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    Hay thar yall! I is back frum my vacashun in Lapine!
    Bestus QBee and reseever is Cod E Burnz and that frenchy fru fru. Nuff said! Thay is gonner put up 75 points this heer week!

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    Sanchez is a good one, and they have a lot of talent, but SEC wise, right now I have to say Stafford and Masaquoi or whatever his name is.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    U$C’s quarterback? USC as in Smelley, or U$C as in Mark Sanchez?

    Call me crazy, but I’d take Smelley over Sanchez ANY DAY of the week, month, or year!

  4. 12

    Ok, you are crazy. Just kidding, Smelly did light a fire under the Cock’s ass last Thursday. OOPPS I can say that can’t I?

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    Ballplay Indian

    O.K. NYC your crazy……George, I was at the game and it is as bad as your hearing …The running game looked great. THe defense looked great. The QBs (Todd in particular) looked awful. Really awful. During the 1st half, the recivers were having a hard time getting open. Thats why he wasnt hitting them. But as the run got going, some were WIDE open, he just couldnt read them. It was bad.

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