Hurricanes don’t scare Nick Saban

Neither rain nor wind nor hurricanes can stop Nick Saban from going to the office. But his wife can. In Miami, Nick Saban was forced to deal with the disruption from a hurricane—and in case you didn’t know, Nick Saban doesn’t like disruptions to his routine. Even Saban admits he likes his routine. He likes his coffee and Little Debbie snacks every morning. And I’d hate to see Saban if he didn’t get them. But back to the hurricane.

The hurricane hitting Florida forced a Sunday game to be played Friday, and while the hurricane was nearing landfall, Saban was already thinking about next week’s game.

“I got up at 5 in the morning because the hurricane was supposed to hit at 6,” Saban said. “I was up and ready to go. Scotty O’Brian was in the office. We had a generator and we were ready to go. I was ready to get in the car. The wind was blowing sideways about 80 miles per hour and I was going to leave Terry and Kristen and go to work.”

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Needless to say that wasn’t a popular decision.

“And Terry said, ‘If you leave this house and you leave us here, I’m calling the police and have them arrest your ass.’ So I stayed home for awhile,” Saban said. “Then about two o’clock in the afternoon when the hurricane was over, we had trees down on gate and all kinds of stuff. We didn’t have power for two weeks.”

Saban jokes about his wife being the most powerful person in his house. Did we ever doubt it? If you did—this should convince you. It is also one of those stories which reveals a great deal about the differences between men and women. We can become focused on our work that we forget to do the important stuff…like not going out in a hurricane.