Can Alabama focus on Tulane?

Will the players heads remain in the clouds or will the team focus on the next task at hand?

We’ll know later in the week. Look for hints from Saban on Wednesday and again on Thursday as to how the team has practiced. He’s usually very honest—often blunt—in his assessment of the team’s attitude.

Right now, the coaches are working to keep the players grounded.

“In our defensive backs meeting (defensive coordinator) Coach (Kirby) Smart said ‘Look, last year we had a big win like this against Tennessee and then things turned around.,’ Alabama senior safety Rashad Johnson said. “We need to take this win and use it as a spring board. We can’t live on it too long and we need to focus on this week.”

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And players are saying the right things.

“Everybody likes to hype everybody up,” said junior defensive lineman Lorenzo Washington. “I don’t try to focus on that. I try to take it day by day. No matter how good you do, after a win everybody is going to say you did well. When we went in the film room today, I made mistakes. Everybody made mistakes. There is always stuff you can work on no matter how good you think you do. Yeah we did things right but there are also things that we can do better.”

Will it translate to the practice field? We’ll look for clues as the week moves forward.