they can, tsmonk. My point is that there are likely legitimate reasons to doubt whether this kid will qualify, and that the kid’s cockiness is probably making teh UGA coaches even less likely to take chance on him. Lots of coaches will make offers to kids that are questionable academically, and then oversign knowing that some recruits will not qualify. Tubs has certainly done that as well. Saban did it a lot last year, and it ended up working out alright. (or should I say “aight”?) I was simply addressing these legitimate issues. I have no idea why Kenny got his panties in such a wad.

  8. 13

    Well, judging by what I’ve seen among the faithful, the prevailing sentiment is one of wait-and-see. But one thing that is worthy of note: no catcalls for Richt missing out (at least none that I’ve seen).

  9. 14

    Julio you are a homer. I admit Auburn is the greatest team on the planet. They are Alabama’s daddy and there’s no going back for us. Our program is through, buried and done with. Tuberville is most successful coach in the history of sports. Auburn University is so much better than univ of alabama in every aspect… Now go away.

    Anyway i read a report on rivals stating it’s a rumor. He hasn’t committed yet, but is expected to commit soon. True or not?

  10. 15

    A commit at this point cannot be inked anyway,(that is why I am nervous about Trent Richardson, argubly the best rb in the country) that is also why I like a early signing day to get those that are serious and then you can concentrate on those that are on the fence.

  11. 16

    Julio is an expert. There is a reason reason why he is an Aubbo homer.
    Every year he is like the rest of the aubboriginees …..he follows with Stevie Wonder’s eagle eye vision the promise that “this is the magic year” at Auburn.
    Julio is a pigkin Robin Leech and believes all the champagne dreams and caviar wishes like they are the gospel according to John the Revelator.
    But somewhere every year CTT and crew end up flipping the script into an improvised dinner theatre version of the Robert Tilton “Sucess in Life” show. Leaving poor schmucks like Julio and Ballplay Idiot to make excuses.
    Ballplay Julio,
    Give up. Aubbo Tech is not any better than they were last year and they are only going to get worse.
    Didnt you figure out this week when the “spread” fell flat on its face again that You have been had…..again?

  12. 17

    If he becomes eligible, GA will offer if he is really that good, then he will be gone to the Bulldogs. If not, he will commit to Bama and then years down the road if he gets eligible, GA will have another shot at him.

    I would think if he was th best at their camp, they are pretty sure he won’t qualify to not offer the kid.

  13. 18

    There tmc goes again…”Aubbos!!!”; “Alabama Tech!!!”; “Ballplay and Julio are idiots!!!”; “The spread is a gimmick!!!” See tmc, this article and the replies thereafter were about a kid from Georgia verbally committing to Bama and the potential of UGA coming in later and trying to pull him away. Neither Auburn or the spread were issues in any way. You just cut and pasted your same response that you regurgitate on every post, just as I stated above that you always do. Thanks for proving my point.

    P.S. Quick, respond by calling me an “Aubbo” or telling me that the spread is a gimmick. That’ll put me in my place. (BTW, Auburn has put up 400 yards of offense in its first 2 games, which is something it never did the last 2 years. Gee, that’s almost as impressive as the 172 yards that bammer hung on freakin’ Tulane.)

  14. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    Tmc1……You got some issues dont you boy. Maybe your wound just a little too tight. Chill before you have a coronary.

  15. 20

    Still searching for relevance and acceptance on a Bama blog there eh….Ballplay Julio?
    According to the Aubbo clan, Bama was supposed to suck this year. And Auburn was supposed to be winning every game by 40 points due to the super duper offensive ideas of Tony Franklin.
    Btw, Auburn had 406 yards offense against LaMo….
    Bama had 433 against LaMo….
    Be prepared for Croom’s defense to remind Aubbo Tech what a punch in the mouth REALLY feels like. Wakey Wakey! Eggs and Bakey!


  16. 21

    By the way Ballplay/Julio, I am sorry about the whole “Bowman” comprehension thing. I knew about it 2 days ago when they printed it in the AJC. If you had read the article (that all of this is based on), you would know that he was offended that Georgia did not have any faith in him. Ordinarily he would have other options if is scores werent good enough, he could go to Juco with half of the Auburn roster for example. But from what I am understanding Coach Saban believed in him enough to offer him despite the fact his scores arent there yet.
    Also I figured from our comment that you are the guy who has 20 names at too. Great Job, you may be aubrn’s only real fan

  17. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1 Bama does suck and so do you. I only post under this name, and you know it.

