Report: coaches & the point spread

Las Vegas Sun: Although it’s not designed for this purpose, the point spread, conveniently enough, at least roughly correlates with the perception and expectations of a football team. A team with a losing straight-up record but a strong showing against the spread can be seen as exceeding expectations — at least for a while. But post losing marks straight up and against the number, and it’s a good bet you’ll be considered a failure. Read entire story below.


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    Yeah, I remember back in the 90’s, my friends and I had a bookie. Now I won some money on NFL games, partly due to the Cowboys, everytime I played a 10 team parlay, one team always screwed me up. Remember how big of a spread Florida always had? Every time I bet on them, they didnt cover. They could be favored by 63 over the University of Shane Corn’s brain cells, I would pass and they would cover. Let them be favored over FSU or whoever by whatever, I would take them and fall flat on my face. I’m glad I no longer play the spread, although my broke ass is tempted.

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    Most of the so called bookies decide their pick by who the bigger name in the match up is. At least that was the case when I followed the college football spread long ago. Surely these days it’s overran by the Vegas mafia, even more so than it was years ago.

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