SI cover: another recruiting bonus

At least it doesn’t say Bama’s Back!

si cover alabama

Another big win lands Alabama on the cover of Sports Illustrated. You can’t buy this type of publicity. In the recruiting wars the new theater of operations is the theater of the media. Alabama has seen itself grace the cover of Forbes and now Sports Illustrated—and lest we forget, dominate the marquee game of College Football Kickoff Week.

Who says Nick Saban isn’t media savvy?

He dominates the media.

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You can’t argue with his success. Despite a massive target on his back, Saban generates coverage that Tommy Tuberville could only dream about. Tuberville took up permanent residence in Birmingham during SEC Media Days. If you had a camera or a microphone, Tuberville was your best friend. I even got a few photographs of Tuberville at the Wynfrey. He’s personable. He’s interesting. He plays the media like a good old fashioned politician.

Nick Saban is combative. He’s cantakerous. He’s condescending. And those are his good points.

Yet it was Nick Saban declared the most powerful coach in sports. It was Nick Saban’s team basking in a gigantic victory. It’s Alabama on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

It can only add to Alabama’s recruiting juggernaut. Throw in the new SEC television deal and you have one big marketing aspect for the Tide program—exposure.

And it looks like Alabama will begin next season in the Georgia Dome kicking off the season against Virginia Tech. Another boon to recruiting.


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    Watch out because the barners will jump all over this one. They’ll start complaining about how they’re program is above any exposure like this and how great they are. It’s a shame that they can’t generate anymore exposure than they do. It’s bad being the little brother in the state and it’s even worse that they know we’re back on track.

  2. 2

    Ballplay, what was that you were demanding that I come on here and finally man up after we get blasted by Clemson? I remember it well. . . . one tiger down, two more little kitties to go.

  3. 4

    No,I don’t think it is a Jinx. Hell- this Nation has wandered in the Desert for what seems like 40 years. I’m going to enjoy this and concentrate on Tulane. One Game at a time.
    I would like “Ballplay” and the rest of the Suck Ass Barners to go to hell and look forward to sticking a steel toe boot up all their asses.

  4. 6

    Hey SIAB,
    Remembe the “magic” year of 2004? Hope so, It was as close as Auburn will get again for a long, long, time.

  5. 8

    Bama get’s the cover of SI regarding a game with Clemson, and 4 of the first 5 posts in response by Bama fans talk about Auburn and Auburn fans. And you bammers have the freakin’ audacity to say that Auburn fans are obsessed? What the hell does the cover have to do with Auburn? Why would you even mention Auburn?

    BTW, Is Bama back? tmc STILL says no. Any other Bama fans got enough spine to say otherwise?

  6. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman….For the love..Thats like the 7th time youve posted that crap….I WAS WRONG !!!!!!!! If you research youll see that I said that Bama had a chance, but there was no chance of a Bama blowout. I WAS WRONG !!!!! For tmc1 to talk up Shanes prediction is insane. As Shane always figure a double digit Tide victory. If Bama were playing USC tomorrow, Shane would say Bama 45 USC 3………….The blind squirrell and the nut saying applies here.

  7. 10

    Julio aka Pluto aka Ballplay aka your other 20 usernames, the AUbsession starts with you being here in the first place. This website was once a perfect place for Tide Fans to live in peace until you came along. Because of you being here leads us to speak lowly on Alabama Tech simply because it’s all we’ve heard from your in over the past four months.

  8. 11

    I believe this is Bama’s 17th time on the front of SI. Auburn has only been on their twice…….ever. One of them was not really Auburn but Bo Jackson after he retired in a chef’s hat. The other time was for basketball. Mediocrity seldom makes the cover of SI which is the definition of Auburn football. See ya in November Barners! ROLL TIDE

  9. 12

    Ballplay, wrong again, as usual, I posted it one time but did not get a chance to see your pitiful response. Thanks for as you call it “manning up” on your end, don’t look like it is necessary on mine. Oh, by the way did you notice all our freshman that contributed big time that you said would have no bearing on the game?
    Julio, you speak of our audacity being Aubsessed as you are posting on our website, give me a break.

