Alabama sputters in win over Tulane

From the AP: Just one game after looking like world beaters against then-No. 9 Clemson, a listless Alabama (2-0) allowed four sacks of John Parker Wilson, fumbled once, missed two kicks and gained only 172 yards — just 38 in the first half.


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    WHAT SPUTTERED as in SPREAD AND SPUTTER or just plain out flat STUNK up the feild ??? Better be gald that gane was against TULANE and Not ANY SEC team..Did you guys see Kentucky Yesterday?? I LOVE SEC FOOTBALL BABY!!!


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    I usually dont comment to much on Alabama football because I try to be fair about things and let the fans have their fun. But you have got to see that these kids are just human too [Shane] and they are going to make mistakes. I was born in California [USC FAN] and watch alot of college football. I came to Alabama 40 years ago and I chose AUBURN over Alabama for my own reasons.
    But my family here are Alabama fans. I know Alabama stunk it up yesterday they looked bad..and they will do it again.They are just young men trying so hard to please everyone, people across the country laugh at the sports media here because no one cares about what they write [Alabama bias]As long as they get the old pat on the back when they finish. Scared little chickens pretending to be sports reporters..Grow up people.standup like humans …not mice! People see the game and then you write and say the things about the game that are so crazy it makes you look like a blind man…even the players you write about laugh at you.. Go Auburn ! Go USC !

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    what i dont get is the poll voters. west virgina loses but we dont move up and bama offense plays like crap and they move up 2 positions. i guess its just like usc they dont even play but they are still number 1

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    Alabama leapt W. Virginia who lost and Texas Tech who struggled with Nevada until pulling away late similar to Alabama vs. Tulane.

    Auburn didn’t move up b/c they were leapt by Texas who demolished UTEP.

    The better your ranking the fewer teams you have below you that will play poorly and the harder it is to move up unless there are losses. Rankings don’t mean a lot this early in the season anyway.

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    Well either USC or Ohio State will be the media darlings after this week … They can coast thru the rest of their candy ass schedules into the BCS game while the press makes them out to be Jesus Christ football incarnant. I can hear the lard heads at ESPNs college gameday, praising them now……..

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    I’ll disagree. I think Ohio State is going to hang with U$C and give them a run for their money. It’s a big matchup and after the Stanford game last year, anything can happen.

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    Good point tmc. I was thinking the same thing. I’m trying to decide which one to pull for. I’m kind of leaning toward OSU. I know, laugh all you want. I just think someone will trip up Ohio St. down the road, while it may take a miracle for someone to knock off Southern Cal. I’m just using my SEC bias to land one of us a spot in the championship game.

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