Wow! More than expected

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By Jason from Tuscaloosa
Now that the grin has finally gone from my face, it is time to take an objective look at the G-dome beat down. Saturday night this Bama fan witnessed something that I have not seen since the 2001 Iron Bowl, a team with attitude. Saturday night I saw purpose, disciple, and toughness that has been absent in T’town for some time. I saw what any fan of any team should love, football with and edge to it, football with physicality. I saw what Bama fans hope is the beginning of what’s to come.

First, let’s talk about what wins games, controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. We saw for the first time in the Saban era, an offensive and defensive line take control from kickoff to final whistle. We witnessed a running game, Yahoo a running game! Nothing makes me happier than to see a team take the football and control the time of possession and methodically run the ball down someone’s throat. In this day of pass happy offenses, you still must be able to run the ball to win. You look at any team that is on top and you will find a healthy rushing attack.

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Second, let’s talk about quarterback play. John Parker Saturday night was almost flawless, he did the most important thing any QB can do, he did not get you beat. He made good decisions and protected the football. If this is the new and improved JP under a new OC, I can’t wait to see what coach McElwain can do with the rest of the season and with the next crop of quarterbacks in waiting.

Finally defense, yes defense consistently wins championships. I know it is hard to believe, but strong defensive, not offensive fireworks will bring the W’s on a weekly basis. This group brought a relentless, hard hitting style to the field and as an old LB; it brings a tear to my eye. One key to a good defense is that they create turnovers and this unit did that Saturday night.

In closing, let me say this; one game does not the season make, a lesson Auburn has yet to learn. I by no means am saying this team will win a championship, I am just saying that they are off to a good start. What makes me and every Bama fan happy is we can honestly say we saw improvement and are surprised at how well we played. The future is bright, now let’s play with consistency and do this week in and week out. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at what happened in the G-dome on Saturday night. This is what happens every time Bama is told they don’t have a chance. Have expectations changed, sure, but that is what being a fan is all about. The fun is in the winning. Until Saturday, I just don’t think people realize how much we really hate orange! RTR!!!!!!