  10. 13

    Just heard on TV, Chaz Ramsey is transferring from Auburn as the Tide pick’s up Nico Johnson, a five star linebacker wanted by every school in the country, step back little kitties as Saban shows you how to win the big prize. Shhhh, listen, I hear a jet firing up.

  11. 14

    Thats not a jet you hear Bamaman, thats Tommy Bowden’s phone whirring after calling every coach in the country asking why he got his ass whooped. I dont know whats worse, getting a beatdown like that, or showing what a clueless jack*** he is. My bet is on the latter.

  12. 15

    dunno about that, junkie. clemson’s schedule should be a breeze from here on out. his seat is steaming right now, but he still has a shot at salvaging the season by winning the ACC.

    count this as my signature:

  13. 16

    I agree Berman that it should be a breeze for him, however, part of the reason I picked Bama to win by 10 was I feel they were very overrated nationally. Not to take anything away from Bama and their win, I was very impressed with the Tide, and they deserve credit for that epic beatdown. While I have heard from several people that this is the same Clemson team that Auburn beat by only 3 in the bowl game last year, I beg to differ. Now, don’t get me wrong, all I’m saying is that came at the end of the year, and most teams should have all the bugs worked out by then. Then we get a new OC, and to be honest with you, I was glad we won the game, but I was not impressed at all with Clemson. I used to like them back in Danny Ford’s day, but, like Ken Hatfield, Bowden underachieves. I agree that Clemson should win the ACC, but when it comes to head to head with the SEC, they can’t hang. Ask Auburn, ask Alabama, hell, ask South Carolina.

  14. 17
    Bama Fan in NYC

    But that logic could be applied both ways considering we only had four returning starters on defense, and practically an entirely new wide receiving corps, and a new OC as well. But I can’t complain because I’m glad we played them while they were at their worst, of they were.

    For Alabama’s sake, I hope they go undefeated from here on out, just to make us look better, even though it’s inevitable the schedule is bound to get a little rockier by the time we play UGA, which will likely be a loss, but I have faith.

    But I look at the situation like this: we managed to hang 41 points on Tennessee then we were only able to muster up 14 against Louisiana-Monroe, so I’m enjoying the current euphoria while I can because I know it’s not going to last forever!

  15. 18

    Who knows NYC? You have every right to be happy bro. Hell, I’m an Aubie and I’m happy for you. All my fellow Aubies may not understand, and I have said this in an earlier blog, I grew up on the Iron Bowl. My mom is a Auburn fan, my father, until his death, was a Bama fan, but he always respected Auburn. As I grew old enuff to choose my own team, I chose Auburn. But I retain respect for the Tide as did my father. Where did my sarcasim and meanness come from you ask, let’s just say I grew up with Run DMC, NWA, and the rest of the shit from that era.

  16. 19

    By the way, I tried to ask this a couple of weeks ago, but I was having computer probs, so let me ask again. Does anybody know whatever happened to Forest Davis, the recruiting expert?

  17. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    George….I am not any one else man. This is my only user name.

    And bamaman, did I not get the memo that said Auburn lost? Didnt we win 34-0? Yes the QB play was bad. But didnt we still stomp there butts?

    And didnt that same LAMOP team whoop that butt on your on field last year?

    Didnt yall stomp the SEC east champs last year? How did the rest of the year work out for yall after that game?

    I manned up after Bama didnt lose. But you and some other dorks were predicting a LAMO win. So …….MAN UP BEEYATCH !!!

  18. 21

    George and bamaman, you state that the reason that bammers respond to an article about Bama being on the SI cover with posts Auburn is because of Ballplay and me? I guess that means you’re admitting that we’re getting under your skin. Mission accomplished.

  19. 23

    No tiderinsider, you haven’t gotten to us in almost seven years. But I’m glad to know that Ballplay and I are getting under your skin like an itch you can’t seem to scratch.

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