Can Alabama focus on Tulane?

Will the players heads remain in the clouds or will the team focus on the next task at hand?

We’ll know later in the week. Look for hints from Saban on Wednesday and again on Thursday as to how the team has practiced. He’s usually very honest—often blunt—in his assessment of the team’s attitude.

Right now, the coaches are working to keep the players grounded.

“In our defensive backs meeting (defensive coordinator) Coach (Kirby) Smart said ‘Look, last year we had a big win like this against Tennessee and then things turned around.,’ Alabama senior safety Rashad Johnson said. “We need to take this win and use it as a spring board. We can’t live on it too long and we need to focus on this week.”

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And players are saying the right things.

“Everybody likes to hype everybody up,” said junior defensive lineman Lorenzo Washington. “I don’t try to focus on that. I try to take it day by day. No matter how good you do, after a win everybody is going to say you did well. When we went in the film room today, I made mistakes. Everybody made mistakes. There is always stuff you can work on no matter how good you think you do. Yeah we did things right but there are also things that we can do better.”

Will it translate to the practice field? We’ll look for clues as the week moves forward.


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  1. 2

    Or he’ll try to. I have a feeling we’ll play sloppy against Tulane. I want to say that’s the team that was beating LSU at half time this time last year.

  2. 4

    Thanks Ballplay.
    And after seeing Auburn’s passing game, I am sure that Tommy Tuberville will keep Auburn grounded too…..

  3. 5
    Bama Fan in NYC

    The ridiculously overblown hype is what I’m worried about.

    Everyone on Tide Fans (including myself) fears that that hype is going to bring us down.

    Clemson we thought would be a test, but they basically laid down for us and allowed us to spank them three ways from Sunday. The real test will come four weeks from now. UGA should let us know how good/bad Alabama will be this season.

  4. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Tmc1……Did you write the handbook on being a delusional jackass bama fan? You my friend are the standard. Please, and I truly mean pleeeeease continue to thump your chest and talk crap. That is exactly what Auburn fans want. And I am sure you will gladly deliver. As I said earlier, there is nothing quite like kicking bamas ass when they are “back”…

  5. 7

    I DO believe Coach Saban will keep them grounded. He took them to film and showed them the mistakes they made. He was pleased with the win and the toughness they won it with, but he was not satisfied. They are NOT the same team that played last year. He will keep them improving throughout the season. He will get ahead of Tulane, then begin subbing guys to get game experience. You’ll probably see him chewing some asses when they screw up!

  6. 8

    I dont want it! Its one reason I hate trashy (bammer)fans. In 1991 at the senoir bowl a drunk red headed bammer yelled roll tide in my face with his stinking breath and it WASNT WORTH what he got in return, I like bammers i can watch the IRON BOWL with! NOT TRAILER BAMMERS!!!

  7. 9

    You don’t watch the Iron Bowl with your Wire Road Trailer Park Alabama Tech family?

    Ballplay, what Alabama fan standing on American soil is claiming we are “back”? It appears to me Barnies are doing it for us. More Barnies are raising hell over the SI cover than we are. In 2005, it was evident we were a strong team and was poised to make a run for the SEC title until we lost two key offensive players and that resulted in only scoring 1 offensive touchdown in 6 games. If you can find me one Alabama fan (and please don’t post under the username JP acting like you’re a ‘Bama fan) that is claiming “we’re back” I’ll shave your hairy little back.

  8. 10

    what does it matter anyway? barnies should worry about tony the tigger getting kodi burns’ passing game off the ground rather than saban grounding his players.

    count this as my signature:

  9. 11

    I enjoyed all the above comments, except for the poser that kant spel fer sheet. At the end of week 1, both schools are 1 and 0, each one playing a common opponent from last year. Bama will beat Tulane by at least 20, and Auburn will beat Southern Miss by at least 20 also, with our offense looking a little bit better this Saturday. That is if Bret Farve doesnt decide to quit the Jets, and come back to the program that caused him to become an alcholic.

  10. 12
    Ballplay Indian

    George….I know several saying that they are “back”….No kidding, I really do. Eli Gold on the post game show actually said “all is right in the world, and it is now properly spinning on its axis again” !!!!!!!!!!!I am not kidding….He said that…You guys may be “back”…Im serious. But, wouldnt you want to wait till the Georgia game before pounding the chest? Yall could possibly beat Georgia. They are always easier to beat in the begining of the year. @005 was the sweetest Iron bowl victory I can remember. Why? because of all the crap bammers were talking.

  11. 14

    Ballplay, the barners will never be able to claim that they are back because they have never been there. hehehehehehehe

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