    Again , bama sux , and all the grammer you try to impress people with just makes you look like a pecker.

  18. 24

    tmc, you freakin’ idiot, did you seriously just cite Bama’s performance against La-Mo last year in an attempt to make a positive point on Bama’s behalf? Here’s a liitle advice…if you’re trying to engage in a debate to portray Bama in a positive light, it’s probably a good idea to completely avoid any reference to the most humiliating loss that Bama has suffered in the last 50 years. Bammer bringing up La-Mo in a debate about football superiority would be about as bright as Ted Kennedy bringing up Chappaquidick in a debate for the Senate.

  19. 25
    Ballplay Indian

    Julio….WAS that thier most humiliating loss ? I now in the past 20 years there have been some doosies. Northern Illinoise comes to mind. Then youe got Lousiana Tech. Central Florida. The list goes on.

  20. 27

    Ballplay, I still think La-Mo was the most humiliating because of the Great Saban. Everyone in the world knows that Dumbose and Shula were incompetent idiots, so it really wasn’t that shocking that those morons lost to to a MAC, WAC, and C-USA team. But Saban is supposed to be the savior and greatest coach in the profession, and he lays an egg against a 6-6 Sunbelt team that was beaten earlier in the year by a Franchione coached Tex A&M team by the margin of 54-14. I don’t care what any of the bammers say, great coaches DO NOT get beaten by a Sunbelt team.

    P.S. Spare me the Appt State-Michigan analogy, bammers. For one, all you’re doing is making my point because that was the most humiliating loss in the history of college football. Secondly, you’re saying that Saban is the same caliber coach as Lloyd Carr (which is probably correct.)

  21. 28
    Ballplay Indian

    If the mighty Duke team could have beat The Shula 2 years ago that would have been the most embarrasing loss. Do you remember when Snake thought his mike was off ? That was priceless.

  22. 29

    Ballplay, Julio, funny how all yall worry about is the teams we lost to over the years but you don’t mention all the one’s that year in year out that keep you boys from obtaining the crystal trophy, there are far too many to mention so I know you won’t bother

  23. 30

    Great coaches can even lose to Conf USA teams their first year and turn around the next year and win the SEC and then the NC and never look back, over such great teams as, I think they are called Auturd University

  24. 32

    Wow bamaman….you posted that first nonsensical reply at 12:44, and it took you another 18 minutes to “follow up” with “Auturd University”? You must have had a deep conversation with a 3rd grader during that 18 minute interim to come up with that snappy insult. Maybe next time you can call us “dumb-dumbs”, or “buttheads”, or the tmc favorite “aubbos”.

    p.s. tmc brought up the La-Mo loss, not us. And I’ve got a newsflash for ya…there haven’t been any Sunbelt or C-USA teams that have deprived Auburn of anything, because we haven’t lost to any.

  25. 33

    Ballplay aka dumb dumb, Julio aka butthead, if you slip on a rock trying to reach the peak of the mountain are you concerned about how big the rock is or just the fact you didn’t reach the peak, oh I am sorry, only your grand dad’s can comment on that, nevermind.

  26. 35

    Yes, mountaintop, we have been up there many times, gonna visit again in the very near future, we will tell you about it since you will never get to visit.

  27. 39

    BallplayJulio is upset because no one respects his mail order Degree in Fagotry.
    He has LaMo, and six in a row, That is all he has got to obscure that he is a loser who follows a never-was of a football team. The simple fact that he looks up to (and admires) men like Tommy Tuberville pretty well states his obvious lack of intellect.
    Keep trying BallplayJulioBlogger, someday you will make master grill operator at Waffle House and start getting some real respect from all the toothless waitresses you so desperately covet.

  28. 40

    tmc, for the last time…you make yourself look like the idiot you truly are when you steal insults that someone has used aginst you, forget who you stole them from, and then try to use the insults against that same person who used them on you. The fast food-waffle house employment jokes are ones that I have repeatedly used against you and a couple of other ignorant bammers on this site. We all realize that the replies that you post will be nothing but incomprehensible rants that have nothing to do with the subject of the article to which you are replying, but please try to at least use your own material.

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