Tide lands mega commitment

I’ve decided that I’m going to rewrite Cicero who famously said the sinews of war are limitless money—in the revised version, the sinews of a football team are five-star recruits. Going into war without the resources to win it would be folly. It is not a perfect rewrite, but you’ve got to have talent to win football games. It is that simple. It is that important. It would be folly to field a team of sub-par athletes and expect miracles.

On Wednesday the Alabama Crimson Tide landed a Scout.com five-star recruit (four-star by Rivals) when Andalusia linebacker Nico Johnson issued his verbal pledge.

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According to media reports, Johnson followed his heart with the decision to play for Alabama.

Alabama now has 14 commitments for the 2009 class. Provided Alabama holds on to recruits like Trent Richardson this will be another stellar class. Nick Saban likes to talk about consistency. Year-to-year it looks to be the most consistent Alabama recruiting effort in memory. A top ten ranking in Saban’s first year, a consensus best class last season and what should be a top 10 or top 5 class in 2009.

Who doubts Saban is worth the money?


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  1. 1
    Bama Fan in NYC

    I’ve did a lot of researching on Johnson. He is a phenomenal athlete that is striving to excel at the collegiate level.

    And as much as we like to talk about character, this guy appears to be a class act. So, now, at the head to head character battle vs. The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is now 1 to 22.

    Look at the bright side, at least they didn’t shut us out on the character front!

  2. 2

    HAHA, NYC, I don’t know what it is, but I kinda have grown to like you. Maybe my dream of having this entire season leading up to the Iron Bowl as a peacefull forum, instead of an all out name calling beating a dead horse, same points made over and over and over again, event, may well come true. I doubt it, but I still dream. I will promise you that I will remain neutral, as long as no one pushes the envelope. I only wish, and this goes only for me as I control no one else, that all Bama fans had the class that Tmc, and yourself, display. Let me also add Bamaman to that list, though I swear I know him from somewhere. I look forward to a great year, and my prediction is Auburn and Bama will decide the west. And anyone else looking for a blog war, and I hope that isn’t the case, let me tell you. This is my time of year, and if you think you have seen everything from me, you are sadly mistaken. War Eagle and Roll Tide.

  3. 3

    We shouldn’t cross LSU off that list just yet. I have a feeling Alabama and Auburn will fall behind them in the race. But imagine how intense the Iron Bowl would be if the Western Division crown came down to the Iron Bowl.

  4. 4

    Finebaumjunkie, I believe you to be a class act, I could not imagine growing up with my mom Aub and my dad AL and not knowing which to side with, but it is like you said it is all about respect.
    Ballplay, this doesn’t apply to you, you are a dam liar, saying I picked LAMO to beat Aub, so check your facts before you let your mouth outrun your brain.

  5. 5

    You know, I see a lot of people trying to make fun of the old Alabama Polytechnic Institute name for Auburn. It is not a name we are ashamed of, I even have a sweatshirt with API on it!

  6. 9

    Did signing day already come and go? It’s way to early to start laughing and pointing fingers. By the way, nice win.

  7. 10

    HATE to say it but living in louisiana and watching nick sabin and the tigers i knew when he became bama coach that things would turn around.and let me tell you my friends this is just the start//////// god bless everyone ROLL,,,,,,,,,,,TIDE[[[[[[[[[[[

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